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Tuesday, July 11, 2006
Peace Takes Courage

This month's Rolling Stone magazine labels 15-year-old Ava Lowery as a Super Girl.  I agree with RS and told her as much on her Peace Takes Courage blog.  While I just became aware of this Alabama teenager's courage and website today from a blog entry on Veterans for America, she was thrust into the national media spotlight for her flash animations that asked people to think about Bush's Iraq war and its consequences.  She was interviewed briefly on CNN in June when her "What Would Jesus Do" flash animation prompted some to send her death threats.  View that CNN interview in WMV or MOV file format.

During the CNN interview, the news bunny asked Ava Lowery, "How did you even know about the Iraq War?"  That question really bothered me.  It almost sounded as if she was disappointed that CNN hadn't done its job putting the public to sleep  -- or -- amazed that a teenager whose older classmates are required by law to register with the Selective Service in order to qualify for any college financial aid should instead be living in the BushWorld Unreality Matrix, just shopping and playing videogames with her girlfriends.

Well, Ava Lowery has been thinking for herself for more than a year, doing her own research, and has created over seventy flash animations during that time.  For the most part, her flash animations are not goofy, humorous animations.  They ask you to think.

IMHO, the one truly humorous flash animation is called "The 32%" and highlights some of the hateful or misguided statements in email she received after the WWJD animation became widely known.  It's soundtrack is appropriate -- Dueling Banjos.

Despite the humor with which she channeled that spate of hatemail, I must say it also takes extraordinary courage on her part to take such an active stand for peace in the face of it all.  I remember receiving my own share of hatemail, mainly before the 2004 election.  Some of it made me a little nervous.  I'm a grown man, but Ava is a teenage girl.

I hope her ongoing story inspires you as much as it did me, today.  I'm rarely impressed.  I'm mostly snarky and cynical.  Yet, Ava Lowery is an impressive person in my book.  Maybe there is hope for a sane future.

Related entry: Fellowship Of Reconciliation peace organization list

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Monday, July 10, 2006
Swamp Gas v.010

Welcome to Swamp Gas in the Imajica.  Similar to the You Can't Make This Shit Up (YCMTSU) section, Swamp Gas will focus solely on news and items of interest in the sunshine state of Florida.

They say, "All the nuts in America roll downhill to Florida."  So let's just see how true that phrase really is.

Click on the Swamp Gas logo for the smelly menu.

Swamp Gas v. 010



This little five week old kitten almost became Meow Mix kitty bits after it apparently survived a trip through a running wood chipper.  According to veterinarian, Dr. Salvatore Zeitlin, the kitten did suffer a neck fracture, broken front legs and a partial scalping.  However, the kitten, now named "Chipper" should recover and be ready for adoption.  Awww video included on source page.




Muffy, a nine year old Burmese python, is officially the longest python in North American, measuring over 22 feet. "A person goes to a pet shop and buys a baby python. It's cute. You feed it mice. Pretty soon, you feed it rats. It's not long before this creature is too big for the average person. And it's dangerous," said Muffy's keeper, Bob Colishaw, owner of Captain Bob's Excellent Adventure.  What the heck are they feeding Muffy now, children from the neighborhood?



Here's a story of robotic bureaucracy meeting crabby neighbors.  Jack Garrison got warned of fines of almost $1,400 for a barking dog violation and four squirrel-related infractions: squirrel at large, squirrel on the beach, squirrel defecating or urinating on public or private property and squirrel disturbing the peace.  One problem -- Jack doesn't own a dog or any pet squirrels.  I didn't realize there were so many squirrel-related laws. Squirrel on the beach ... isn't that a mixed drink?


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Friday, July 07, 2006
Black Boxes

 Black Box Epiphany

I started out to write an update on Bush's domestic NSA spying program.  So, I sought out to find some appropiate images.  This resulted in my visual epiphany, shown above.

When I first read news that the NSA domestic spying activities were in place well before the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks, I had two reactions.  First, I thought how disingenuous Bush is when he says that he ordered the program be put in place to "protect the country."  He's taking credit -- or blame, depending upon your perspective  -- for something he had little to do with.  Second, parts of the ongoing news reports are wrong.

After doing some simple bricklayer-level research on my own, I discovered that not only was the NSA program not a secret, but also that is has been planned for some years and has been practically advertised since the beginning, before Bush took office.  Whether the corporate media is lazy, too stupid to use google, or has some other reason for not reporting on this -- you decide.

The National Security Archive at George Washington University

In March 2005, the GWU archive published the declassified version of the NSA's "Transition 2001" report.  A culmination of studies going back to 1999, the report was finally published by the NSA in December 2000.  Download the PDF file.

 click to view this page

While I know some people will take the time to read the 42-page report, others will not.  Obviously some corporate news reporters have not, to be sure.

To cater to your laziness, I highlighted some of the text in the report on page 31 (page 36 in the PDF file) for you.

It speaks to the policy decision for NSA's need to "live on the network" -- on the internet backbone at AT&T.

Some people will complain that they didn't see this coming -- pointing out that the report was classified in December 2000 and only declassified and published at GWU in March 2005.

That sounds like a reasonable excuse, until you notice that the National Security Administration itself published a press release about the privatization efforts, and even naming the program in the PR.  "Project Groundbreaker" was advertised in June 2000.

As any government agency would, the NSA solicited contracts for Groundbreaker.  In July 2001, the 5-year, $2 billion contract was awarded to CSC, who created the "Eagle Alliance" team.  How secret is Eagle Alliance?  They have their own website to advertise the project.

