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Thursday, January 20, 2005
Four More Beers!

I woke up early on Dubya's big day.  It wasn't an intentionally respectful thing for me to do.  I had fallen asleep at my normal pre-dawn racktime with the soothing, monotone sounds of the C-SPAN Book TV programming droning away at my vampiric subconsciousness until someone on the TV started yelling about Bush during some pre-inaugural protest rally that C-SPAN was broadcasting bright-andfriggin-early.

get itThe A.N.S.W.E.R. coalition activists were rallying their sign-wielding troops for their anti-inaugural protest in the crisp Washington D.C. morning air.  I think the Emperor's Secret Service must have confiscated all their pitchforks and torches, but some people crafted some eye-catching slogans on their placards.  Also, I quickly realized that yelling and chanting slogans must be their second best way of staying warm in the 30-degree fahrenheit weather.  At the same time, I was using the absolutely first best way of being miserable on the big, BushWorld second-half kickoff day.  I was rolling over and curling up further into my down-filled comforter and staring at the annoying TV through my one half-opened bloodshot red eyeball.

While I may have been in the mood to hear other people tell me why they individually hate George W. Bush some other time, I wasn't quite in the bright morning mood for people yelling into the C-SPAN podium audio feed microphone and irritatingly out into the living room of my Dark Day of Despair, Dante n Dubya.  I mean, if I wanted to watch American Idol winner Ruben Studdard standing in front of me in a sub-zero Carhart jumpsuit and a flourescent road crew warning vest and trying to elevate my adrenaline level, I would still be a union bricklayer in Detroit.

Many people called it a coronation day, instead of an inauguration day.  I watched the generations of anemic and DNA-challenged Bush family members take their seats as they were announced to the throngs of serf spectators on the west lawn by the man with the WWF voice and a few warning quacks of noise by the official Navy Herald Trumpeteers.

The Bush daughters looked fetching in their own scary way.  I think it was quite appropriate for their father's inauguration sequel for them both to look like dark Reese Witherspoon clones in Legally Blonde 2: Red, White and Blonde.  Ex-presidents Carter and Clinton were also there.  Seeing the Bush girls, I could only think Chelsea Clinton didn't show up with her mom and dad because she's still as horribly homely as she ever was in college.

get itDubya quickly gave Karl Rove's inauguration speech soon after being sworn in for his second term by Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Rehnquist.  While it seemed to be a little early for a Dubya drinking game, Bush's repeated invocations of Rove's words of neocon empire made me wonder how this little girl heard Bush's theme of world liberation planned for the next four years of BushWorld.

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Posted at 11:12 pm by John Furie Zacharias

January 21, 2005   11:54 PM PST
Funny synopsis. Re: the little girl, check out the entry I made this morning (1/21) about the family fired upon at a Tal Afar check point.
January 22, 2005   11:24 AM PST
I got a comment the other day that basicly said, only time will tell if we have done the right thing.. It's that good sheep mentality. All I can say is, I wonder what that person would say if that little girl was their daughter. I hope they wouldn't still say that only time will tell, that girl could tell you very well. I noticed that "Reality" was in the running for President.. wonder what those inaugural parties would have been like... When the announcer was done, did Bush walk out to the NWO theme song?

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