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Sunday, September 19, 2004
Conspiracy Theory in the Imajica - Version 1.0

Conspiracy Theory in the Imajica

Thunderstorms in the Imajica Conspiracy Theory Menu
[ Intro ]   [ Contents ]   [ Submit Your Theory ]   [ Resource List ]

I must be clairvoyant.  (couMEMO-GATEgh)  During my hurricane hiatus at the beginning of September, I worked on a number of things on the PC offline.  In between the days when the weather was nice enough and my strength was good enough for me to go outside and literally hack away at the tree on the house with my handy-fucking-dandy machete, there were some predictably stormy days when I spent time inside on the PC offline.  I wrote a few things.  I played a few games of Quake 3 Arena.  I worked in the FL Studio and created a few MP3s.  I did some digital doodling.

I have an almost perfect collection of all the various text and image files I have already put online.  I even burned some back up archives just in case of various imaginable emergencies.  I thought it might be a good opportunity to do something new or different on the Thunderstorms, too.

If you follow the Conspiracy Theory Menu links above, you should get an idea of what the new section is all about.  I already posted those four entries: Intro, Contents, Submissions, and Resources.  I'll leave you to read those entries rather than bore you by repeating what's in them.  So, if you hate the idea, [Make some thunder!] here, now, and get it out of your system.  You'll be seeing the conspiracy theory blog entry header from time to time anyway, once I start digging into it and doing my own research on conspiracy theory topics that interest me.

I'll eventually put a link for Conspiracy Theory on the left side panel.  That should make it easier for visitors interested in this section to find it faster in the future.

But, since it's just you and me talking right now, and they aren't listening, I'll tell you a secret ... 

I created a theme song for our Conspiracy Theory in the Imajica.  It's called Psycho Sarah.  Snarf it up now, because I don't know how long I'm going to leave it on Hygelic's server space to suck down bandwidth faster than a fat pastor slurping hot sauce off a plateful of chicken wings at Hooters watching a college football game and authoring the Sunday sermon.

Right-Click and Save As on Psycho Sarah to get the MP3 or do whatever you want to do.  After a time, it'll only be available on the P2P nets.

[Headphones] :: Psycho Sarah - JfZ

Saturday, September 18, 2004
Design Files: Contents

Click for more JfZ Design Files
Giorgio Armani, Ferdinand Porsche, and Frank Lloyd Wright are famous designers of the things we may use in our everyday modern life. However, what you might not know, for example, is that Ferdinand Porsche's biggest design impact on society was the Volkswagon Beetle.  The Design Files will highlight interesting design and designers.

 [Contents]  [Designers]  [Designs]  [Links]

Chronological List of Entries

SpaceShipOne and beyond

List of Designer Names

Elbert L. Rutan, aka Burt Rutan

List by Popular Product Design Name


Friday, September 17, 2004
Hurricane Hiatus

Eat my shorts, Bonnie, Charley, Frances, Ivan ... ARGH!
Eat my shorts, hurricane [ insert name here ]!!  It's been an irritating, but not devastating month of weather.  People  all over Florida are dealing with the aftermath of these impressively dangerous storms.  People are still cleaning up from hurricane Charley.  I'm still cleaning up from hurricane FrancesHurricane Ivan really nailed the Gulf Coast.  Storm damage continued for several states inland, as well.  Our local news is nothing but hurricane related news and yammering politicians who approve their own message.

Well, today, our Hurricane Hiatus is over.  We're back in black.

Even if the next one, Jeanne, reorganizes and comes screaming toward my house, I don't think it's going to be that difficult.  I mean, hell, I haven't finished getting the house back to pre-Frances or even pre-Charley status.  I still have two PCs-worth of electronics wrapped in plastic and stacked up in the bedroom.  I still have everything in a gym bag from evacuating.  I think I could spend about an hour getting ready and confidently re-evacuate without too much stress, if I needed to do so.

Don't take what I'm saying the wrong way -- I totally respect the immense power and destruction of these hurricanes.  There were people in my area that didn't evacuate; I think they were foolish to stay and just lucky to have remained unharmed during hurricane Frances.  We live about an hour's drive from either coast and the debris here was pretty extensive.  I feel for the people who live in so many areas that were totally destroyed by the hurricane winds, gaggles of spawned tornadoes, or all the inland flooding that is still plaguing communities.

Now that I'm back online, I'm still catching up around here.  I went through a pile-o-mail yesterday.  Wow.  I hit a few sites and said, "hello and thanks".  It may take me a few days to get back in the swing of things and blogging regularly.

So what can you expect to see on Thunderstorms over the next month?  Well first, there's some housekeeping to do on this site.  I was smack in the middle of remodelling and reorganizing things here when the digital umbilical cord was chewed off at the beginning of the month.  I did work on a few new things offline and I'll be inviting you to participate or get involved in some of that stuff.  New topics or sections will be unveiled.

Finally being able to read my email put some priorities on the front burner.  For one thing, there is very little time left if you have still neglected to register to vote in your state.  Then, of course, I'll be nagging you to actually get off your cottage-cheese ass and vote on election day.  By the way, no matter who actually gets elected president of the United States, there are a number of issues that will likely remain.  The president may be the captain of the governmental ship, but our U.S. Congress has some seriously lame legislation floating around in its committees right now that will have an actual effect on your pathetic little life, too.  So, politix will still be a topic around here -- more so in the near future.

