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Tuesday, March 16, 2004
Technical Difficulties

It's not called 'Thunderstorms in the Imajica' for nothing ... We've been getting some storms and hard rains lately.  When that happens, my phone service (Sprint) is flaky at best.
That makes using the dial-up even flakier.  As soon as I can, I'll update the blog with some of the stuff that's been going on lately. 

One unusual thing is that I slept last night like a normal person.  Retardo Cat ran away so his non-stop howling didn't keep me awake when I should be sleeping.  It's one of the first mornings in months that I actually awoke feeling good.  He showed up this morning, a filthy white cat for spending the night in the rain.  Unfortunately for him, he may be off to a no-kill shelter where they'll likely snip his furry little balls off.  But they will wait until someone can take him in.  Marion county is known for its thoroughbred horse ranches so I'm sure some sucker will adopt him to become the outdoor mouse-catcher in the barn.

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Monday, March 15, 2004
Morphine Dreams

Bed Ridden 2 Well, as I said on the tag board in between one thunderstorm and the next, Morphine Dreams has a new home now.  I wanted to do so much with my grafix and pix over on the space Hygelic kindly provided, but I didn't want to create a filespace and bandwidth monster.  It would have been a very daunting task, nonetheless.

deviantART is the host.  It seems to be a nice community of amateur and more skilled artists and artisans.
I spent some time figuring out how to customize the site.  I definitely had to make a little avatar.  There are forums and such where the avatar shows up in your comments.  And then, I had to make the HFD link button to point to Morphine Dreams.  It's up there on the left, below my JfZ reloaded mug.

I'm telling you where it is so you will stop dribbling spittle all over your keyboard, move your mouse over there and click the friggin' thing.  Seriously, come visit.

I'm uploading the older stuff first, but hopefully all the new stuff will be stored there as well.  I plan on scanning in old photo sets (aka pix) and the some of the new ones and displaying them there.  I won't have to worry about filespace and bandwidth, so I can put up higher quality images.

Morphine Dreams is going to be where I blog about grafix and pix.  There's a journal.  The site also allows me to not only upload my work, but also categorize it.  I prefer an organized life.  For example, if you wanted to see more sketches I've drawn like Bed Ridden 2 (shown), you can.  I can easily reference it here in Thunderstorms for you to check out.  Plus, whether you like it or hate it, you can leave comments easily there, too.   We'll see how the site develops as I can work on it.
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Sunday, March 14, 2004
Tech Summit 2004

Shown is the Ninja.  It is a small, wireless, color video surveillance camera.  You get everything you need for $80, FedEx shipping included.  Makes me wish I was still in MI making $800-$1000 week.  I sure would have bought this toy for the compound.  But hey, if you buy one, let me know how cool it is.

It was shown in a pop-under ad when I checked out the
MSNBC Tech Summit 2004 site and it's one of the first ads I've clicked on in months.  On Sunday, March 21st, at 8pm, MSNBC is going to air this special co-hosted by Phillip J. Fry's favorite internet sextoy, Lisa Ling.  Oh, wait.  That was Lucy Liu.

"From cell phones to automobiles, movie making to music sharing, a new digital revolution is upon us.  Technology once reserved for the science labs and "The Jetsons" has made its way to the rest of the world.  Now you get to see the latest gadgets, created by people who push the envelope everyday."

They will have an interesting array of segment guests: race car champion Mario Andretti, Dallas Maverick's owner Mark Cuban, Queer Eye guy Thom Felicia, and one-time presidential candidate Howard Dean's former campaign manager, Joe Trippi, who raised many millions of campaign dollars on the web.  BTW, Howard Dean would still appreciate your dough to pay his doughnut debt.  Think I'm kidding?  YCMTSU !!  But I've digressed into the fodder for another day, haven't I?

Back to the Tech Summit Special.  On the site, you'll see where they also ask for some before and after pix.  Heh.  I sent them the before and after "JfZ reloaded" images.  Now, I know you're going to tune in to MSNBC next Sunday at 8pm to see if they use it, right?  If that's not reason enough, there's always this: Lisa friggin' Ling.

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Saturday, March 13, 2004

Who calls him Scotty Queen?! Xavier, aka our-friend-Scott put up his vacation pix from his time down in Fort Myers visiting Melicious and the gang.

Believe it or not, I just listened to a
voicemail from Xavier this morning from a 1:00am call at the bar when they went out that weekend.  I did get to talk with him at some length before he went back to Detroit though.  We got to catch up on some old, but exciting news.  That was cool.  I really need to get a new cell phone battery so I can listen to my voicemail when it comes.  Argh!!

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Friday, March 12, 2004
Fraggin' Friday: Q3A - Pain from Spain

Pain from Spain Munyul and Binaryshi have collaborated to create a large Q3A Free For All / Tourney level with Pain From Spain.  They suggest 4-16 players and they aren't kidding.  While the traffic flow is well planned and a central point of interest exists at the lava whirlpool, one could spend some time hunting down opponents in this large map
if too few players were present.  Did I say it was a large map?  Yes, yes it is. 

If you don't like the prospect of dying in hot lava, then watch where you're going.  This huge map is like running around an alien base carved into a mountain full of lava tubes, ramps and stairways.  It reminds me of the scenes in the movie, The Arrival, when Charlie Sheen was running around the underbelly of that alien-converted power station in Mexico. Everyone likes a tube ride

Hot lava whirlpool fun But there are plenty of weapons scattered around this map in the cool cave-like passages and in the rooms, hallways and stairways on some of the upper levels.  You can even get the BFG, if you can stay on the very narrow ramp that leads to a hovering platform in the very heart of the nifty lava whirlpool.

You know they really must have had fun creating and play-testing this map.  Look at this little ankle-biter I found laying around refusing to die.  Come back!  I can still fight!  If you want to have some big, hot-lava fun, download Pain from Spain and have a Fraggin' Friday. Ankle-biter looks like ...

more quake maps

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