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Sunday, March 13, 2005
Swamp Gas - v. 005

Welcome to Swamp Gas in the Imajica.  Similar to the You Can't Make This Shit Up (YCMTSU) section, Swamp Gas will focus solely on news and items of interest in the sunshine state of Florida.

They say, "All the nuts in America roll downhill to Florida," so let's just see how true that phrase really is.

Click on the Swamp Gas logo for the smelly menu.

Swamp Gas v. 005

 Buddy Dyer mugshot ORLANDO

Suspended Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer said the charges that he and three others violated state law are without merit and are politically motivated.

Dyer, Circuit Judge Alan Apte, Dyer's campaign manager Patti Sharp and campaign consultant Ezzie Thomas are charged with violating a law enacted after Miami's 1998 mayoral election was thrown out because of fraud committed in the collection of absentee ballots. A grand jury indicted them Thursday.


 Tazering Tiny Tim TALLAHASSEE

Two Florida lawmakers want to ban the use of electric shock guns in the state until it can be determined whether they are safe. The shock usually renders someone momentarily senseless, but there have been cases in which people have died.

Proposed legislation would provide $1.5 million for a study.

Another proposed law would ban use of Taser guns on schoolchildren. The action was taken after reports of school security officers using Taser guns on children.



The family of a bedridden nursing home patient who died after being bitten by hundreds of fire ants will get almost $2 million under a settlement with the home's owner. Griffith, 73, had been recuperating from surgery at the Atlantic Shores nursing home for a month when ants swarmed the retired postal worker's bed and bit him in the early hours of July 26, 2001.

A 90-year-old woman who survived a 2002 fire ant attack at a Bradenton nursing home won a $1.2 million verdict last year, but the company that owned the home had gone broke and it was unlikely that she would ever collect.


[Headphones] :: Democrusader - JfZ   NEW

Posted at 12:04 am by John Furie Zacharias

March 14, 2005   10:02 AM PST
Why does Buddy Dyer's picture make me laugh? Is it the expression on his face?
J f Z
March 14, 2005   11:48 AM PST
Mugshots are hilarious, unless it is your own. Then, you make a Buddy Dyer face. Heh.

Did you click through the other names to their mugshots? Poor Ezzie. Poor Patti. Poor Alan. Wait a second ... that judge looks like a minion of Satan!
March 14, 2005   02:45 PM PST
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March 20, 2005   02:04 PM PST
aha. I figured seige was spamming others. nice.

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