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Sunday, September 25, 2005
Anti-war storm hits DC

After the horrific scenes of the apparent abandonment of New Orleans residents were played constantly in the media for the past three weeks, the planned ANSWER coaliton anti-war rally in Washington, DC sought to spotlight the Bush administration's domestic policy inequities, plus their anti-war movement.  Despite the weather, more than 100,000 people gathered on the ellipse near the White House Saturday to protest and to listen to speakers from many coalition members, activists, progressive polticians and celebrities.  Cindy Sheehan, recently thrust into the national spotlight from her month-long vigil at the president's Crawford ranch, also spoke at the DC anti-war rally.  A transcript of her remarks is available on After Downing Street.  Saturday's rally played very little in the national TV media over the weekend, except on C-SPAN [real video stream], due to the focus of attention on hurricane Katrina and Rita.

In addition to the anti-war rally in DC, companion rallies of varying size and scope were also held in cities around the country.

Here are some web sites providing you with reports and photos of the the anti-war rallies on Saturday:

Live protest blogging in DC
ANSWER in Los Angeles
Indy Media in San Fransisco - Bay area

If you have info on other rallies, please leave a web address in a comment.

Issues to which the ANSWER coalition is trying to draw attention:

  • Stop the War in Iraq
  • End Colonial Occupation from Iraq to Palestine to Haiti
  • Support the Palestinian People’s Right of Return
  • Stop the Threats Against Venezuela, Cuba, Iran & North Korea
  • U.S. Out of the Philippines
  • U.S. Out of Puerto Rico
  • Bring all the troops home now
  • Stop the Racist, anti-Immigrant and anti-Labor Offensive at Home, Defend Civil Rights
  • Military Recruiters Out of Our Schools and Communities
You might remember me blogging about the United for Peace and Justice anti-war rally during last summer's Republican National Convention in New York City.  It seemed most hopeful, promising and productive to be pro-ctive before the election, despite the lack of valuable political alternatives.  In contrast to my post-election return to Zen Apathy now that we have to endure four more years of surrealistic BushWorld incompetence and the evangelical disconnect from the people, United for Peace and Justice continues their anti-war, anti-imperialistic activist struggle.  UFPJ's planned non-violent direct action (civil disobedience) activity will make some noise Monday, I'm sure.

I have to say that it is a bit surreal to see the far liberal-left and the far libertarian-right come together over the issues of nation-building and Dubya's ineffectual flip-flopping foreign policy.  No one likes a Democrusader that sacrifices conservative domestic spending on bloated deficits for the war machine of oil and occupation, apparently.  Democrats are not given a pass when they continue to be perceived as the whining party of impotence, either.

Meanwhile, the GOP is stuck in the tar pit and mired down by their waste of post-election "political capital" by first sinking their teeth into ther third rail of privatizing social security, which was a dismal failure, despite the national White House lollapalooza tour of the nation.  Then, the social conservative priorities of the evangelical-right of Terri Schiavo.  Then, hurricane Katrina ripped the lid off of the Bush administration's ball jar seal of silence of total incompetence by the reality of his political crony appointments to bloated bureaucracies (pick one: FEMA, UN, DoD, VA, whatever).

Welcome to politics driven by an evangelical campaign-stumping idiot, wrapped in debt and drowning in a foreign policy quagmire.

[Headphones] :: Democrusader (MP3 Stream)

Posted at 04:11 am by John Furie Zacharias


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