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Tuesday, January 03, 2006
New Year's Resolutions?

What the hell !?  Check out the new Blogdrive Poll and go vote!

Here's a snapshot of the current resolutions leading the way:

Get a job that doesn't make me wear a paper hat

Try to put on at least 50 pounds

Download twice as much music as last year. It's free right?

Give more than receive from the "take a penny/leave a penny" box

Stop procrastinating and exercise more; the year after next

Develop a compulsive disorder for one of my multiple personalities

Get my email addresses down to twenty

Learn to be more creepy toward my family and friends

No more dinning out at the pet store. Even on "all you can eat" night

Stop being so anxious and learn to wait around for opportunity

Focus more on the mistakes of others

Try not to breed as often


[Headphones] ::  Bush and Brando Debate [MP3 stream] - JfZ

Posted at 02:53 am by John Furie Zacharias

January 3, 2006   03:53 AM PST
omg... my eyes...
J f Z
January 3, 2006   04:01 AM PST
I feel like a Pirate now.

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