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Thursday, January 05, 2006
Digi Chix v05: Wonkette in time

Welcome to Digi-Chix at the Imajica!  This is my ongoing tribute to fascinating women that I randomly find on the digital planet and wish to highlight for you.

Check out these previous Digi-Chix entries:

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Ana Marie Cox, founder of the much-loved political humor blog, Wonkette, announced Wednesday on the Imus in the Morning TV show that she will now just be editor emeritus and Wonkette will be actively run by two men.  Imus interviewed Ana Marie Cox because she is promoting her newly published book about the underbelly of Washington, "Dog Days."  While a work of pure fiction, Don Imus referred to the book as "laugh out loud funny."  Given Cox's funny rants on Wonkette as a measuring stick, "Dog Days" is quickly going to be the hip book to tell your friends you are reading.

While I've rarely been complimented by anyone around me as being hip, I am a huge fan of Wonkette.  The two men taking over the active writing on Wonkette have a tall pair of red pumps to fill.

Now here's a twist of the Wonkette story that falls under the topic that I call, "You Can't Make This Shit Up."  One of the guys who will be writing for the Wonkette was just in the news -- and -- in J. Edgar Hoover fashion, he just may be a perfect fit for those Wonkette high heels.

You see, David Lat, a real-life assistant District Attorney in Newark, New Jersey, recently revealed that he is actually the "Article III Groupie."  A3G is a female online persona who writes spicy, naughty, tongue-in-cheek blog entries about the U.S. federal judiciary on his/her blog, "Underneath Their Robes."  Wasn't it the NJ governor who came out of the closet?  I can't remember, now.  Probably no connection there.  Nevermind.

Peter Lattman just wrote about the whole twisted freak show on the Wall Street Journal Law blog.  Read his post here.  With the Samuel Alito Supreme Court Justice confirmation hearings coming up in the Senate, you should keep all three of those blogs in mind for insightful, if not irreverent commentary.

Terry Colon doesn't Suck anymore
In a short strip of Kevin Baconian degree of seperation, Ana Marie Cox is also known to some of us scalier internet dinosaurs as the Bride of Suck.  Sponsored by Wired, had the archaelogical drop on the advance and popularity of snarky blogs.  Back when multi-authored blogs were called e-zines, they were typically just ascii or ANSi.  Only the hardcore geek enjoyed the VGA-psychodelic and multimedia artpack versions from the ACiD crew. was a joy to behold of sarcasm and wit, back when we all dialed-up the internet for our geek-fix of humor and porn. is still an archived site today, until someone like one of my heroes, Larry Flynt, coughs up a multi-million dollar bid on the domain name.  However, you can still buy the book, "Suck: Worst-Case Scenarios in Media, Culture, Advertising, and the Internet," by Joey Anuff.

You can also fry up this digital dinosaur (kevin) bacon.  With a casual glance inside the book at Amazon, you'll discover that my featured Digi-chick, Ana Marie Cox, co-editted that tome of snarkastic wonder with Joey Anuff.  Additionally, the Sucksters had the comedic benefit of the illustrations of the talented artist, Terry Colon, and the wit and wisdom of Carl Steadman.

I'm grateful to Carl Steadman for creating, a site where I've been a member since the beginning.  I don't regret donating a few bucks when Plastic needed it.  I still find myself laughing at the twisted genius of Terry Colon's work on Plastic with his topic icons, too.  The book gives a great nod to our Plastic Carl with this acknowledgement:

"Carl Steadman, the lost Suckster, who can claim responsibility for everything involved in creating Suck that required verifiable skill. If it weren't for Carl, Suck would just be a word scrawled in crayon on the Wired restroom walls."

For a great article on the whole history and saga of Suck, read "The Big Fish" by Matt Sharkey.  And now, Anna Marie Cox is again building her digi-chick fame in geekdom, beyond Wonkette, with "Dog Days."  She rawks.


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Posted at 06:26 pm by John Furie Zacharias


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