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Wednesday, October 05, 2005
Indies Film Fever

Indies Film Contest
Atom Films
I just got this in my Atom Films newsletter.  Intel and AtomFilms are sponsoring an Indies Film Contest that anyone can enter.  The grand prize winner will get $25,000 cash, plus a home entertainment system worth $20,000.  With that kind of scratch, you could buy a spiffy new electric vehicle and a hooker, or a few years worth of gasoline!  Even if your film kinda sucks, they will pay you $10,000 for 2nd and 3rd place, which is generously called "two first prize winners."  See their bizarre, yet official rules to enter.  You have until November 21st to submit your digital cinematic vision for consideration.

Some of the official rules mandate that you must use an Intel processor at some point along the way, so you Mac/Apple freaks should call your PC-based buds and make some arrangements.  If you win, you could always pay for his or her participation in your indie film project with some time with hookers or in the champagne room at the strip club.

Other weird rules include that the film shall not be longer than four minutes long.  I guess that is because scientific studies have shown that you frackin' slackers don't have a five minute attention span without taking your ritalin.

Another official rule of the Intel/Atom Films contest that I found strange was that you must use their music, if you want to have any music with your film.  Here is the list of approved soundtracks for use with your entry.  I downloaded SCI-FI_1.ZIP just to hear one sample of the available audio.  It's not bad, and potential contestants are allowed to modify the tuneage to suit the needs of their film.

I'm looking forward to (hopeful that) someone using little bits of all of the many audio MP3s available on the audio page in a massively schizophrenic way, just to piss off the sponsors at Intel.  Take that, you Intel control freaks!

In related news: the Amazon/AmEx/Tribeca indies film contest has wound down to five finalists for your consideration on the Amazon Screening Room about which I blogged here, last month.  You can vote for your favorite of these five entry finalists until October 28th:
  • "Duel at Red Table" by Jack Paccione Jr.
  • "Battaglia" by Owen Smith
  • "Richter's Agenda" by Paul Matusheski
  • "Coming Home" by Greg Benson
  • "Meter Maids" by Joseph Garner
Out of these five films, I only saw "Meter Maids" and it was a good film -- worthy to be a finalist.  I'm not surprised that it is a finalist for your consideration among the others.  Do take five minutes and vote for one of these films before the end of this month.  Someone is going to get that $50,000 AmEx card -- so if you vote, you can help out one these five talented indie film makers.

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Posted at 02:01 pm by John Furie Zacharias


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