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Thursday, January 22, 2004
JfZ home page

go get looped -- I mean, fruity looped ... uh, nevermind.

 I got a newsletter from today.  It seems they're doing well.  They've incorporated now, got some sponsors, and some advertising money.  It reminded me to start thinking about filling in some links on my audio list ... coming soon to the left side panel near you ... or in the blog here, anyway.

I did upload a short MP3 I made with Fruity Loops Studio while just screwing around with the demo version.  If you want to download it, t's called Nag Trance.

Take a look at the home page I've been fiddling with over on anyway and let me know what you think.  It should load fairly fast for those like me with just a dialup connection.  And some of you are still surfing the web at 800x600 pixel resolution, so I made the page look decent when it gets resized.  More fun html coding with notepad.

Hopefully, it won't look as schizophrenic as these pages.

It does have the bunny inside.

And it may have a photo of you.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2004
M4 Robotic Bunny Rabbit

Silence is death.  Spread the word.
Some of you know that when I was in the military, I worked with highly classified and specially compartmentalized information with Special Operations Command Europe (SOCEUR).  It's been a long time since I worked in a SCIF, but my interest in intelligence continues to be an odd hobby.

The cold war has defrosted and the Soviet Union, as we knew it when I was more than
a little nervous about our collective fates, is no more.  The Berlin Wall may have been reduced to souvenir pebbles for tourists to take home to their grandchildren but the U.S. is still actively involved in the collection and analysis of good intelligence.

CIA, NRO, NSA and similar agencies use ever-increasing advancements in technology toward that end.  I have uncovered one technologically superior surveillance device: The M4 Robotic Bunny Rabbit.

The M4 RBR, for short, is an incidious little device.  I believe sunshine can sterilize anything so I created the Got Bunny? web site for you to spread the word among those you care about, lest they too fall victim to its ways.

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Monday, January 19, 2004
From JfZ's Digitally Twisted Mind

How do you look
to the rest of the world?

Since I've been posting about Eye Candy and what not recently, here are a few of my recent autonomic spasms.  I'll be able to post more later -- "Oh joy!", you say -- when I can pick up my 98-box from the kitchen floor for the third-friggin-time and copy files from it.  Most of these were created with the Dell's factory-loaded software, like the simple Paint program which I've used to make everything lately.  I miss Adobe PhotoShop, but I guess I'll just have to deal with that loss in Therapy in the Imajica, later.

 You know this one JfZ Reloaded

In the spirit of surrealist M.C. Escher's visually manipulated self portrait (see above), I digitally manipulated my own photo. You know this one.
 Lose Yourself in the Color of Money Lose Yourself in the Color of Money

Eminem has reached icon status.  I wanted to give him some Warhol-esque props.
 Awww ... what a cute sandwich it would make! Bambism
This fawn was sleeping six feet from my kitchen sink window.  I snapped its photo, scanned it, and added the cute 'Hang in There, Baby' type of comment.
 Western Sky - A Puke Panarama Western Sky - Puke Panarama

I started with a digital photo of my own vomit in an emesis basin (something Warren Ellis might appreciate), flipped it vertically, changed the primary colors and added cactus.
 from the web cam on the left side panel Daytona Bee-yotch

You should always be careful where you park at Daytona Bee-yotch.  From the web cam on the left side panel, and what not.
 from the web cam on the left side panel End the Pain

If only my keyboard had a key to kill the pain.  Digital pharmacology.

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Sunday, January 18, 2004
Morphine Dreams

You draw my fingers and I'll draw yours.

After having emergency knee surgery about six weeks ago, I was laid up in the hospital for a few days in some considerable pain.  It wasn't nearly as painful as those months of acute pancreatitis, but I had never had my leg sliced wide open and plates screwed into the bone before, either.  Right now, I can't really remember coming out of surgery.  I do remember my awesome Jamaican nurse, Norma, giving me a little HFD controller to a self-administering morphine pump.  I can understand how people get addicted to heroin now.  That little controller soon became my friend.  I think I did have Morphine Dreams.

Even with good drugs, staying in the hospital is tedious and boring.  I burned out on word games a long time ago, so I asked High Priestess to bring the sketch pad and pencil set I had just recently purchased.

Because I didn't have any medical insurance, Dr. Mitchell released me after only two days post-op -- a day early.  I had to leave my little HFD controller and sadly say buh-bye to my friend, the morphine pump.  Perhaps not wanting to be considered as a total buzz-kill, Dr. Mitchell prescribed some yummy percocet.  I dutifully followed his orders and filled that prescription.

Here are some of the sketches from the Morphine Dreams pad.  Click on the title under the thumbnail to view them (duh).  How considerate of me, eh?

ouchie leg doodle
ouchie leg doodle
bed-ridden 1
bed-ridden 1
phone booth hookers
phone booth
fish nets
fish nets
 bed-ridden 2
bed-ridden 2

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Saturday, January 17, 2004
Eye Candy List

Check out JfZ's eye candy links
Besides using Thunderstorms as my public ranting place and as digital psychiatric therapy, it's also become my
handy-fucking-dandy place to store some of my bookmarks, organize them on the left side panel, and highlight a handful of favorite web sites.   Sifting through hundreds of porn site bookmarks, I've collected some that I call eye candy.

The digital image above, The New Face of Science, is by canadian artist
Lillian Bohbot.  She has a nice selection of her work on her site.  I especially like two of her oils, Entanglement and Dream.  She's just one of many talented people featured on

While I'm mostly interested in digital art at the moment, I can appreciate more traditional forms of visual art.  I've  enjoyed the work of surrealist artists, like
M.C. Escher, since I was a teenager.  Back when I was in the military, I made a point to wander around the Louvre, in Paris.  A few years ago,  I attended a showing of Van Gogh portraits at the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA).  And this year, I plan on visiting the Salvador Dali museum in Tampa.

Until I can walk again, I plan on wandering the web for cool eye candy.  Rather than being a problem, this has its benefits.  Now that the net has finally reached puberty, many brick-and-mortar museums and galleries have their own virtual counterparts.  I can view the works of a vastly greater number of artists without even spending a dime on travel or museum admission.  More importantly to me, though, is the fact that I can check out hundreds of new artists whose work may never see the inside of a traditional gallery or museum.

In addition to those benefits for new artists working in traditional visual art, the media I'm most interested in is actually glowing balefully in your face right here on your monitor.  I've fiddled with digital art since my mother put a light pen in my little hand during one her midnight shifts at the
Ford Motor Company product development computer center and told me to trace around my other hand on the half-million dollar monochrome green cathode ray tube. 

That was a long time ago -- decades before 
Xbox, Playstation, PC games, token video arcades, Space Invaders, or ANSI and many years before even Atari and Pong.  So, I hope you check out my eye candy list as it grows.  I hope it'll inspire you to sneak off with the kids' Crayola crayons next time you get a chance. 

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