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Sunday, February 15, 2004
By the numbers

Posted at 07:59 am by John Furie Zacharias

February 15, 2004   01:42 PM PST
So what exactly is your point here?
Are the Iraqi's not better off without Saddam killing, torturing and raping them? Is the world not better off without Saddam supplying terrorists with money, weapons and technology? True, many people have died...too many. However, lets step back a few years...just imagine a world where the US never entered WW2! Just think what life would be like if Hitler were allowed to take over Europe and Asia...would he not have come across the pond? Now lets imagine if we had made a preemptive strike on him (Hitler)...the Holocaust would have never happened and thousands (or was it millions) of Jews were never murdered because they were simply who they were. No, Saddam is/was not Hitler...but then no one could ever have imagined that Hitler would have done what he did. Just something to consider whilst whining about no WMDs.
February 15, 2004   04:32 PM PST
I wasn't whining about WMDs. I'm not emotional about the situation -- at all. I was simply posting some numbers in decreasing order mainly to highlight the relevent links to some thoughtful web sites I hadn't seen before.

Did you follow any of the links or immediately go into Dubya-defense mode?

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