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Wednesday, December 08, 2004
Sexy Blogdrivers

Posted at 08:03 pm by John Furie Zacharias

Sinister Ninja
December 8, 2004   08:17 PM PST
Hey, what about mine? I tell people to blow me all the time.
December 8, 2004   08:30 PM PST
john-you're looking for blogdrive sites only, yes?
J f Z
December 8, 2004   10:14 PM PST
LOL, Sinja. Yeah, I forgot you're a sexy man about blogdrive. Heh. But, I did list lovesick, to which you seem to contribute, so there ya go.
J f Z
December 8, 2004   10:17 PM PST
Lyly, I'd like to keep the hand cream and battery-operated focussed on blogdrive sites, but if you have some good ones to mention, feel free to comment.
December 9, 2004   01:12 AM PST
December 9, 2004   02:48 PM PST
ooo baby! hehe
December 9, 2004   08:51 PM PST
Brandon Starr
December 10, 2004   05:41 PM PST
I've often delved into "Between My Legs," finding great pleasure there.
J f Z
December 11, 2004   03:24 AM PST
Heh. Much digital masturbation available, Brandon. Thanks for commenting about the Jessica MP3. Listening to it puts even me in a good mood, everytime.
Dr. God
December 13, 2004   08:40 PM PST
I feel so special now...or was it sexy? Either way, I have new interesting posts pending.
January 12, 2005   10:31 PM PST
I'm liking the guy I link here.
January 21, 2005   06:15 PM PST
you should add demented dom... (whipping post)

January 21, 2005   06:16 PM PST
and that was ME! who wrote the demented dom thing, I don't know why it said Gloria. that's totally f'ed up.
January 21, 2005   06:30 PM PST
Lol. Oh, it isn't THAT bad being me.

Some of the time.
February 6, 2005   06:14 PM PST
Wow .. didn't realize you had me linked. *smiles* Thanks! *winks* Now I'm going to have to be sure to update more often. hehe
January 14, 2008   11:15 PM PST
Am I seriously only one of few who actually updates now?

I call for a recalculation of sexy bloggers on J f Z's time!

Hear, hear.

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