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Monday, March 22, 2004
Detroit Rock City

Saw this article on Plastic today, "Detroit Rock City - the reprise" by Bokeh.  Since some of you might appreciate it, I thought I'd point it out.  Bokeh wasn't too flattering about some of our home boys when he said:

" It might be hoped that the high profile of Jack White could do the same for Detroit's vibrant but unsung music community, which, post-techno, had been represented nationally only by (ironic for a city which is over 80% African-American) dubious white rappers: the insufferable Insane Clown Posse, the equally puerile Kid Rock, and of course, everyone's favorite wigger whipping boy, eminem, whose movie 8 Mile brought national attention, however ambivalent, to the Motor City. "

Maybe some of you can head over to Plastic and represent.

Some of the comments from other Plastic users are full of great links, of course.  Shown is a snippet from one of the links I happen to follow.  It's one of the funniest and most bizarre uses of a pet animal image since the NeCoRo and the Code16 cats, a music video flash file of Electric Six's Gaybar.  And yes, there are some cats in it ... dressed up like Vikings.

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Sunday, March 21, 2004
Four more years?!

Dishonest Dubya by Kai Curry
A day after the anniversary of Iraqi Freedom, I'm so pleased and honored the Bush Machine decided to kick off its official 2004 political campaign in Orlando, and so are others according to the Orlando Sentinel:

" In the first public rally of his campaign, President Bush sharply criticized Democratic rival John Kerry and boldly proclaimed his resolve for the nation's war against terrorism, an issue that will be a mainstay of his re-election campaign.

With more than 10,000 people cheering and chanting "four more years," the president staged a show of force Saturday at the Orange County Convention Center -- targeting a state that will be hard-fought once again in November. "

Banking on war like his father with the Bush admin's Iraq policy, will Dubya also suffer a second term defeat like his father when people said, " It's the economy, stupid "?  Or will there be enough dissatisfaction with other domestic issues, like messing with the constitution to win an election, to vote for Anyone but Dubya (AbD)? 

What do you think?

courtesy of myisha

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Saturday, March 20, 2004
Happy Birthday Iraqi Freedom!

Happy Birthday Iraqi Freedom! 

The little stinker just turned one-year-old.  Not every American or Iraqi was available to celebrate the Shock-n-Awe anniversary. But here he is, a screaming little one-year-old.
Like any child, it cost us all a lot of cash to get him here -- but who's counting?  We'd do anything for the little guy,  because we all know it was worth it.  We'll be here to celebrate his next birthday, I'm sure ...

click to view larger image click to view larger image
Here are just a few of the birthday cards I found for the little stinker.  I'm sure there are more out there from people all over the world.  If you'd like to add one, use the comments function.

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Friday, March 19, 2004
Fraggin' Friday: Q3A - Black Dog, Goth Mit Uns and Eulogy

bdog3dm1 by Black Dog BDog3DM1 is a tight FFA map by first-time author, Black Dog. Using some ikBase textures by ik, Black Dog has created a map with good architecture resembling a large open-air coastal condo at night. Good gameplay traffic flow is maintained with the middle and upper levels using ledges accessible to the lower floor room space by stairs, an elevator and a teleporter.  The jump pad to third level, one way to get to the lightning
gun, is so well blended into the coordinated ikBase textures that I ran into it by accident the first time through.  While it may be his very first map, I'm hoping it won't be his last. It is a clean-looking multi-leveled map with the right amount of ammo/health and the right kind of weapons to make it an intimate playground of death.

Goth Mit Uns by Dim_Walker Dim_Walker used a gothic castle theme with plenty of stairways and ledges leading to many split level rooms and hallways for Goth Mit Uns. Getting to some high ground and rounded off corners allows you to bounce grenades in multiple directions from a single location. There are several sniper locations where the Railgun would have been useful, had it been available, but all the weapons are spread out and work 
well in the map's architecture.  The one red armor, two yellow armor, various rows of armor shards and health are evenly distributed around the map.  I like the look of the one-way blue teleporters and the fact that all the weapons have a distinguishing floor texture at their respawn locations. That can be handy for a lot of players.  The two carved-out floor areas with shallow water are done well. There is good traffic flow all over the map but the bots all head for the second Grenade Launcher below the red armor. Even playing on nightmare skill level, a player can guard the Rocket Launcher at the top of the stairs from this second Grenade Launcher room and pick off bots two at a time as they arc through the air from off of the jump pad below.  I do like that there is an additional way into the Rocket room via teleporter so a human player can frag any potential campers in there.

