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Saturday, November 11, 2006
Politics: Iraq and Rumsfeld

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Feel free to insert your own caption to my google-image montage of the Bush White House tossing Rumsfeld over the side as political shark chum.

I can only imagine that Bush/Cheney likely had a cabinet meeting of the principals where Bush's people said things like, "Donald's lived a full life; we thank him for his service to country; we can give him a service medal; Clinton and Pelosi will shut up and think about domestic policy, if we give up Rummy."

If you don't think politics in the United States is a blood sport, you're not paying attention.  It has all the feakish betrayal of reality TV, all the drama of the powerful losing everything (just ask the once 2008 presidential hopeful George Allen), and the sitcom predicability of scripted one-liners.

Bush gave this freakish, five-minute-long, White House Rose Garden dog and pony show and team photo-op of his cabinet's solidarity with the press corps before he met with the newly elected and incoming House and Senate Majority leaders.  Donald Rumsfeld was not there.  Was that public display of team spirit to bolster the morale of his cabinet that they wouldn't meet the fate of Donald Rumsfeld or to calm the fears of millions of fellow Republicans who just drank all that Bush/Cheney campaign-trail Kool-Aid that Armageddon faced us in 2007, if the Democratic party won in the elections?

House Majority Leader-elect Nancy Pelosi once again publicly stated that "impeachment is off the table," but with a large number of old-school Democratic party icons taking up various leadership roles in House and Senate committees, she may have a tough job impeding powerful committee chairmen from calling hearings that expose the executive branch's innumerable impeachable offenses.

I predict that with ex-CIA Director Robert Gates as the incoming Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld could die from natural causes within the next 18 months, before he can testifiy under oath in a Democratic controlled committee hearing, if he opens his mouth.  Look for the old soldier to have a nano-sized micro injection red spot in his left eyeball, before he can tell any death-bed confessions about Bush and Cheney.  Rumsfeld is smart, though.  He will keep his mouth shut, or simply lie under oath.  I wouldn't expect any Robert McNamara Fog of War musings from Rumsfeld concerning Iraq.

Incoming SecDef-elect Robert Gates survived the Reagan/Bush era Iran Contra affair.  In my humble opinion, I think it's quite normal and expected that George Bush is calling in some of his family's political chips for shady talent like Robert Gates, convicted felon John Poindexter, and self-admitted liar to congress and neo-con nutbag, Elliot Abrams.  Look for a spreading war in the Middle East and even more covert action in South America again.

I want the Democratic-controlled House to call an Intelligence, or Armed Services, or Foreign Relations hearing.  Get John Conyers to subpoena Colin Powell to testify under oath for about a month straight.

The next two years will not be boring.

As a related item of interest

This morning, C-Span's Washington Journal was to have a roundtable and call-in discussion about Iraq featuring two Iraq war veterans.  Unfortunately, the spokesman for Iraq Veterans against the War had a medical emergency and could not participate.  C-Span had to air the segment with only the spokesman for a pro-war group called Veterans For Freedom, David Bellavia.  Being a military veteran myself, I thought I would look into this organization.

Surprise! Surprise! Veterans For Freedom is nothing more than a well-funded, Republican 527 front group against anyone who wants to end the occupation in Iraq.  David Bellavia is the vice-chairman of the lobbying "fund" and the entire group is a political propaganda machine, tracing its roots to the infamous Swiftboat Veterans for Truth.

So many liars, so little time.

David Bellavia actually had the temerity to ask an opposition caller, "I'm a vet -- who do you think signs my paycheck?"  Well, now I know.  Until he leaves in January, David Bellavia's paycheck will be signed (or funded) by that NRC chairman and lying weasel, Ken Mehlman.

I can respect people who disagree with my opinion about Iraq, but when someone -- anyone -- gets on a national broadcast like C-Span, or Fox News, and espouses a foreign policy stance under the guise of credibility, it really irritates me.


Posted at 08:01 am by John Furie Zacharias


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