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Friday, December 01, 2006
Phriday Night Phaves

It's Phriday Night!  It's time for Phriday Night Phaves!  If you have a active blog here on Blogdrive and your profile is linked to it with an image, you might be a future Phriday Night Phave.  It's very much like Blogdrive's main page of featured subscribers and profiles, except that I get to add my comments about them and so do you.  There are thousands of very interesting people on Blogdrive, so I am just going to highlight a few at a time.


PROFILE: logansackett
LOCATION: Colorado Springs, CO
BLOG: Herb Thiel
CREATED: 10/4/04

Logan Sackett is the hero of numerous novels by the great western American novelist, Louis Lamour.  Herb is a traditional family man with four daughters, but his fatherly strictness seems to be tempered by a generous amount of humor, as evidenced by the musings in one of his other blogs, Herb's Humor.  One of his entries there that made me laugh simply says, "Aliens are coming to abduct all the intelligent, good looking and sexy people. You will be safe. I'm just saying goodbye."


PROFILE: savedbygrace
BLOG: savedbygrace
CREATED: 3/26/04

I first noticed Rita's blog while surfing Blogdrive to compile my Finding God on Blogdrive list that was used for a Blogdrive main page poll, almost exactly two years ago.  Rita is a devout Christian and an active member of her Calvary Assembly of God church. She often quotes biblical scriptures and shares stories of compassion and faith.  A long-time Blogdriver, Rita has received well over 1000 comments! 


PROFILE: frisky_kittie
BLOG: eKittie
CREATED: 3/16/06

Frisky_Kittie, aka Kat, is relatively new to Blogdrive, but is no stranger to the online world, knitting needles or her many pets.  She recently moved to the Orlando area from rural northern Minnesota.  I'll be watching her blog to find out how she may react to a Winter without sub-artic temperatures and several feet of snow with which she is so likely familiar.  When you read her blog, you may discover why her header image looks suspiciously like the Napster logo.  I think I figured out why she is called Frisky, though.  *couLATEX?ghs*


PROFILE: nicolekathleen
LOCATION: Meadville, PA
BLOG: maybesomeday
CREATED: 6/11/04

Nicole Kathleen has been Blogdrivin' since the end of high school and into her first years of college.  She's young, pretty and thoughtful.  Her blog is mostly personal, but its many entries read like a version of a popular Tom Wolfe novel.  Is she Charlotte Simmons?  No, but Nicole Kathleen has her own story to tell from her experiences at college.  From just a quick glance at the characters that live with her, I think she has many tales she hasn't yet told.  This is one blog everyone will find interesting to read.

I added Malthus
to my Pheatured Phaves.
Check out his very interesting blog!

View MP3 info

Posted at 07:48 pm by John Furie Zacharias

December 2, 2006   01:41 PM PST
MMMmmmmmalthus! Yes!!!

*bows head; cue celestial choir; hallowed strains of the Halleleuja Chorus flood the room*
J f Z
December 3, 2006   01:39 AM PST
Malthus is a good-hearted guy. Maybe he'll show you the Shap I sent him in email. Heh.
December 3, 2006   02:25 AM PST
Greetings John:

Great Phaves! Malthus' blog is a longtime favorite of mine as well -- he's great! I like all but one of your choices -- it's a no-brainer based on my political leanings, lol.

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