At the same time, I'll be developing topics and sections that I wanted to explore that has nothing (hopefully) to do with politix.  I have several ideas.  You'll see them when you see them.  If they get enough participation, then we'll continue with the various ideas.  If not, so be it.

But, one thing is clear -- I don't really enjoy arguing about politix everday here on Thunderstorms.  I am still interested in political issues.  I am not interested in having conversations with mindless or anonymous nut-jobs that come scurrying out like insects on an overturned rock and do drive-by grammar in the blog entry comments or the TAG board.  These people don't read, or do any research, or even think.  They only watch FOX news and parrot some soundbyte that has been repeatedly and unrelentlessly hammered into their soft gray matter.

I am more interested in society, culture, news, entertainment, technology, art and ideas.  If I blog about those things, hopefully it might scare off the individuals who have the attention span of a fruit fly or at least I won't have to argue about it.

Blog the Vote!

[Headphones] :: Tank! - Cowboy Bebop

Wednesday, September 15, 2004
Conspiracy Theory in the Imajica - Intro

Conspiracy Theory in the Imajica

Conspiracy Theory in the Imajica Menu
[ Intro ]   [ Contents ]   [ Submit Your Theory ]   [ Resource List ]

Conspiracy theories always begin and are then subsequently developed surrounding unknowns.  The unknowns or unknowable facts about things, events or situations in the past, present, or future are open to speculation, prophecy, purposeful misinformation, and sometimes serious investigation and research.  Often, conspiracy theories require some group of people with political, governmental, financial, technological, or religious power or position conspiring to have an effect on the future of society that will benefit the group at the expense of others not associated with their group by causing an event to take place or covering up an event that has taken place.  Sometimes, an intriguing conspiracy theory can develop around a purposeful hoax. 

The godfather of unknowable facts and another interesting social phenomenon is the apocalyptic vision.  These end-of-the-world conspiracy theories are typically rooted in religious documents and promulgated by believers of the particular prophecy of doom.  Most notably and cyclically believed at various times throughout history is the apocalyptic vision of the Book of Revelations in the Christian Bible, but it is not the only apocalyptic conspiracy theory.  Other end-of-the-world scenarios have emerged from archaelogical discoveries of the demise of various ancient civilizations, environmental and global modelling, and even the onlsaught of unknowns due to our hyper-advancing technological age.

As we explore various conspiracy theories, apocalyptic visions and hoaxes, we will find some of them to be very small and specific but others will be large and encompassing.  The majority of conspiracy theories are controversial in some way.  While their controversial nature may be very offensive to some people -- especially when ethnicity or religious belief is involved -- that is also the very thing that makes them interesting.  Together, we may be able to further categorize and describe these conspiracy theories, while at the same time, end up being no closer to explaining them further or solving any of the mystery surrounding them.

It is my intention to explore these conspiracy theories interactively.  I encourage you to utilize the comment function to add to the discussion of various entries.  Hopefully, you can add to the research and help give an upgraded version to a particular conspiracy theory entry here on Thunderstorms.  In addition, you can also write up your own research on your favorite conspiracy theory and submit it.  As we add entries, we will also be organizing and expanding the resource list.

In conclusion, Conspiracy Theory in the Imajica will begin with my own entries on various items that may simply interest me, but it will become more entertaining and interesting as you participate with your own comments and conspiracy theory suggestions and submissions.  Remember that this is supposed to fun, but don't ever forget that they are really out there and they're going to get you.

[ Intro ]   [ Contents ]   [ Submit Your Theory ]   [ Resource List ]


[Headphones] :: Psycho Sarah - JfZ

Posted at 04:11 am by John Furie Zacharias

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Tuesday, September 14, 2004
Conspiracy Theory in the Imajica - Contents

Conspiracy Theory in the Imajica

Conspiracy Theory in the Imajica Menu
[ Intro ]   [ Contents ]   [ Submit Your Theory ]   [ Resource List ]

If you have not done so already, please read the Intro section.

Conspiracy Theory in the Imajica is brand new.  I will be organizing the Contents section as we explore various conspiracy theories, apocalyptic visions and hoaxes.  You will be able to click on items in the contents list to go to that entry.

Meanwhile, here are some possible topics for discussion or your own submissions that may cause you to look over your shoulder, draw your drapes, or adjust your tinfoil hat.

Possible conspiracy theories surrounding events:
Conspiracy Theory: Hack the Vote 2004?
September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks in the U.S.
Death of Princess Diana
Iraq war
President John F. Kennedy assassination
Roswell, New Mexico UFO crash

Possible conspiracy theories regarding technology:
Digital recording technology
RFID - Radio Frequency Indentification
Financial Networks
UFO backward-engineering
HAARP facility in Alaska

Apocalyptic visions and religious end-of-the-world theories:
Conspiracy Theory: Who is your Anti-Christ?
The Book of Revelations
Mayan Calendar
Irish Saint Last Catholic Pope
Near-Earth Asteroids
Global Warming

Conspiracy theory groups and organizations:
New World Order
Bush Family
Kennedy Family
United Nations
American Civil Liberties Union
Anti Defamation League
Ku Klux Klan
RAND group

Governmental Alphabet Soup:

Industry and Corporate Players:
Pharmaceutical Industry
Entertainment Industry
Big Tobacco
Defense Contractors

[ Intro ]   [ Contents ]   [ Submit Your Theory ]   [ Resource List ]


[Headphones] :: Psycho Sarah - JfZ

Posted at 04:11 am by John Furie Zacharias

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