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Wednesday, November 12, 2003
Temple of the High Priestess

Some call me Maestro Sartori  My new friend, High Priestess, did a work up of Tarot cards for me based upon my birthday (aquarius).  These cards don't change as a shuffled deck tarot card reading might, but are constant based upon the numerology of one's specific birthday.  Here's how mine worked out:

Signifactor card

King of Swords
Ideas are very focused and directed, but at the expense of the heart. Denotes rational mind, linear thinking, great skill and intelligence with machines and computers. May represent a debater of the law, one extremely intellectual and strongly opinionated.

Soul card

Magician / Magus
You are completely powerful and can manifest your goals. You are experiencing magical strength and can actualize your desires through your own creativity and will.

Personality cards

(1)Wheel of Fortune
Doors will open and all things will be much better than you can possibly imagine. Prosperity will descend on you. You will evolve out of a situation that is getting you nowhere. Set your sights high, and jupiter will set them higher and deliver.

Success, prosperity, glory, clarity, and contentment. There is business achievement as well as success in all endeavors. The Sun shines brightly as you radiate strong energy.

Sunday, November 09, 2003
Blog Reloaded

Careful there, cowboy!

I woke up this morning at 4:30am.  I actually got some sleep after a week of insomnia where I had been getting only an hour or two each night.  The problem with insomnia is that since
you don't feel very rested and refreshed, you don't get a whole hell of a lot done with the 23 hours in the day that you're walking around like a zombie.

Since I was feeling so good, I thought I'd do a little
in-flight maintenance around here.

Thanks to the folks in the
mathematics department at UCSD, and BBaumer, who also runs 'I voted for Kodos', I've glommed some university bandwidth to add hyperlinks to some appropriate audio files for some of my blog entries already here -- and for future entries, of course ... until someone tells me to stop ... then I tell them, "No, I won't stop!!" ... and they file a cease and desist, or restraining order ... and then I put it in the stack of such legal actions that I'm using as a drop cloth when I do a little oil painting.  Oh, sorry! Nevermind.

What was I saying?  Where was I?  Oh, yeah.

So, anyway, you might get another laugh from
Shout out for TOP and a few other editted blogs around here.  I also started the arduous task of putting something worth looking at on the left side panel, other than my fugly mug.  Think of it as Blog Reloaded.


Friday, November 07, 2003
Like Hygelic, his pungent fish fragrance filled the room

Sucks to be Boris
I think root canal surgery on polar bears (ursus maritmus) is a growth industry.  According to Rhonda Savage, a dentist near Tacoma, polar bears kept in tiny circus cages around the world develope a nervous habit of rubbing their teeth on the metal bars and excess wear can occur.  I can empathize with this, as I grind my teeth at night.  Recently, one of these polar bears, a 19-year-old named Boris, went in for some dental work to take care of two problem teeth.

You'd think it would be tough performing two root canals on a 1,018-pound, meat-eating beast with 4-inch claws.  Not according to Boris' dentist, Edmund Kwan.  Not quoted as saying, "First, you just knock the bitch out like some fat, middle-aged teamster and then use a larger drill bit".

While Boris got two root canals done, it's known that his buddy, Kenneth will require five surgeries.  Dentists are salivating and rubbing their own teeth on cash registers at the prospect of a whole new growing demographic of clientele.

As many women have had their dentist fondle them while under anesthesia, Boris also had liberties taken.  With no prior consent, they drew blood and urine from him.  While this seems to be a gross violation of his privacy, Boris doesn't plan any litigation as he had no dental insurance to cover the financial cost of his procedures.

Although The News Tribune in Tacoma didn't specify if Boris was a Republican at the time of his root canal, my personal opinion is that Boris is more likely to be a Libertarian as he certainly would devour any donkey or elephant meat given to him like a free hot wing appetizer at Hooters.  Donkeys and Elephants can eat tons of grass every day but get all righteous if a couple of polar bears smoke any.

Sunday, November 02, 2003
More shout outs

Werd up
.  Thanks go to Hygelic and Melicious for giving me some FTP access and storage space on their servers. 

Congrats to Melicious on getting a brand new car to tool around Fort Meyers and sunny SW Florida. 

Congrats to Hygelic for ... reading my blog while taking a dump.  Purrfect.  Don't forget to wash your hands after reading this blog will have to become new road signage or a bumper sticker. 

I finally broke in my goatee last night.  And then, shaved it off because it was the (sing it now) itchy and scratchy show.  Besides, if you grow your goatee too long, the terrorists win.
Skinnynobutt is so yesterday. No sunny-side up for her.  She's mad at me for pointing out the 
reality of our 'relationship'.  I'll miss her voice mails.

Friday, October 31, 2003
Shout-out for TOP

One of my neighbors just showed up last week.  My new nickname for him is TOP.  He was an
army lifer.  30 years or whatever.  He likes when I call him TOP because only someone who was an army first-sargeant or command-sargeant-major would turn around when someone yelled " Hey, TOP!! ".  CSM is the TOP of the army's NCO ranks, just in case you needed to know that to win a piece of pie during your next Trivial Pursuit game.

He's the president of our little home owner's association.  He pisses me off to no end because when he leaves his home in the morning, his dog fuckin' HOWLS at the top of his little canine lungs until TOP comes home.  I piss TOP off because I play HIP/HOP RAP music and the bass beat hurts his brain, I guess.  So, that's nice.

I burned TOP a Glenn Miller CD and burned his Loius Armstrong and Tony Bennet CDs this past weekend.  I make friends with the Q-tips here by giving them music from the days of their youths.  And. And. And, I had to tell TOP what the rules were.

You aren't allowed to bitch about my music because I play Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin and Glenn Miller and Charlie Parker just as often down at the pool and just as loud as I do Eminem, Kid Rock or Ted Nugent.


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