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Tuesday, January 10, 2006
New Year Beard

I started the New Year with a beard.  It's similar to the one I'm sporting above in this older image taken of me, hanging out in the French Quarter.  I'm debating with myself in the mirror everyday whether or not to just shave it off because this current beard is bushier.

Rather than the trimmed beard of some frustrated and artistic intellectual, this current beard on my face looks to me more like one worn by Osama bin Laden or the Unabomber.  I'm not alone on this.  A child called me "Grizzly Adams" (aka Dan Haggerty) over the Christmas holiday!

Similar to Blog the Haircut, I need your help, again.  Rather than wasting valuable page real estate with an actual BlogDrive Poll on my left panel, just give me your preference in a comment below, okay?

What amount of facial hair do you like on a guy?

  1. ZZTop biker beard ?
  2. Trimmed beard ?
  3. Full artistic stubble ?
  4. Full goatee and moustache?
  5. Bushy fireman's moustache ?
  6. Elvis side burns ?
  7. Trimmed moustache (excluding the Hitler)
  8. Nothing. Clean shaven, please.
  9. I have a new idea looks like ?
  10. You'd be better off wearing a paper bag.


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Posted at 12:35 pm by John Furie Zacharias

January 10, 2006   04:50 PM PST
John, you sexy devil, you! Leave the beard! Usually I like a clean face...nuthin' 'tween me and skin...but looking at the image above, I gotta say it again.

Leave the beard!!!
January 10, 2006   09:26 PM PST
That 'stache adds more years than necessary to you, J-meister.

I'm ordinarily a clean-shaven woman myself (aye, you read correctly) but you do a beard quite well. Maybe more hair along the jaw and less around the mouth and on the upper lip -- that's the beard style I prefer on my gents if they insist on it. A little not too perfectly groomed, and not too thick are both important.

Perhaps you ought to shave it *all* off, snap a pic, and then let the masses decide again the next course of action -- keep it clean or make it mean.

Yeah, I know. But it rhymed.
J f Z
January 10, 2006   10:50 PM PST
Aww. /blush/ I should never have revealed my Jason Bourne aka Matt Damon disguise online. Now, crossing borders and establishing new identities will be more difficult.
January 13, 2006   02:39 PM PST
I've actually been cultivating a beard for the past week or so myself. Normally I'm a goatee guy, but my girlfriend likes the mountain man look lately.

I'm very proud and surprised of my ability to quickly grow facial hair, lol. It's fun being a man.
January 26, 2006   07:45 AM PST
My old man wears a goatee/moustache or takes it all down to a soul patch. Looks great with his shaved head. For some reason I've never been drawn to cleanly shaven men.

Jude's right, the beard on you is very sexy. *looks behind her shoulder and hits the post button quickly*
February 14, 2006   01:13 AM PST
Damn, that looks hot, John.

Facial hair rocks on some, looks bad on others. Some of my guys, I prefer clean shaven, some I prefer with a hairy face.
March 17, 2006   01:33 AM PST
My vote is for clean shaven. But you're working the beard. Just don't let it get too out of hand. The ZZ Top beard idea kinda scares me.

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