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Monday, June 21, 2004
Movie Monday - Levity

I do not miss snow and ice in the city
You constantly read stories in your daily newspaper about the crimes committed in our world.  The perpetrators and victims of so many robberies, rapes and murders blur and simply become another statistic.  While in college at UCLA, Ed Solomon (writer/director) tutored inmates at a maximum security juvenile prison.  One young kid, serving the first year of a life sentence for murder, kept a photo of the man he had killed to remember and try to understand the life he had taken.

Based on this true story, Levity is Solomon's expertly woven parable of such a man, Manuel Jordan (Billy Bob Thornton), parolled almost against his will, and back in the wintry city seeking redemption and forgiveness for killing Abner Easley during a convenience store robbery over two decades earlier.  Manuel (Billy Bob Thornton) meets Miles Evans (Morgan Freeman), portraying the preacher of a half-way house and soup kitchen, who counsels Manuel though he has his own past to reconcile.  Manuel helps Sofia Mellinger (Kirsten Dunst), a self-destructive girl who frequents the night club near the soup kitchen, and he also seeks out the sister of his victim, Adele Easley (Holly Hunter).  Manuel then tries to make amends with Adele by helping her troubled son, also named Abner after his dead uncle, avoid making the same terrible youthful mistake he has made while not revealing his true identity as her brother's killer.

In one scene that summed up the film for me, Manuel is deep in thought and absent-mindedly breaking off pieces of frozen snow from the railing of a concrete pedestrian bridge.  Casually tossing them, like feeding pieces of bread to park squirrels, he watches them fall to the ground below and break apart.  His murder victim, Abner, appears next to him.  Abner has been in Manuel's thoughts for over twenty years and has been more of a constant companion and a guide than a haunting spirit.  Thus, the conversation is casual.

Abner asks, "What are you thinking about?"

Pondering for a moment, Manuel tosses another piece of winter off of the bridge.  Looking at Abner as if he doesn't know how to answer, Manuel replies, "Gravity."

In a poignant simplicity describing his own life cut short, Abner takes a piece of frozen snow, tosses it, and says, "It doesn't last long."  Manuel watches it -- as it falls up -- into the bright and crisp winter sky.

Levity overcomes gravity.

Get this DVD.  It'll become one of your favorites.

Or, if you're bouncing around the house because you need to see something brand new, check out this new Hollywood preview web site.

Be the first in line... See the previews. Rate the movies. Get free stuff. (No, really.)

Sunday, June 20, 2004
Happy Father's Day

Sprint can kiss my skinny white ass
I'm back.

Friday, May 14, 2004
Stormy Weather....

Well folks it looks like I am going to be taking a break for a little while. 

I'll be back soon... or not.  When I am you'll be the first to know.

Sunday, May 09, 2004
Happy Mother's Day

As american as mom with an uzi
My mom when she was a teenager
Well, this Mother's Day is a difficult one.  It's the very first Mother's Day ever in my lifetime without my mom, since she died last Fall.  I guess I really tried not to think about it very much until I started to think about something to write about today for the blog, here.  Bleh.

In other Mother's Day news, the Million Mom March anti-gun protest in DC only drew about two thousand this year.  When this protest was first held in 2000, it supposedly drew the participation of about one hundred thousand.  The Second Amendment Sisters held a counter-rally.  I think I can say unequivocally that my mom would have been in the second group of women.  Being a single parent, living and working in Detroit most of her life, and only having the physical presence of about five-foot-tall and 100 pounds -- soaking wet -- she always had the company of her friends Smith and Wesson.  Upon hearing about something like the Million Mom March, she would have likely retorted, "If those women have so much time on their hands, they should just go get a job, instead".  She didn't have much patience for the 1950's house-wife stereotype.

[excuse me a minute]

I don't have much patience for this fucking lame dialup connection software anymore that has an ever-so-annoying top-and-uncloseable-window that gets in the way of everything else on my desktop while connecting or the fact that it's so fucking lame it doesn't even ever detect when the connection has dropped and I have to listen to the off-hook beep-beep-beep from the phone company.  Then, I have to CTRL-ALT-DEL the piece of shit software every 2 minutes because the Sprint telephone company -- whose landlines have so much fucking noise on them you can barely hear yourself speak -- let alone maintain a modem connection.  So, while I'm just try to type up this simple and short blog entry, I have to keep repeating the process of forceably terminating the lame-ass dialup software and dialing back out -- 14 fucking times in 15 fucking minutes!!!  And while I'm on the topic of lame, what's up with Microsoft Update?  I know some German teenager hacked the OS and shut down airports in fucking Hong Kong or Singapore, but do I need a security update every fucking day, now?

[all better now]

Have a happy Mother's Day.

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Saturday, May 08, 2004
U.S. Democracy Threat Level Indicator

De-Bush the WH, if you like!
U.S. Democracy Threat Level Indicator

grab this for your web site > right-click, save as >
The biggest threat to the U.S. may not be terrorism.  The biggest threat are people who live here and don't care enough to even vote --  Voter Apathy.  You can help change that.  I made this little animated GIF version of another image to get people to think about it.

Feel free to put this on your own web site
.  Just right-click the image and select save-as.  Use the blog comment function and let me know if you used it ... I'd like to make a link list to your site.

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