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Friday, January 02, 2004
Forehead Logo Branding

Tickle Me IronMike

I just finished watching many hours of one of my favorite shows on TV.  Sci-Fi channel ran a marathon of Star Gate SG-1 episodes tonight.  One of the episodes involved SG-1 frolicking with an amazon-like group of strategically clad women warriors that would have raised wood on any number of worlds.  Check out the Star Gate SG-1 web site to see what some real cash can do for your web site ideas.

Anyway, I happen to notice that these chicks had a different forehead tattoo than SG-1's Jaffa member, Teal'c.  If you watch the show, you know what I mean.  If not, use the link to see Christopher Judge as Teal'c.  I don't know if he could take Iron Mike, but he has an equally conspicuous face marking.

So, all this gave me an idea.  This is the point where most people who know me say, "Uh-oh", or turn off their cell phones.  I think 2004 should usher in an era of Forehead Logo Branding.  Here are some of my examples:

 It's all, like cosmic, MAN!
Dennis Hopper's peace sign
 Prison Bitch Buffet
Martha Stewart's handcuff
 Fab Five Forehead Logo
Carson's Fab Five forehead logo
 Honest, I was just sleeping ...
Michael Jackson's "just sleeping with him"

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Posted at 10:50 pm by John Furie Zacharias

January 3, 2004   05:14 AM PST
you really need to do you can't make this shit up!
J f Z
July 18, 2004   03:47 PM PDT
Wow, honey, it's weird reading your comments and thinking back six months when my leg looked more like a BBQ restaurant entree than anything else.

Also, after the Hypno Toad, staring at Dennis Hopper is troubling. He kind of looks like an anti-Charles-Manson.

But, look how YCMTSU has grown from a phrase to an idea to hopefully a brand of our own, here.

I know you'll probably never read this comment but, if you do, you can remind me:

Not to scream at my monitor so much when this crappy dial-up fails, because a squirrel farted near the crappy phone line, when I'm in the middle of something important, and my desktop explodes in warning pop-ups telling me what I already know and the crappy software does not, and ... never mind, I don't want to start complaining.

Actually, everything is just absolutely craptastic today and I just probably need a nap :)

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