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Tuesday, March 01, 2005
Pheatured Phaves

 rip it - hotlink bad
Rip it good.  Hotlink bad.  Right mouse button.  Save picture as.  That's pretty simple, don't you think?  If you like a graphic, or image, or any file enough to display it on your own blog or site, you should like it enough to give it a home by hosting the file on a server you control.  If you don't, I have ways to embarrass you on your own site.  Now that you have the lowdown, here are some grafix I use for my side section favorites -- aka pheatured phaves.

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Posted at 09:48 pm by John Furie Zacharias

March 1, 2005   11:37 AM PST
Ahh... right on top of Gloria... all is right with the world. ;)

Thanks for the nod, J!
J f Z
March 2, 2005   07:55 AM PST
You leg-humpin' horn dog, Sinja! Heh.

Man, I have more blogs to add to either one of my [blogs] lists or make some banner ad for them like the ones above. As we both know, I'm kinda selfish and lazy though ;)
Sinister Ninja
March 3, 2005   09:10 PM PST
Lol. Nah.
March 4, 2005   06:02 PM PST
I inserted your banners into my blog sideboard.
March 4, 2005   07:35 PM PST
Lol, Sinj, J.

And thanks, J. I seem to be in awesome company.
J f Z
March 4, 2005   11:52 PM PST
I made a slightly modified one for 'decomposition', Lyly. I'll email attach it for you.
May 29, 2005   01:00 AM PDT
Heya big guy...thanks for the nod!! Marysville is celebrating with a hot-tub/mambo-til-you-droppo street party. Thursday, there!
October 5, 2005   11:22 AM PDT
hey JfZ. Do you think you could use the alt text "Blogdrive News and Information" on my link? Please? Ya know... so people know what the blog is about.

And people are welcome to hot link to the images on this page:

I've got it all set up with easy "copy and paste" code for their blogs.

Thanks :)
August 2, 2006   07:33 AM PDT
I'm honored! You are much too kind ... I'm logged in at one of those three-Euros-per-half-hour Internet cafes; when I get to my own computer I'm gonna take advantage of your creativity! Awesome ...
October 29, 2007   07:59 AM PDT
I want to be on top of somebody!

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