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Thursday, October 27, 2005
Tribal Teen

So, my fellow MENSA members, here's the story of how I totally forgot to pay my electric bill this past week because I was freaking out about hurricane Wilma quite a bit.

After several sleepless nights, scurrying around with my neighbors, I finally went to sleep.  But, in my normal vampiric fashion, I finally went to sleep at around 8am and when I woke up a few hours later, I had no idea what time it was, other than it was still daytime.  I was totally uncomfortable and I had this nagging feeling.  I woke up without morning wood and in a bad mood.

I wiped the crusty eye-poop from one of my eyes and used that one cleaned eye to stare at my ceiling fan like Martin Sheen in Apocalypse Now slow motion.  I noticed immediately that I had soaked my pillow thoroughly with perspiration, but this wasn't Saigon.  And, there were no helicopter noises.  As a matter of waking surrealism, my ceiling fan wasn't moving at all.

What's wrong with my ceiling fan?  It's always spinning around, always.  It's never not spinning.  It should be spinning around, right now.

Ding ding ding! The one-eyed realization hit me. I cursed at myself, "you asshole, you forgot to pay the electric bill and now they've found the time to disconnect you from the planet."

My gaze travelled from the motionless ceiling fan -- which I never realized was so incredibly filthy before this point in time -- down to the three dead, lifeless and blank computer monitors across the room.  How hollow they looked in the bright sunlight streaming in from the window.

I thought to myself, "this unfortunate event may just throw my morning routine (a relative term) off quite a bit."  Hurricane Wilma didn't take out my power, but my absent-mindedness just had.  I squinted at my lifeless coffee machine as if I was expecting it to be alive somehow.

Out of habit, I limped across the room toward the coffee maker, anyway.  I poured myself a left-over cup of cold coffee, took a swig, and shuddered at its cold and bitter taste.  I took another nasty sip in the hopes that it might clear the cobwebs from my mind, so I could remedy this dire situation.

Eventually, I had my power restored that day.  (An Aside: Obviously, you fracking geniuses, because I am blogging here again, right?)

The aftermath of my stupidity was that I lost all the unsaved files on the computers when the power was unceremoniously cut off.  I had to re-write my Rosa Parks entry from scratch.  If you can count, you might notice that there are about two dozen links in it.  Do you think that I put those links in my entries for the hell of it?  No, I put them in there for you to read and learn more, if you so desire.

The other thing was that I had to log into all my various accounts again: blogdrive, plastic, yahoo, et al.  That was a bit scary.  I use different user IDs and passwords for stuff.  I signed up for the Supreme Court of the United States newsletter with a Martha Stewart domain email address, for gods sakes.

So what's with that photo above?  I happen to find it when I logged on to Flickr.  It's a Flickr-freak.  I can't honestly tell if it's male or female.  It looks a bit androgenous, like Pat, from Saturday Night Live to me.

The other intriguing thing to me is that his/her ears, eyes, teeth and god knows what else are in modification mode.  It's just odd.  This poor kid, male or female, is surely beat up at school on a regular basis.

And, this is how I felt about myself the other day, drinking left-over cold coffee.  I saw this image in my bathroom mirror.

[Headphones] :: Stabuhbeetle (live) - The Vidrines

Posted at 03:22 am by John Furie Zacharias

October 29, 2005   01:11 PM PDT
i think the human in the picture is a female.
J f Z
November 2, 2005   01:18 PM PST
LOL. That actually sounded how Stargate's Teal'c might have phrased that observation. Indeed.
November 5, 2005   06:28 PM PST
Earrings are long. Female. Though not by much.
November 13, 2005   10:04 PM PST
Earrings. Female. That really sucks about the electricity. too. I did the same thing once, and cursed myself all the way to the electric company to pay the bill, and reconnection fees.
Hello from the Vidrines
March 3, 2006   12:12 AM PST
greetings from The Vidrines. we hope you enjoyed the mp3. pleasant curiosity: how'd you come by it?
J f Z
March 5, 2006   03:01 PM PST
Hello Vidrines! See what happens when you Google yourself? Heh. Yeah, I continue to enjoy it from time to time. It's a mad crazy song.

To answer your question, I did some research, since this blog entry is more than a few months old now. Looking at the homepage you provided with your comment and the URL of the MP3 reveals a clue.

I came by this MP3 from your MySpace site. I don't have a MySpace account, so I couldn't send you a message. I hope you revisit here to learn the answer to your question, I guess.

Keep making cool tunes. You rawk!

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