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Friday, January 16, 2004
A Place of Evil - revisited

Dennis attempts to breast feed the neighbor's dog, Mikey ;) 
I thought I would post the comment from Dennis concerning A Place of Evil as an entry because blog comments can often become tucked into the page and sometimes go unnoticed.


Yup, I'm the "hero" in that novel. Yno's imagination out-does itself a couple of places, but most of the events really happened right around here. The ritualistic weekly suicides off the bridge by teens. The barns that burn down from circles of candles. I've had attempts at my life more than I care to think about (no I'm not paranoid - just awed that I should be so important)

It is a small community - and 100 years behind the times - but even the Amish moved back out - too evil for them. It is one of the most beautiful places in the world - yet, covens, satan worship, ritualistic murders abound. Even Johnny Carson, 20 years ago said on his tonite show, "If you want to get away with murder, go to Morgan County, Ohio - and the audience knew about the regular murders that went uninvestigated (they were outsiders such as myself).

Yet, I come back and now live in an old cottage on the river that I bought for $4000 - an outhouse and I carry the water in from down the road. From PhD to this!! Do you think getting shot at "causes" this relapse in motivations? I write - 20+ books, half of which I never even send to publishers - burned out.

I don't mind talking about it. I've always felt that I want to leave this world with a "bang", not a "whimper". I'm not the wimpering kind, eh?




That sounds like a pretty fuckin' crazy scene, Dennis.  When did most of these things take place?  It makes my little slogan, "Think of it as having a bad day in a strange place", sound pretty lame in comparison now.

Hey, let me know if it is alright to make your book "Sandbox.pdf" publicly available for others to download and read.  I'd like to send that to a few people but I wanted to make sure I had your permission first. 

You should move back down to Florida and we can share a golf cart!  Heh.  If you need some motivation, gaze into the Daytona Beach web cam or just remember what my Weather Pixie said the temperature was here today when you're walking out your front door and smack your head on a hanging frozen stalagtite of dirty ice.

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Thursday, January 15, 2004
A Place of Evil


You can't make this shit up (
ycmtsu) has become one of my blog topics because of the bizarre-but-true things that I tend to write about when I happen across them on the web.  Originally, I think I heard Don Imus blurt out, "You just can't make this up", in response to someone's idiotic behavior.  Then, when a few seeminglingly inexplicable things happened to me personally, I started blurting out ycmtsu so often that I know people thought I must have Tourette's Syndrome.  I still think I'll look into making ycmtsu into a bumper sticker.

Now, meet author
William "Yno" Winebrenner.  He is the grand poobah of ycmtsu.  Yno, as he is known, is a friend of a friend.  I've heard my friend, Dennis, mention Yno several times in email since moving from the neighborhood here and back up north to A Place of Evil

Besides encouraging Yno to start writing, it seems Dennis was also the protagonist of Yno's first novel,
A Place of Evil, a horror story based upon real events.  The tagline for the book asks, "What would you do if the evil of Satan, himself, moved into your community?"  Sucks to have been Dennis back then, eh?

Yno has written
a number of books since.  From what I gather, his main theme is taking stories that have been told over the years among small-town communities -- Mayberry, U.S.A. urban legends. -- and putting them into his novels.  I plan on putting A Place of Evil on my gift wish-list this coming year.  He sells his books online at, for about $10, for those of who wish to place an order.  (couHINTgh)

Until I get a chance to read this tale, I'll have to ask Dennis about it.  That is, if he wants to talk about it.  He may not want to do that.  Sometimes it's best to put an ycmtsu event behind you and forget about it.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2004
Idaho Qaida

I found this article in the Technology section of today.  I submitted the following write-up for the Plastic editors to review.  If the write-up gets published, I'll include the Plastic URL later.

Read the article as published on Plastic.

Sami Omar Al-Hussayen, a computer student at the University of Idaho, is facing at least 15 years in prison.  U.S. authorities filed criminal charges against the Saudi student in the Boise District Court of 'providing material support to terrorism'. Among other things, this additional indictment alleges he was the webmaster for (english version) and he solicited donations for 'jihad in Israel, Chechnya and elsewhere'.  He also developed web sites sponsored by the Ypsilanti, MI based Islamic Assembly of North America (IANA) which even the Saudi government considers to be a radical organization and a branch of the extremist Muslim Brotherhood.  The Saudi government is nonetheless providing funding for Al-Hussayen's criminal defense.

According to the Ann Arbor news, Al-Hussayen, a doctoral candidate in a computer science program sponsored by the National Security Agency, is accused of creating Web sites and an e-mail group that disseminated messages from him and two radical clerics in Saudi Arabia that supported violent jihad, or holy war.

CNN reports that Al-Hussayen has been held in custody for almost a year. His wife and children are to be deported March 6th.  Kim Lundquist, the assistant U.S. Attorney, defended the long delay in charging Al-Hussayen by saying, "His computer contains massive amounts of information that we're still trying to assimilate.  It's taken us this long to get through the computer information".

This latest indictment is just part of interrelated FBI terrorist investigations that has led to searches and arrests across the U.S. and Canada this past year.

The search for hosting ends in Saskatoon, Canada
is the slogan for, Islamway's cited web host on their home page (arabic-language).  Ironically, it seems the U.S. authorities think they may have found terrorists there too.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2004
JfZ web litter

JfZ web litter => I puke all over the web like South Park's Kyle
 I haven't added anything substantive to Thunderstorms in the last few days.  If you read some of the recent past entries, you'll see the tip of the iceberg of my recent Javascript fascination.  Once I get interested in something, I tend to obsess.  I was up almost 30 hours straight until I finally crashed yesterday evening.  I then slept about 10 friggin' hours.  That's pretty amazing for me ... since I normally have insomnia and then usually only sleep about 2 hours at a time.

The engineers and staff at NASA/JPL running the Mars Rover Missions don't use the word "day" regarding Mars.  Watching them give briefings on C-Span, they talk about the work they accomplished on "Sol 5" or plan to do on "Sol 6".   Maybe in the Imajica, my day is actually 40 hours long instead of 24, I dunno.

I added a few more handy-fucking-dandy links on the left side panel.  I only put JfZ web litter and web warez so far, but I created the little grafix, like the one above, for several more categories.  In the future, I'll add link lists for my favorite sites for digital music, photography, and naked dancing girls.  The last one was mentioned just to see if you're paying attention.  I know you're not, though.

If you haven't checked it out yet, take a look at Grayspaces, Thunderstorms Glossary, or my quirky little CIA M4 Robotic Bunny Rabbit.  I should do a mock up diagram of the features that the bunny has, like NeCoRo Cat.

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Friday, January 09, 2004
Blog archives by topic ...

So here's the topic pull-down (slide-out) menu.  Selecting one of them will bip you over to another page, but with the topic name, like ycmtsu, where it says by topic now.  Then when you slide down the menu, it lists the actual blog entries' titles in reverse chronological order. 

Try it out.

Help me out, here.

Also, maybe you can figure out some better topic names or even some additional topics.  I had to start somewhere.  Again, I forgot how tedious this all can be. 

You can always go to the main page and easily do a search.  If you just wanted to search Thunderstorms for a term like ... handy-fucking-dandy ... you could.  Or you could look it up in the Thunderstorms glossary.

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