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Friday, August 31, 2007
My Songless Black Heart

hen I'm feeling depressed because I've just spent several hours reading the horrible news from all around our pathetic spinning ball of mud, I have to make an effort to change my frame of mind or else simply give up and just slit my wrists.  Fortunately, the razors in my medicine chest are little plastic disposable ones that can barely shave my face, let alone do anything harmful.

One of the things I can do to brighten my songless black heart is to watch a video by Crystalanne, my former Midnight Therapist, now Retardo Crazybon.

Now while watching Crys can make me feel much more sane in comparison for a short time, she has way better hair and teeth than I do.  So, if I'm still feeling that even Crys' love for the whole world and Africa can't end war and famine, I have to selfishly turn my thoughts inward.  What can put me in a good mood?

After hours of contemplation, and soul-searching, and painful introspection, I stopped wasting my time.  Just by watching the next video, the answer is very clear to me now.  Bulky vaginas make me laugh.


My buddies on Project Playlist put a song in my heart, so I don't have to do it.

[ headphones ]  - Sinja's Project Playlist



Posted at 11:05 am by John Furie Zacharias

August 31, 2007   12:04 PM PDT
oh my god...i'm dying here. 'bulky vagina'...freakin' priceless...

i think i love this woman...
August 31, 2007   02:24 PM PDT
Im in love.
August 31, 2007   05:22 PM PDT
She is fun. Hehe.
August 31, 2007   05:54 PM PDT
Okay, I'll have you know that I watched these videos with the sound off because my young male offspring are all within earshot, right behind me playing PS2. I must send them on an errand so I can get the full effect.

but you know I needed a change of mind, and I'm halfway there now. Thanks for that.
September 1, 2007   11:29 AM PDT
Nice teeth.
September 1, 2007   11:39 AM PDT

September 1, 2007   01:16 PM PDT
I enjoyed the teeth.

Now, I have to understand what she says. Yeah, I'm slow. :(

*cleans his ears up again*
J f Z
September 1, 2007   01:37 PM PDT
I love the Google Adsense algorhythm. It brings me unbelievable joy to see a related link to "shaved balls" on the left side section from this permalink.
September 1, 2007   09:53 PM PDT
That was kind of scary. I hope I don't develop a bulky vagina.


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