Eagle Alliance

Eagle Alliance pulls together the best and brightest of the military-industrial complex to get the NSA mission done.  It's not a friggin' secret.  They have regular press releases, they've hired over 1000 former NSA employees, and they are recruiting.

Why did I have a visual epiphany with the images above?  I saw the cars in the parking lot at the vast NSA complex and the vast number of people in Mecca making the Hajj.  I thought how oddly similar they looked.

Then, I thought how odd that both iconic images were black boxes.  If they are stained black from crude oil now, will they both turn red sometime in the future?

That's up to you.

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I don't use Skype just because it saves me money.

NSA-free Skype

Unlike other telecom providers, they are also NSA-free.  I hope.


Thursday, July 06, 2006
Global War Update

 Where is Waldo bin Laden ?
Where is Waldo bin Laden?  Apparently, the Bush government really doesn't care to know, as it disbanded the CIA unit that was focussed on hunting Osama sometime last year.  CIA's "Alec station" was set up in 1996.  When did Dubya decide that "smoking them out of their caves" and catching Osama "dead or alive" was no longer a priority?  After Bush finally got elected in 2004, obviously.

I recently snapped this photo of Ossie with my cell phone.  He just finished getting a nice seaweed and Zionist blood facial treatment at Club Med.  He's always bitching about how desert sand gets into his sensitive pores.  I think he stole their towel.


 The real price of gas

Shifting the focus of the Global War on Terror to one-upping-my-daddy, regime change and nation building in Iraq has caused an estimated 40,000 Iraqi deaths and 20,000+ military casualties, with over 2500 U.S. service members killed.  This makes me wish for the good old days when I was bitching about BushCo's war of choice.

Despite those inconvenient facts, the press waited obediently for Dubya to finish jogging on the South Lawn with an OIF veteran and give them some soundbytes for a feel good story.  Watch the real video here.

U.S. president Bush is most honest when he is not speaking from a prepared speech (the official lies), but instead speaking as best as he can in impromptu comments.  As foreshadowing for the non-ending of his Iraq madness, read the transcript or watch the video and notice that the president concludes his comments by telling the press corps, "We're not through running yet. Get out of the way."

Think about it.

 Free Your Mind

If Osama bin Laden is no longer the boogeyman, who is?  al-Zarqawi has been killed.  Who do we blame for the problems in Bush's Iraq?  First, we can name the next anonymous Arab for al-Zarqawi succession on the most wanted-list, and then we can ramp up the Orwellian fear meter to have us look at ourselves with suspicion and distrust.  The Miami Seven (one is actually in Atlanta now) were not granted bond in federal court today.  The AP reported this at 1:45pm with the headline, "Bond denied for 6 accused of terror plot."

Several hours of editting and additions turned the same story into "Judge denies bond for Sears Tower suspects."  Much scarier.  This is how the corporate media massages your grey matter, thinking, and opinion.  Remember my little thought experiment two years ago?

The funniest bit of bullshit was provided by White House spokesman, Tony Snow, when he commented on the sudden death of Enron's convicted CEO Ken Lay.  He said Ken Lay was just "an acquaintance" when everyone knows that Lay was part of the Bush-Cheney Energy consortium meetings that are still sealed under "executive privilege."  Even when you die, these spineless weasels will deny you to save themselves.

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I don't use Skype just because it saves me money.

NSA-free Skype

Unlike other telecom providers, they are also NSA-free.



Friday, June 30, 2006
Tag Board Archive - May Jun 2006

Everyone!  Into the pool!!
So ... why?  Well, I go through the TAG board periodically (or when asked) and delete entries.  Mainly, I delete your entries because it reloads the page periodically or when you add a new tag.  When it gets too large, it takes up bandwidth loading constantly.  My general rule was this: if you put an annoying little smilie emoticon on the TAG, that entry was the first to go when I cleaned house.

The second rule: if the entry was older.  But, the second rule bummed me out because I hate to throw away memories.  So, some entries were deemed to be classics and had to be preserved (like Hygelic reading my blog in the bathroom on his cell phone).

Then, the first and second rules unfortunately clashed when it came to old school phreeks who might put an ascii emoticon at the end of their sentence, like Skennedy (et al).  These people were violating my first unstated rule through no fault of their own, and, because the programmers of the TAG board must have thought to themselves, "how handy-fucking-dandy would it be if we just translated every ascii emoticon to a different happy little yellow face?"  So, they dropped another few hits of Exstacy, patted each other on the back and went back to coding the TAG board.

So, whether it is a good thing or a bad thing -- I've decided to archive the TAG board here for all to see -- and still be able to delete older entries (and keep the TAG.html small) with a clear conscience.

Read 2006 Archive: [Apr][Mar][Feb][Jan]

Read 2005 Archive: [Dec][Nov][Oct][Sep][Aug][Jul][Jun][May][Apr][Mar][Feb][Jan]

Read 2004 Archive: [Dec][Nov][Oct][Sep][Aug][Jul][Prior to July 2004]

Deirdre How ya?
Spacenoodle thanks for the suport with the job thing
Spacenoodle thanks for the suport with the job thing
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Jude BTW, I left a comment on your "School Skip Day" entry. Excellent.
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Jude Hey, did you clear your notification list? I'm not getting emails on your new posts...
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J f Z <-- Basement Dweller template in my gallery, Jude. The lo-rez jpg is 2-3x larger in KB than the GIF page graphics. Heh.
Jude John, I like the blog template you designed... very 'Fallout' (a favorite of mine).
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