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Sunday, September 18, 2005
Tribeca Film, the Emmys and more storms

The Tribeca Film Festival was founded in 2002 by Robert De Niro, Jane Rosenthal, and Craig Hatkoff as a response to the attacks on the World Trade Center.  Now in its fourth year, the Festival's mission is to create platforms for filmmakers to reach the best possible audience for their work.  If you are a filmmaker, you only have until November 14 to submit your narrative, documentary feature, or short online to be considered for the 2006 festival taking place April 25th through May 7th, in New York City.  If you're not a filmmaker, but just an avid fan of film, you can view some cool shorts and rate them, like I have been doing.

You also get entered into a sweepstakes in which the grand prize is a $1000 and a comped flight to NYC for the festival.  I'm a big fan of the flash shorts over on AtomFilms, so I have been checking out a few shorts in the competition on Amazon.  If you want to "watch and win", go do it now.  Your participation in the film ratings ends this Friday, September 23rd.  After that, the top five films will be introduced on October 3rd, and you can then help select who should win the filmmaker's prize of $50,000 from American Express, in November.  Better yet -- don't check it out.  When I win the film rater's grand prize, I'll be sure to take many pix in NYC and blog about it for you.

I haven't watched too many shorts so far, but I was impressed with two of them. In the drama genre, I thought "Newspaper" was very succinct visually and told its story plainly without even having any sound or dialogue.  [Synopsis: A young boy wants his selfish father to acknowledge him. One morning, he wakes with a plan of action.]

In the comedy genre, I thought "The Price is Right" showed a lot of promise.  It made me laugh. While the last 30 seconds of it was a bit clumsy because it's hard to figure how to end a good comedy skit, the premise and the dialogue in the scenes were great.  [Synopsis: Adam paces left to right in anticipation. His roommates in the background are betting on The Price Is Right. The phone rings. It's an anonymous call for Adam. He is instructed to meet at a street corner where there, he'll receive a package upon saying the password. What was the password?]  So, there are my thumbnail reviews of the two films I gave a five-of-fives excellent rating.

If you are not a film buff, but are a couch potato

I watched the last half of the Emmys tonight.  It reminded me of the Emmy Awards show after 9-11, not only because Ellen DeGeneres was hosting but also because of the somber moments during the show, both scripted and spontaneous. promoted Habitat for Humanity throughout the live broadcast.  They also had an interesting segment about the recent turn-over in U.S. news journalism in which Tom Brockaw and Dan Rather took the stage and talked about their decades of work and about their dead peer Peter Jennings -- who is now transformed into a small Canadian boy yelping out headlines and selling newspapers on a turn-of-the-last-century street corner in the Twilight Zone.

Two of my personal favorites won an Emmy award.  Tony Shalhoub won an emmy award for his quirky comedy portrayal of Monk.  The best drama award for a show went to ABC's "Lost" which is a show that I was hooked on for the first half-dozen episodes, but I have missed watching recently.  Check the web site to see how your favorite actors or shows fared.

In Katrina-related news, I was interested to read this article on the site.  I had no idea that much business -- over $100 million -- was being done in the film/TV industry in Louisiana.  It's an interesting article.  Oh, if you don't want to follow my links, you can do what I do occasionally.  Just type in a web address.  Apparently, is a domain name owned by a nice family in Topanga, CA.  They have some photos of their family online.  Heh.  Cool VW.

More storms on the horizon

I was heartened that the Emmy Awards continually pimped Habitat for Humanity.  Of course, when the show ended, my 11pm local news came on and I had to hear about Hurricane Phillipe and Tropical Storm Rita heading toward our way.  Apparently Phillipe might go north early and cut us all some slack, but Rita is already causing some concern for Florida.

Ahead of the storm, the tourists have been given a mandatory order to evacuate and the Florida Keys are under a state of emergency.  While this is a wise and prudent step for this area because there is only one way out of the Keys, the storm is projected (thus far) to skim the Keys and likely hit somewhere in Mexico, Texas or western Loiusiana sometime next week as a category 3 (or higher) hurricane.

Not to wish ill upon anyone else, but I hope hurricane Rita cuts New Orleans some slack while the recovery and rebuilding efforts continue.  Hurricane Rita will hit somewhere.  Count on that.  At the same time, I remember the jab-jab-punch fight with hurricanes last year, here in Florida, and it was disheartening and stressful for everyone.  You wanted to yell, "give us a break," at the sky during those two months last year.

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Posted at 11:55 pm by John Furie Zacharias


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