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Thursday, January 29, 2004
Another Nippy Night

Is that your heart rate or are you just happy to see me?

My happy little weather pixie tells me it's another nippy night outside -- 48 degrees.  There was frost on the ground last night so I guess it's just as well that I can't go out easily.

My day was fairly uneventful. 
High Priestess was being the good friend and took her co-worker to the doctor's office.  Moral support.  I do hope the news wasn't bad, her co-worker seems like a cool person.

Not being so nice anymore, and disabled, I stayed home.  I spent my morning and afternoon spraying the cat, Scrappy-Doo, with water to keep him from howling at the top of his furry little lungs at the event of High Priestess' departure.

Back when I had to use a Stihl Masonry Cut-Off Saw indoors, we would fashion a water spray bottle by sticking a nail hole in a plastic soda pop bottle to spray on the diamond blade in order to keep deleterious dust down.  Squeeze the plastic bottle and the spray will reach 10-12 feet away, which is far enough to reach the cat without having to hobble closer using my friggin' walkerPretty HFD.

Try making one for yourself.  Surprise your friends and co-workers with a shot of cold water in the face the next time they say something utterly friggin' stupid.  Better yet, fill the bottle with gasoline and use it on your boss.

When I wasn't spraying water at Scrappy-Doo, I did use the time alone to make an MP3 file with the
Fruity Loops demo.  It's a dance-club track called JfZ-beat1.mp3 right now.  That name is so friggin' catchy, it just about gives me a hard-on.  Not.  Eventually, I'll put it online somewhere for download.  That way, you can listen to it and come back here and make fun of me (or it).

I also made the [> permalink <] thing for the blog entries.  If I am really bored (yet still motivated) later tonight, I may go back and put my permalink code in past entries.  The permalink URL is the archival URL for each individual blog entry. It's just in case you wanted to book mark an entry for some reason only known to yourself and that imaginary friend you're always seen talking with.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2004
FBI's most wanted



For fun, just keep refreshing this page in your web browser.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2004
Stop the whining

whatever you say, dude
As almost all callers say to the morning show host of C-SPAN, "Thank you for C-SPAN".  I like C-SPAN for one main reason - I fall asleep to it.  I like to leave the TV on and fall asleep to it.  Usually C-SPAN has a monotoned bureaucrat trying not to squirm during their congressional testimony.  C-SPAN2 is my favorite, though.  It has fairly unknown historical authors who are normally squirreled away in some reference library sophomorically talking to an audience about their book.  Very soothing.

Unlike other TV programming, on C-SPAN I'm not going to be roused from my slumber by some car chases, murderous screams, explosions, or the overly caffeine-stimulated excited voices of an informercial salesman -- unless C-SPAN reruns the screaming Dean speech that has become recent media fodder.  Nope.  Just the soothing voices of historical authors, congressional witnesses and the occasional NASA engineer trying to sound cool updating us all on the Mars rovers.

This evening wasn't so soothing.  Congressional Democrats ran late into the night "upset that they had been lied to" by the Bush administration.  It seems they were fooled by Bush's claims of WMDs in Iraq and never would have given him the authority to go to war, if they hadn't been lied to.  Now, I'm no fan of GWB by any means but please stop the whining.

Back when the administration first made the claim that Iraq 'must be hiding WMDs' because Hussein threw the UN inspectors out, that was a precursor for the re-writing of history.  I've heard people reason that since Hussein told the inspectors to leave, he must have been hiding WMDs.  To me, they miss the most obvious point.

Since the first war in Iraq, Hussein days were numbered.  Don't you think he knew that?  When GWB was crowned president of the United States by the Supreme Court, don't you think Hussein was calling his real estate people looking for affordable spider holes in good neighborhoods?

At the beginning of the current Iraq war, a friend called me expressing deep concern that we were going to war with Iraq.  I reminded them that we had never ceased being at war with Iraq, even if it wasn't on the nightly news every evening (like it is now).  Hussein was in a no-win situation.  He only had control of the middle third of his country since the Gulf War.  The bottom and top thirds were part of those infamous "no-fly zones".  Yet, if something happened, he would be blamed.  So, everytime a jet patrol was painted by a radar station, it got bombed.  If the UN inspectors didn't find any WMDs -- well, Hussein must have hidden them by burying them in the desert. 

Hussein is an arrogant meglomaniac, but he isn't that fucking stupid either.  He knew it was a never ending inspection regime that would never be satisified when GWB became president ... might as well tell the inspectors to piss off.

Now the
CIA's main inspection guy resigns and says there are no stockpiles of WMDs in Iraq.  Duh

Q: What happened to the stockpiles of biological and chemical weapons that everyone expected to be there?

A: I don't think they existed.
I just wish the Democrats would stop whining on my soothing C-SPAN about it.  If they are that fucking stupid as to have been fooled by the Bush administration, they shouldn't be leading this country either

I need my sleep.  Stop whining on C-SPAN!

Next I'm going to hear that they found Osama bin Laden's fucking cell phone number written on a $100 bill in Saddam's spider hole luggage.

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Monday, January 26, 2004
More sandbox

a better sandbox

Okay, I'm never satisified with what I do.  I always find some way to continue fuckin' with it.  I kept telling myself, "It's only two damn pages".  I think this version of it is nicer than the original pages I had made.  I was able to make the grafix for it fairly easily.  I think I only fiddled and re-saved grafix files and the html I was typing in notepad countless times.  I think I'll leave it alone for now, though. 

I've spent enough time on it for a while.  Time flies when you're zoomed in to individual pixels.  Did you know there are 50 happy little pixels in 'JfZ' -- using Verdana font, size 2, with my monitor resolution set at 1024 x 768?  What are they all doing down there anyway?

I know there's a bit of sloppy code in there, in some spots.  I could clean it up, but I'll save that for another day.  It seems to work.  Why don't you do me favor and make sure it works.

Go to the Sandbox page and check it out.  Click on the links and what not.  Give me some feedback.  Do you like the way the pages look?  Why not download the PDF file and make sure it's all there.  Oh, and you could read the book, too.  Dennis wrote it.  I'm sure he'd like to hear something about the book he wrote and is putting online for you to read for FREE.

So, are we all set?  You're going to check out the Sandbox pages and add it to your favorite bookmarks.  Then, you're going to download the FREE BOOK, read it, and come back here all happy and a better person for doing it.

Then when you think you couldn't possibly control your enthusiasm, you're going to get the bright idea to use the comment function at the bottom of this blog entry and tell everyone how great everything is for you since you read "Welcome to my Sandbox" by Dennis Hooker.

You see, when you do these assertive things, you'll feel better.  And so will I, because then I'll have some great book reviews from you to add to the Sandbox pages; which means I'll get to fiddle with them again.  It all comes back to me being able to tweak it one more time. 

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Sunday, January 25, 2004
Sandbox by Dennis Hooker

Sandbox by Dennis Hooker
Dennis Hooker's FREE online book is now available for download or online reading. 

I set up the web page for Sandbox last night.

The book is just under 100 pages and currently, it's only available as a 1mb PDF file. 

Makes me wish everyone had cable modem -- including me.

It's worth the transfer time.

Read it.

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