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Monday, October 02, 2006
Iran: Rush to the Next War


The neocon war machine is rushing to war with Iran.  Reasonable and rational people think war with Iran is strategically stupid on every level.  There is just one hitch.  It's now quite apparent that the United States is not being led by reasonable or rational people.

The same and usual suspects in the Bush Administration are again cherry picking intelligence, inflating or distorting it, and making their case to strike Iran.  The neocon reasoning used to illegally invade Iraq is again being used concerning Iran -- weapons of mass destruction and support for terrorists.

The secret cabal of neocons that ran the Office of Special Plans (OSP) in the Pentagon to sell the war in Iraq to the Congress, the media, and the American people are running the same game concerning Iran right now.

Politics and Pressure

There are three powerful groups that support the Bush administration and would happily cheerlead the insanity of going to war with Iran.  The first is the obvious political power that the Israeli lobbyists have on our politicians and the so-called "Israel-firsters" embedded inside our departments of State and Defense that enable this neocon agenda.

The second group is the Saudi lobby.  On a theological basis, fundamentalist Wahabbi Sunni Muslims don't care very much for their fundamentalist Shi'ite Muslim cousins across the Persian Gulf.  On a strategic and economic basis, the Saudis would benefit hugely from the resulting chaos in the oil market.

The third group that would cheerlead more war is the fundamentalist evangelical Christian lobby here in the United States.  It's clear from the messages coming from many of these organizations that they believe in a clash of civilizations in the broader Middle East is not only desired, but mandated by Biblical prophecy.

Christians United For Israel

It is nearly impossible to even discuss the access and influence that Israel has on the United States government.  When professors Mearsheimer and Walt simply asked the obvious question in their recent essay, "The Israel Lobby," they were smeared and called anti-Semetic.

Mearsheimer and Walt include Evangelical Christians in their framing of what constitutes the Israel lobby, but I have chosen to identify them as a seperate influence in my own analysis.  It's not that I disagree with the professors for their inclusion -- groups like CUFI are militant and frankly, dangerous -- but I seperate them because as a group, Christians are not all irrational end-timers and are generally more concerned with domestic social policy, rather than U.S. foreign policy.  The militant support for Israel are shades of gray that vary from church to church even among the fundamentalist Christian adherents.

Americans should be made aware of the power and influence all of these groups wield, though.  While the Saudis influence the Bush administration primarily through energy sector lobbys, Israel lobbies through defense contractors and religious groups.  They all operate much like huge corporate and defense lobbyist organizations with retired government and military personnel on their boards.  They have nearly unlimited money for media campaigns and political donations for their candidates.  This keeps the American public's perceptions about the Middle East in a well-maintained media bubble.

We Don't Speak To Evil

The history of diplomacy between the United States and Iran has been non-existent during the lives of many young Americans and certainly spanning the careers of many people within the U.S. government for about the last 30 years.  Despite this, many Americans would be very surprised to know that Iran supported the United States after the terrorist attacks of September 11th.  You have to step outside the U.S. media bubble to hear this, though.  Free your mind, Neo.

Not only did the Iranian people support the U.S. after 9/11, holding mass candle-lit vigils and moments of sympathetic silence for the victims, the Iranian government even materially supported our military efforts in Afghanistan.  If you wish to understand the recent history of US-Iran relationships and interactions, listen to this BBC radio 4 presentation with Gordon Corera, "Mixed Messages."  Spend a half-hour to understand what is happening in the U.S. now, fomented by hardcore neocons in the Bush administration.  It's clear that all the talking points by neocons now were created by the actions of those same warmongers over the last five years.

Connect The Dots

A number of seemingly unconnected data sets seems to point to an imminent war with Iran.  While I feel like Mel Gibson's character in the "Conspiracy Theory" movie pointing out these things, I urge you to check the very public events that are happening now.  It's not some secret.  It's happening in front of your face, even if your local TV news or favorite McCableNews channel is not reporting on it.

  Larry Wilkerson describes in the BBC 4 radio interview that Douglas Feith had plans for invasion of Iran and Syria, back in 2002, when he was briefed on the invasion of Iraq.  In 2005, Wilkerson also crossed the Bush administration's barrier of secrecy and acknowledged the Iraq war hoax.

Daniel Ellsberg, of Pentagon Papers VietNam-era infamy, pleads publicly to career military and government personnel to leak information how the Bush administration is selling the next war.

US Navy personnel and warships have received orders to train and now deploy to the Persian Gulf.

The Bush administration, on its own, has made public statements for regime change in Iran since the infamous "Axis of Evil" declaration, and most recently to the world leaders in the speech given to the United Nations by George Bush.

The Congress has been generating reports to justify an attack on Iran. WMD and Terrorist Support. Although reports are authored by neocons, ex-staffer of John Bolton, they influence Congress.  Even if the IAEA disputes the findings of the neocons Congressional work, the reponse is to then dismiss the U.N. and its agencies.  Democrats will not stop a war with Iran.

Bush is selling the War on Terror to our domestic military organizations. View WH video of his 09/29 address to the Retired Officers Association gathering.

Bush has met with the leaders of Iran's neighbors to get their support this past week -- Afghanistan and Pakistan, Kazakhstan and Turkey.

Let's not forget the last minute rush by Congress to get the 500-billion dollar defense appropriations bill and the Military Commissions Act to the president to sign.  In a rush to rubber-stamp the Bush administration's idea of kidnapping, torture and indefinite detention for their so-called War on Terror, the Congress missed the fact that the executive branch can now also label any U.S. citizen, not just the scary bearded terrorist, as an "unlawful enemy combatant" and disappear them.

The president sells the happiness of the recently leaked National Intelligence Estimate on Iraq on the radio.  Listen to the propaganda here.  Go on listen.  Bush's neocon logic is Benny Hill funny, if he wasn't drinking his own kool-aid.

The Blurring

I call this section The Blurring because the Bush administration has repeatedly blurred any discussion of specifics, like how to solve specific problems in Afghanistan or Iraq with their multi-trillion dollar agenda on the so-called broader Middle East and their War on Terror.  It should come as no shock to anyone when Bush refers to the death and destruction in Iraq by saying, "I like to tell people when the final history is written on Iraq, it will look like just a comma ..."

The troubling history of politically driven and Rovian foreign policies have one common denominator.  Some events are orchestrated to keep and maintain political power in the U.S, not to react to any reality of threat to National Security.

Karl Rove promised his GOP supporters an October Surprise for election victory. Was he teasing his loyal Republicon serfs with some new war with Iran?  There does seem to be a disconnected callousness with these meglomaniacs that points toward a plan that Americans will stop complaining about Iraq, if we are engaged in a larger war, the next war, with Iran.

Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock.


Posted at 03:17 pm by John Furie Zacharias

October 3, 2006   02:31 AM PDT

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