Eulogy by Jex Visually, Eulogy is compact and busy, but the attention to detail and lighting in this map make it look very impressive.   Jex uses textures by ydnar and evil lair to a create a game space with beveled concrete, chain link fencing and industrial grating catwalks that allow you to see the action on the level below you and head toward it.  Then, out of the corner of your eye, you'll spot a moving shadow on the floor from an
overhead exhaust fan's blades.  It will distract you long enough to miss the rocket headed toward the imminent explosion of your brain pan.  The detailing is extensive. Pipes and railings are everywhere.  There are plenty of surfaces to get nailed with some nasty rocket splash or have a grenade bounce in any direction. Don't worry, armor and health are readily available on both levels.  Looking like a techno/industrial space from Half-Life, Eulogy is a fragfest factory that should be on OSHA's top ten most dangerous places to work list -- at least for 2-4 players.  Go ahead though ... play in the street.

more quake maps

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Wednesday, March 17, 2004
Fucking Rants v2.001

View higher-rez image

It was just too much to friggin' hope for.  When I clicked download, I told myself, "Don't get your hopes up.  You know it will never happen so don't be disappointed when it doesn't.  If it does transfer, you'll be pleasantly surprised".  Yeah, right.  It's a common thing these days, being on the web.  You view/download web pages like this one, you exchange email, you read the news, or maybe you chat online.  You expect a certain amount of reliability in the technology underlying your activities.

And if you're like most of us, you take it for granted.  You don't think about the advanced engineering technology of your automobile when you're dripping special sauce onto your lap while eating your Big Mac running a lunchtime errand to the pharmacy because you ran out of ibuprofen last night after listening to your mate bitching for three hours about the back-stabbing co-worker getting a bigger raise and your fucking head is still throbbing.

You don't think about it until your car magically won't start.  Then all the other stresses become instantly secondary.  The top-of-the-line car audio system with the XM satellite radio that made you finally cave in at the dealership to that middle-aged nasally-voiced lying weasel with the bad comb-over to buy the car doesn't even enter your mind because your fucking head is still throbbing and the car won't start.  You get neandrethal.  Zog make fire!  Zog know!  Zog check battery!

The same is true with whatever form of digital masturbation in which you prefer to participate online.  If you've used computers long enough, you've seen the blue screen of death (BSOD).  If you haven't yet, you will.  Maybe you've seen a co-worker or friend turn into Zog when some program locks up their computer, or maybe turn into a whining little bitch when their report won't print out, or better yet when 'the network is down', they turn into a torch and pitchfork-wielding peasant running through the village of office cubicles screaming at others to join them in the mob on its way to storm the castle Franken-technology department.

Me? I turn into the 2001: Space Odyssey Zog, throwing the leg bone of a fresh kill on the savannah through the air while classical music plays in my mind like Hannibal Lekter bashing in Sargeant Pembrey's skull with a nightstick while blood splatters all over my face because HAL won't open the fucking pod bay doors.  I turn into this Zog when I'm using the dialup modem technology that has been unreliable and annoying since an Imajica BBS user back in the D-A-Y used a 2400 baud modem to download a jpg of some amateur pornstar dressed like a cheerleader getting it up the ass with a 12-inch pulsating purple dildo because his fat wife is getting old and never did like anal sex.

So, anyway ...

All I wanted to do was download this Quake 3 map and check it out.  After waiting very patiently for over an hour-and-a-half, like the 2400 baud modem using accountant waiting for his cheerleader, I sat down in front of the PC and said to myself, "Wow! It's almost done -- 11 MBs transferred".  So, not wanting to do anything else online to disturb its steady progress, I scrolled up and re-read the ..::LvL reviews already displayed in another window, which took several minutes, and then decided to pass some more time playing a few games of freecell on the local desktop.  I glanced down at the minimized FilePlanet transfer window indicating 97% done.  I got so excited.  I closed the freecell game.  98% percent done.  I took a sip of coffee.  I felt my anticipation of hearing the file transfer complete sound like an over-sexed teenager with a raging hard-on copping the first feel of his girlfriend's breast in the backseat his dad's car parked in a quiet suburban cul-de-sac waiting to hear, "Yes, I'll fuck you"

Just then my connection dropped.


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