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Wednesday, February 02, 2005
The Democrusader

 The Democrusader with new U.S. flag

California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, an ambitious actor famous for his roles in the Terminator action movie series, proudly became known as The Governator.  It also has been rumored for years that United States president George W. Bush enjoys nicknaming the people with whom he works and it's fairly apparent to me that Dubya doesn't mind having a nickname given to him.

So I'm giving him one -- The Democrusader.  If you like my new word, please feel free to use it when referring to the president of the United States especially whenever blogging about his foreign policy agenda.  If we all use this new nickname, instead of Dubya, I'm hopeful that it will catch on and we'll have happy exclusivity on Google search results for some time.  It'll be fun.

If you've already read a few entries on Thunderstorms in the Imajica in 2004,  you're already aware that I often like to make my own illustrations in order to make some point.  What you may not know is that sometimes I have the blasted blog entry topic bouncing around within the domed confines of my skull like a kangaroo on a crack cocaine.  During this symptomatic time, I might end up designing and producing the illustration first and humbly hope I can craft the words to properly construct the argument for the topic.  The Democrusader is one of those topics.

What causes this delay and subsequent troubling unrest in the population of hamsters powering the exercise wheels of my gray matter?  The Democrusader image is a controversial visual topic beyond the labels of division in red and blue state America.  It may blaspemously offend insecure Christians.  It may instantly send patriotic Americans into a hypertensive fit and cause them to lash out.  It's a topic felt deeply by most, debated hotly by some, and then denied generally by the ones actually driving the bus in the business of Bushworld.

I'm troubled because after thinking about George W. Bush's inaugural speech heard 'round the world, the usual suspects in the president's critic corner and peanut gallery have expanded domestically to include more conservatives, let alone international fears of hegemony and empire.  No longer is it the exlusive domain for Howard Dean.  No longer are the worrisome predictions over Bushworld just coming from the liberal media elite and their blue state lackeys.

You think about it with me for a minute.  When is the last time you heard about Al Franken, or Michael Moore, or sign-wielding protestors on the mainstream radio and TV broadcast media?  Why not?  Because nothing is really funny about the next four years with no parole in sight.

Sheeple also get really angry when you parody, piss on, or persecute their messiah.  But, before you're tempted to bash in my blasphemous brains with your bible, read a little in Revelations.

The great Roman Empire had its own 911 in 64 A.D. when nearly the entire city of Rome burned to the ground.  The Roman Emperor Nero then began his own War on Terror and rounded up the early Christians.  It is believed that most of the scriptural references in Revelations made about the apocalyspe depict this admittedly gruesome period of persecution.  Some religious scholars consider Nero to be the first anti-christ.

That bit of history got me pondering the big picture.  Assuming the human race survives for another 500 or 1000 years, how will Islamic scholars depict The Democrusader in their religious texts?  What of Abu Gharaib or Guantanamo?  How will the battle in the holy city of Najaf or the bombing of Fallujah be characterized and immortalized for the ages? 

It's enough to make some U.S. citizens start drinking during The Democrusader's upcoming State of the Union address because I'm not the only person that worries the modern day Nero seems to have some weird messianic empire fantasies.  What will The Democrusader say next?

[Headphones] :: Bush and Brando Debate - JfZ

Posted at 07:24 am by John Furie Zacharias

canis lupis
February 2, 2005   04:45 PM PST
As a Christian, I find it troubling how most of the high profiled "christians" have near-deified Bush. Hey, didn't the book of Revelations talk about some dude impressing folks and claiming to be godly yet he is evil incarnate? For the last week or so when I glance in at CBN it seems like Pat is running some kind of telethon (possibly to keep the Repub machine rolling) and I have no idea what that has to do with pure evangelism. There is a reason why Jesus got angry in that temple. I think if He walked the earth today, he would taken a flamethrower to the whole mess.
J f Z thinks aloud
February 3, 2005   04:01 PM PST
Just in case anyone wanted to answer my last rhetorical question, "What will The Democrusader say next?"

[name clicky] The Democrusader's State of the Union speech transcript (via Brandon Starr's blog).
February 3, 2005   07:40 PM PST
Everytime Democrusader says "my fellow Americans" replace it with "Mah fellow 'Murrekans' " and you've got the perfect transcript.
February 3, 2005   08:27 PM PST
lol at lyly -- so true.
February 4, 2005   05:54 PM PST
Ya know.. you're psychotic. Just kidding.
February 4, 2005   10:27 PM PST
*stumbles around drunkenly* Hear hear! *hic*
J f Z
February 5, 2005   06:34 PM PST
Psychotic is threatening Tehran with missile strikes and military engagement when there are so many other diplomatic options available. But, given the Democrusader's lack of common sense, I'm sure something stupid will happen with regard to Iran before any significant number of troops are withdrawn from Iraq.
J f Z thinks aloud
February 7, 2005   01:22 PM PST
An example of conservatives, not just liberals, becoming freaked out from the Democrusader's post-election agenda.

Found via Veterans for Common Sense newsletter today:

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