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Wednesday, September 13, 2006
Iraq: More Whack-a-mole

Plan B
The upcoming national elections and the anniversary of 9/11 have the nation and our politicians talking about Iraq.  Most of the talk gets boiled down by the media to a cartoonish and juvenile level that reminds me of that classic song lyric by The Clash, "Should I stay or should I go?"  Few people in the Dumbocratic or Republicon political party have anything more to offer than hatred for each other.  Bullshit bumper sticker phrases like "cut and run" and "stay the course" do not help Americans understand the reality of our options concerning Iraq.  Politicians that use these phrases should not be supported or re-elected.

I am supportive of those few politicians, from either party, that dare question the Bush/Cheney administration and their blind maintenance of the original neocon fantasy in the Middle East.  It is not working.  The recent speeches by the president, and the subsequent parroting of talking points by the rubber-stamp Republicons, are nothing more than arrogant, drowning old white men that are too stupid to remove the war profit gold from their pockets to save themselves.

In order to improve the situation in Iraq, one would have to have some clear understanding of it.  The Bush/Cheney administration is verifiably delusional.  The only other explanation is that they know the truth and are simply lying to the people of the country in order to stay in power, politically.

It's no wonder that Dubya decided to quote so-called communications from Osama bin Laden in his latest speeches.  Both Dubya and Osama sound like Baghdad Bob and have no credibility.  Zero.

Regular readers know that I like to put links in my blog to the White House.  I think people should listen more carefully to the communications coming out of the Bush administration, since we know that they aren't very prone to tell the American people very much.

One thing I've noticed over the years at the White House site is that the Bush/Cheney administration fully understands that Americans are reluctant to believe them nowadays.  Recently this year, the White House website has now taken to adding some cute links to supplemental "Fact Sheets" that bullet point their delusions into the adminstration's talking points for propaganda pundits.

This new Orwellian reality is summed up by the first sentence in the conclusion of the Bush/Cheney administration's published "National Strategy for Combating Terrorism:"

"Since the September 11 attacks, America is safer, but we are not yet safe."

I read this and see a dependent clause that is a continuing pathological lie combined with an independent statement that is an ongoing excuse for the political, philosophical and bureaucratic failures of this administration for the last half decade.

The administration's own Strategy for Success in Iraq calls for monitoring the three tracks they have defined: Political, Economic and Security.  The Political track is falling apart as evident by the obvious Kurdish desire for independence from Baghdad. The Economic track is failing, because we are spending billions per month to prop this neocon experiment up.  The Security track is failing because the Defense Department is too scared to admit failure by changing their tactics beyond the current whack-a-mole security operations.

To fix the security problems would require more U.S. troops, or Iraqi troops, in order to quell the violence in Baghdad or the western Anbar province, or growing Shia southern violence, or should the Kurds bail out from the idea of a unified Iraq.

Read more about included information:

White House: "Strategy for Success in Iraq"
Sen. Carl Levin: "Senate Intelligence Committee report on pre-war Iraq"
Sen. Joseph Biden: "Five Years After 9/11: Rethinking America's Future Security"
Rep. Ron Paul: "Big Government Solutions Do Not Work / The Law of Opposites"

[Fullscreen] :: Families [WMP | MOV] - Neil Young - Living With War

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Tuesday, September 12, 2006
Head Space

Arthur C. Clarke rawks!
Well, I waited almost two weeks for the Atlantis shuttle to launch.  Then, when it did finally launch, I didn't blog about it -- because thinking about 9/11 puts me in a mood that makes me not want to talk to anyone, in person or via the blog.  I get so angry, and sad.  I spent both Sunday and Monday hunkered down in a very anti-social frame of mind.

I apologize for the auto-loading flash file in the 9/11 entry.  Regular Thunderstorms readers with dial-up modems are probably gathering pitchforks and lighting their torches to storm the Imajica.  It's there primarily to motivate me to move forward, blog, and knock it off the main page.

I did watch the shuttle launch Saturday via NASA TV.  I'm sure most people have seen newsbytes of it.  If you want to check out something interesting, read the STS-115 launch blog.  It has links to video footage from Saturday's launch, and odd little notes, too.  I never knew that some of the astronauts were in a rock band called "Max Q."

The one thing that really puts me in a good mood is the work that the astronauts (and all of the dedicated NASA personnel) are doing right now.  In a few hours, STS-115 crew members will secure the P3/P4 trusses to the ISS during their first EVA of the mission.  If you want to know what they'll be doing each day of the mission, check out this handy flash file.  This flash also has assembly animations for the STS-115 mission and the completed International Space Station.

Another thing that cheered me up was that Pluto Girl visited the blog.  I affectionately gave her the nickname Pluto Girl, though.  I thought she was funny and smart.  The nickname she uses is BravesGirl5 on YouTube.  She's quite a prolific video blogger, even though her beloved Atlanta Braves are doomed.  She should major in mass communications, but she'll probably be a biochemist, or something.

As for me video blogging, let's just say I have a face fit for Klingon iTunes podcasts.  Also noteworthy: Star Trek turned 40 this weekend.  I checked out some of the fan films and I was amazed at the quality of projects like New Voyages and Starship Exeter.  As much as I thought myself to be a science fiction fan, I never knew about this growing phenomenon of actual films being produced.  May they live long and prosper!


