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Sunday, April 30, 2006
Tag Board Archive - Feb Mar Apr 2006

Everyone!  Into the pool!!
So ... why?  Well, I go through the TAG board periodically (or when asked) and delete entries.  Mainly I delete your entries because it reloads the page periodically or when you add a new entry for chatting and when it gets too large, it takes up bandwidth loading constantly.  My general rule was this: if you put an annoying little smilie emoticon on the TAG, that entry was the first to go when I cleaned house.

The second rule: if the entry was older.  But the second rule bummed me out because I hate to throw away memories, so, some entries were deemed to be classics and had to be preserved (like Hygelic reading my blog in the bathroom on his cell phone).

Then the first and second rules unfortunately clashed when it came to old school phreeks who might put an ascii emoticon at the end of their sentence, like Skennedy (et al).  These people were violating my first unstated rule through no fault of their own, and, because the programmers of the TAG board must have thought to themselves, "how handy-fucking-dandy would it be if we just translated every ascii emoticon to a different happy little yellow face?"  So, they dropped another few hits of Exstacy, patted each other on the back and went back to coding the TAG board.

So, whether it is a good thing or a bad thing -- I've decided to archive the TAG board here for all to see -- and still be able to delete older entries (and keep the TAG.html small) with a clear conscience.  I normally archive halfway through the month.

Read 2006 Archive: [Jan]

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deadringer Very good site, I enjoyed it immensely
brynn last one was a broken link, sorry.
brynn i miss you.
Hurricane Reno Thanks 4 visiting! Yup, Tremor brother blog.
Jude huzzah
Rita Greetings John, Good to see you in the "featured" spot. Blessings to you.
Dennis Is good see you site, see you alive, do hear you feel goot. Like me to see U scribble words page on. Make happy me! SE Ohio suckee! Village People OK, yes! YMCA!!!
plh murble all we get is a murble? LOL
J f Z Murrrrrble.
Jude Heya sex-kitten...
plh Happy Keester HEHEHE
xyz my msg
celticautumn I try my hardest to keep blogging. Please, save my page somewhere, I really want people to read.
plh where have you gotten off to or lost?
Lucinda This is the nice tag board ever yeah.

Sinja Could you link them for me so I can snag one?
Sinja Hey John, was it you that had made those Blogdrive logo images in different colors?
Snotball hey man... thanks for noticing our blog... i was wondering if you play online games at all such as World of Warcraft... yesterday i got killed by someone named Murble... well see ya later..
Kristi/Unknown Hey darlin, if I can get out before they take all my stuff, I'll be happy. A new one is bound to come my way and hopefully soon.
JfZ thinks aloud <-- Generation Debt by Anya Kamenetz.
Mirror Ball Hey John -- thanks for trying to help me in the help forum the other week. I'm sorry I took so long to get back to you, but I've been running with celebrity interviews. Take care.
J f Z Thanks, Asahd. You have a nice collection of desktop wallpapers.
Asahd2 First time visitor, nice site.
Mitchelton Milo Bad news everyone! I'm afraid that Buttom Mutton accidently walked off the jetty and got drowned!
Gloria Holy frack, season 2 finale, J!
KellyK *stab! stab!*
plh *arggggggggggg - i went to my gmail and i cleaned it out before bed lastnight of spam - there were 99 more porkers in there waitin for me a few minutes ago
JfZ thinks aloud <-- The Vidrines stopped by for a visit.

JesterJosh before they pass some VD onto you?
J f Z ... before they take all your stuff?
Kristi/Unknown Thought for the day: When you really truely love someone and it doesn't seem to be working out.... when do you say enough is enough?
Gloria Teh. TEH.
Halcyon I have often considered teh number of problems that cranial amputation could solve
Kristi/Unknown Hello to those who know me. A wink and a smile to all of you.
Kristi/Unknown Hello to those who know me. A wink and a smile to all of you.
Gloria Got you pegged, eh?
Dennis H "Ha Ha Ha American" is GREAT! They got us pegged, eh? Jfz - need your home e-mail - send to mine - you have it!
Lyly Belated Happy Birthday, John. Oh yeah, Happy Valentine's Day too. Who said I'm not in the spirit.
melicious Happy bday 2 u. Happy bday 2 u. Happy BDAY 2 DAYS LATE. Happy bday 2 u!! xoxoxoxoxo
J f Z <-- drop down menu on Web-Litter blog for Skype. Bottom left on the page.
Nurse Rosetta Skype?

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Posted at 05:12 pm by John Furie Zacharias

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