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Tuesday, July 11, 2006
Peace Takes Courage

This month's Rolling Stone magazine labels 15-year-old Ava Lowery as a Super Girl.  I agree with RS and told her as much on her Peace Takes Courage blog.  While I just became aware of this Alabama teenager's courage and website today from a blog entry on Veterans for America, she was thrust into the national media spotlight for her flash animations that asked people to think about Bush's Iraq war and its consequences.  She was interviewed briefly on CNN in June when her "What Would Jesus Do" flash animation prompted some to send her death threats.  View that CNN interview in WMV or MOV file format.

During the CNN interview, the news bunny asked Ava Lowery, "How did you even know about the Iraq War?"  That question really bothered me.  It almost sounded as if she was disappointed that CNN hadn't done its job putting the public to sleep  -- or -- amazed that a teenager whose older classmates are required by law to register with the Selective Service in order to qualify for any college financial aid should instead be living in the BushWorld Unreality Matrix, just shopping and playing videogames with her girlfriends.

Well, Ava Lowery has been thinking for herself for more than a year, doing her own research, and has created over seventy flash animations during that time.  For the most part, her flash animations are not goofy, humorous animations.  They ask you to think.

IMHO, the one truly humorous flash animation is called "The 32%" and highlights some of the hateful or misguided statements in email she received after the WWJD animation became widely known.  It's soundtrack is appropriate -- Dueling Banjos.

Despite the humor with which she channeled that spate of hatemail, I must say it also takes extraordinary courage on her part to take such an active stand for peace in the face of it all.  I remember receiving my own share of hatemail, mainly before the 2004 election.  Some of it made me a little nervous.  I'm a grown man, but Ava is a teenage girl.

I hope her ongoing story inspires you as much as it did me, today.  I'm rarely impressed.  I'm mostly snarky and cynical.  Yet, Ava Lowery is an impressive person in my book.  Maybe there is hope for a sane future.

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Posted at 10:24 pm by John Furie Zacharias

July 13, 2006   12:41 PM PDT
Striking commentary (the WWJD clip), especially coming from a 15-year old.

I am completely flummoxed though as to why someone would feel the need to threaten her with death because of it.

Makes me wonder...what are they so afraid of...
July 13, 2006   01:50 PM PDT
Honestly ... and I say this without satisfaction ... some of them are such vitriolic Dubya Defenders because they don't want to think that Dubya fooled them and they were wrong or gullible.
July 20, 2006   01:01 AM PDT
Thanks for the link to your post - I've seen one of her animations, and will definitely check out the rest.

Peace and blessings to you!

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