[Headphones] :: Space Station [lo-fi] - SomaFM

Everyone needs the idea of a super hero.


Monday, September 11, 2006
9/11 Re-remembered
Friday, September 08, 2006
Phriday Night Phreeks

Phriday Night Phreeks
sponsored by

My Metal teenage years -- Radio Dokken!

Now that I'm older, I know how to do Metal.

Dedicated to the all-time number one Phriday Night Phreek -- Jessica

[Headphones] :: Jessica: Pleasure Club Mix [Download] [Lo-Fi Stream] by JfZ


Tuesday, September 05, 2006
My Matrix

Here are some of the web pages I've seen during some of the random and not so random websurfing I've been doing recently.  Most of these things are not related in any way with each other, may or may not warrant further research, and will likely waste your time following the links.

You also might want to make a tasty beverage before reading any further, if you wish to comment.

The Space Shuttle Atlantis is scheduled for launch tomorrow. Watch NASA TV.

I added the Spam Poison code here, after noticing it on Sinja's Battle Ready blog.

Note: Chrysalis' Not To Scale went on my Pheatured Phreeks list (my favorites) before BlogDrive added it to their favorites.  Get your Not To Scale banner here.

Reading a recent news item made me google "Johnny Gosch" and read about the conspiracy theories surrounding this whole twisted bag of tricks.  It's creepy as hell.  The problem I have is that is also oddly plausible, given the CIA track record.

People don't like their Matrix challenged.  People who believe certain things to be reality will defend them vehemently. Watch as Senator Santorum (R-PA) not only defends his Matrix, but also thinks we should attack other countries, like Iran.

Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA) still thinks WMDs were in Iraq for justification of the invasion.  That fits with his personality and politics; it just isn't true.  Dubya has even backed off the Iraq WMD claim.  While I'll leave the residents of Pennsylvania to make a value judgement about Rick Santorum at their elections, he does also represent the country as a U.S. Senator.  I think he's a delusional ideologue.  He should be spayed and neutered from the world of national politics.  Maybe having his name used for this disgustion definition is enough.

If you want to know the origins of the Iraq WMD story, Mother Jones published "Heroes in Error" - How a fake general, a pliant media, and a master manipulator helped lead the United States into war - by investigative journalist Jack Fairweather.  Worth a read, if you never knew about the Clinton-era "Iraq Liberation Act," Ahmed Chalabi, or the how selective intelligence reports were gobbled up and misused by neocons to "fit the intelligence around the policy." The next time the Christofascist Santorum talks about "pro-democracy" forces to overthrow Iran, someone should start screaming "Chalabi !!"

Speaking of lies and the liars who tell them, check out the MoJo Lie-by-lie Timeline.  I'm really becoming embarassed that our country is so easily being played the fool by Middle East countries to help them kill each other.  Whether it is our "addiction to oil" or our "addiction to Israel" -- I'm weary of both war and religion.

I added Babylon By Bus to my Amazon Wish List.  A review starts: "What do you get when you mix a couple of booze-guzzling, Valium-addled, 20-something slackers from urban America with centuries-old sectarian hatred and a dubious war? Well, you get this alternately lame, alternately compelling tale from the first year after the American invasion of Iraq in 2003."

I can relate. My friends and I used to go exploring the less Victorian side of Europe outside of official circles even when we all had Top Secret security clearances.  Of course, we had fun.  No way in hell we'd write a book about it.

People never like their religious Matrix challenged either. I've always known about the Scientology lawyers since the internet was a fetus inside an Atari Pong game system. recently got a cease-and-desist letter on typically bogus legal grounds, and the hosting ISP initially folded and took it offline, but then put the domain back online.

But, damn! Check out the cops and these three self-deluded Scientology crackheads:

Since I like to explore the underbelly of our collective Matrix, look for more research into Scientology, Religion, Politics, Foreign Policy, The War Machine, Media and other control mechanisms for our minds.

Scientology?!  Maybe we are the product of some intergalactic struggle.  Maybe not.  I have a theory about L. Ron Hubbard that I'll save for an entire entry someday.  Being from Detroit, my theory concerns the historical abuse about the tax-exempt status of churches.  I knew a Sicilian bricklayer that put all his income through a tax-exempt entity.  Let's look at the obvious things first.  A Sci-Fi author started a religion.  Once CoS took off, why jump off the money train?

Look for my own personal disappointments and epiphanies, too.  One that I had today nearly made me throw up, as I was flushed from my childhood matrix pod of a given set of realities that was drilled into my head as a child.  Maybe I'm less brainwashed now ... I mean, thetan-free, clear.  Whatever, it's all good.  It's about the Mormons.  And they're apparently just as defensive about staying in power as conservative Christians and maintaining good drug-free public relations as the Scientologists.

The historical Judeo-Christian mindset maintains about 80% of the population of the United States in all of its various forms.  So, let's be clear.  It's not that weird.  It doesn't mean they are right just because they're the big fish in our pond, though.

Bow your heads.  Let us pray ...

[Headphones] :: Bush and Brando Debate [Download] [Lo-Fi] by JfZ



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