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Sunday, March 28, 2004
Singing like Sammy

Sammy sing me a song!

Heh.  He sang like
Sammy "The Bull" Gravano, whose testimony in court put infamous mob boss John Gotti in prison.  Who is he?  His name is Mohammed Ibrahim Omar al-Musslit, aka The Fat Man.

"It's not over until the Fat Man sings", Saddam Hussein wasn't heard as mumbling when he was discovered hiding in his spider hole last December by U.S forces in Iraq.

Just like Gotti's trusted underboss, Sammy The Bull, the Fat Man gave it up under pressure and told where Saddam Hussein was hiding.  The Fat man is not going to benefit from singing however, according to the NY Daily News:

Because Musslit did not volunteer the information, he will not get the $25 million reward for Saddam's capture.  "The U.S. Treasury gets to keep the money," said a senior U.S. commander, Maj. Gen. Ray Odierno.

So, The Fat Man coughs up Saddam for us and gets nothing except some likely post-interrogation medical treatment. "Fucking-A-Right", you say.  Let me play Devil's Advocate (DA) for a second:

Housewife: "Boy, I wish they'd get Osama like they did Saddam."

Bridge Partner: "They will. I heard there's a multi-million dollar reward."

CIA guy: "I wish we could get good intelligence from someone inside al-Qaeda."

DA: "You won't.  The Arab-street knows the U.S. re-negs on our rewards."

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Friday, March 26, 2004
Fraggin' Friday: RocknRoland

click to view larger screenshot
After fraggin' bots hundreds of times in Pain from Spain, it's unfortunate that binaryshi says that that will probably be his last Quake 3 Arena map.  Since I had so much fun playing it, I thought why not check out some of his other maps and the best place to start, imho, is at the beginning.

RocknRoland is binaryshi's first released Quake 3 Arena map.  Like PfS, it's also a pretty big one:  4-16 FFA DM/T players is suggested.  Whether the players are humans or bots, this map will keep you happily fraggin' for a while.  Each main area of RocknRoland may have its own theme, but there are multiple ways to get to these areas of interest from different levels.
click to view larger screenshot
Shown (left) is the double-decker bridge over the lava courtyard, where the Rocket Launcher respawns.  Below that is where Haste respawns.  Overlooking the courtyard (center-top) is the Rail Gun.  Behind the ledge to its right, you'll find a chute where the Personal Transporter is located.  Needless to say, this courtyard is a popular destination for Bots and Humans alike.  The MegaHealth is available in another area, atop a statue in a room with mutiple entrances.  You can see (above) the Quad Damage power-up on a ledge near the Quake on fire wall.  What you may not see is someone running up on you with the Invisibility power-up and a double-barrel Shot Gun.
click to view larger screenshot

This is one reason Q3A maps by binaryshi are absolutely great
. Not only does he think about game flow in his architecture, but also details like this huge metal Q3A symbol above the lava courtyard showing the moving clouds environment through it.

Download RocknRoland and have a Fraggin' Friday !!

more quake maps

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Wednesday, March 24, 2004
Let me tell you something ...

Well, go on!  Start ruing!!I spent a considerable amount of time yesterday hunting down decent-looking Family Guy ©haracters on the web for Life at Work.  I finally found some topically appropriate images, worked on them, and made them available for Helleena to use.  Show her some love, visit and say hello.

I thought I was the only one ...While the artists at Family Guy are probably out getting drunk right now because the massive DVD sales caused Fox to un-cancel their show and start production on a new season so they all have jobs again, why not help out Andrew by visiting his cool comic site?
I mean, really ... help the poor guy out:

" i 'm an artist living, working and doing my thing in New York City. 'creatures' is a daily illustration project that i felt the need to undertake for reasons that are now entirely beyond me... i don't go out much any more or see sunlight very often... i'm so very hungry and pale. enjoy. "

-Andrew Bell

I finally got a copy of GtkRadiant!  Learning to use Q3Radiant v2.02,  after discovering that my purchased copy of QuakeWorld was useless to me, I then had read in most Quake 3 Arena game map author's text files that they were using some version of GtKRadiant to create their maps.  Hurmph.

It's 33 Mb download.  Uh oh ...  no, I didn't turn into Zog.  Although it took the better part of 12 hours to transfer, I used Fresh Downloads that I set up for 99 retry attempts to get it.  Not a moment too soon.  Everytime I'd hear the wind blow outside, my connection would drop (couSprintSuxgh).  It's dropped twice while I typed up this entry.

But I got it and no Zog.  Thank you, Melicious!

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Tuesday, March 23, 2004
Emo Eric

will emote for foodEric is happy.  Eric is sad.  Eric conveys an emotion. 

If you need a break from your hectic day because your boss won't stop obsessing on where the coffee machine supplies disappeared to in the break room which is making everyone caffeine-deprived and grouchy but is too cheap to simply buy more coffee during this acounting cycle, go check out
Eric's web site and have him emote for you.

Eric conveys an emotion started out over five years ago as a lark web site idea while Eric was in school, but over the years, it has turned into something very positive beyond his original intent of goofing around with a camera.

It's very simple.  On the left side of his site, you choose from a list of what emotion you want Eric to convey.  On the right is the list of submitted and pending emotion requests.  In the middle is where you see Eric emote.

Scrolling to the bottom of his list, I checked out some of his newer emotions.  They are hilarious!  I can see why this simple, eloquent idea has become so supported over the years that Eric can sell T-shirts and donate the proceeds to a children's hospital charity.

For the people you know that are either neo-con fundamentalist critics of the internet being nothing but pornography or Dharma and Greg dead-heads whining that the net is nothing but the domain of capitalistic commercialism, you can now tell them to shut their pie-holes and send them off to Emo EricPlease.

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Monday, March 22, 2004
Detroit Rock City

Saw this article on Plastic today, "Detroit Rock City - the reprise" by Bokeh.  Since some of you might appreciate it, I thought I'd point it out.  Bokeh wasn't too flattering about some of our home boys when he said:

" It might be hoped that the high profile of Jack White could do the same for Detroit's vibrant but unsung music community, which, post-techno, had been represented nationally only by (ironic for a city which is over 80% African-American) dubious white rappers: the insufferable Insane Clown Posse, the equally puerile Kid Rock, and of course, everyone's favorite wigger whipping boy, eminem, whose movie 8 Mile brought national attention, however ambivalent, to the Motor City. "

Maybe some of you can head over to Plastic and represent.

Some of the comments from other Plastic users are full of great links, of course.  Shown is a snippet from one of the links I happen to follow.  It's one of the funniest and most bizarre uses of a pet animal image since the NeCoRo and the Code16 cats, a music video flash file of Electric Six's Gaybar.  And yes, there are some cats in it ... dressed up like Vikings.

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