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Monday, June 26, 2006
Homegrown or homemade?

Around the world, the headlines trumpet the reassuring news that the Bush Administration has foiled yet another terrorist plot!  Google it.  From Seattle to Shanghai and from Syracuse to Sydney, scared citizens can breath a sigh of relief that the Sears Tower still stands.  While I might appologize for my overuse of alliteration, I stand stoicly behind my snarkism about this latest headline news in the Democrusader's Global War on Terror.  I'm not dismissing the threat that real terrorists pose to our national security, our neighbors in uniform overseas, or innocent civilians in regions of conflict.  I am pointing out that the hype of threat and law enforcement accomplishment is lacking here.

This Bushco bust of the "Miami Seven," as their media moniker goes, is troubling to me on a number of levels.

First, it reminds me of the politically motivated, pre-election, look busy, machinations of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) giving press conferences about endless unspecified threats.  If we had been listening more carefully to Tom Ridge and John Ashcroft back in those days, we might have realized that their "Terrorist Chatter" was probably passed to them by the NSA listening to your grandmother when she called you to complain that she practically had to get naked in the airport in order to board a plane to visit you for the holidays.

Everyone knows people are starting to complain about this president and his policies.  Now that Karl Rove is no longer in serious jeopardy to spend time in jail, the Decider's Whitehouse team is likely back to its security scares that helped them in the past.  It's just sad and tired.

Second, these seven guys are not in any league close to any homegrown terrorist group from the past or brewing on "the shadowy internet," as FBI Director, Robert Mueller has intimated.  Alberto Gonzales followed with the same unconnected logic and scare tactics in his press briefing -- and as the top law enforcement official for the U.S. government -- his self-aggrandizing statements were parroted all over the planet when he compared them to homegrown terrorists in London, Madrid and Toronto.

''Left unchecked, these homegrown terrorists may prove to be as dangerous as groups like al Qaeda,'' Gonzales said.

WTF? Like your unchecked and corrupt branches of government?  I'd like to see Gonzales' secret dossier on film maker Michael Moore.  That would make for fun poolside reading all friggin' summer long.

Unlike most newspapers out of the area or the 8-second soundbyters on the television, local reporters in the Miami area followed up on this scary terrorist group.  Despite reports of the raid on the warehouse netting "muslims" from "their embassy" and "temple," the group's mastermind, Baptiste, was taken into FBI custody while he was putting up stucco on a Miami residence.

Baptiste ran a small, inner-city remodelling business doing stucco and masonry.  He did have a fairly unique religious belief drawn from combined mainstream religious beliefs, all three Abrahamic traditons.  He was also adherent to a strict discipline of martials arts.  Had he not been so easily stupified and led by an eager undercover FBI agent, he might have made into a good faith-based charity asset for Bushworld in Miami, except he was overtly strange and anti-goverment according to statements by folks in the 'hood.  Seriously, that sounds like half the bricklayers I ever worked with over the years in Detroit, white or black.

What about the rest of the wanna-be terrorists?  They followed Baptiste, plain and simple.  He gave them martial arts training and some hope beyond. Baptiste gave some of them work and income, but also required that they lift their minds out of the ghetto.  No drinking, no smoking, no drugs -- just work, a clean life, and religious study.  Sounds oddly like a compassionate conservative blueprint, to me.

There are now a number of groups in the U.S. that should be put on notice, formal and informal.  The NRA is one.  As vocal advocates of the second amendment -- the right to keep and bear arms -- your members are more armed and political than the Miami Seven.  Better watch what you say amongst yourselves. The Decider may be listening.

Hell.  I better shave my beard.  Now, it's way cooler than that of al-Zawahiri and I don't have a guitar, a Harley, or a funky religion to justify my growth of it, Alberto.  I'm going for the master's beard like in Kill Bill, even if I have make my own sound effects.  Go figure.

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Posted at 03:33 am by John Furie Zacharias


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