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Monday, November 29, 2004
Finding God on Blogdrive

 Try not to hook this shot, Jesus

It must be a God thang.  Almost all bloggers talk about their own religious beliefs or the beliefs of the people with whom they interact personally, publicly or in their society.

The truly omnipotent ones at blogdrive main, along with some of their snarkiest minions, put up a new home poll today.  Blogdrivers can vote for their favorite deity right now.  Even if you are your own daddy or don't believe in a daddy, go represent and give holy, pagan, or no props in the new blogdrive main home poll, Who's yer Daddy?

A while ago, I decided to adopt a fictitious and illegitimate daddy to emulate -- radio and TV personality, Don Imus.  I chose him because he's about the right age, he spent his youth drunk and stoned, and he probably wouldn't remember if he had bumped uglies with my mom at some point.  Besides, Howard Stern is too young, too tall, and too friggin' ugly.  While I never met my own mortal daddy and only heard various rumors about his life, blogdrivers talk about their own immortal daddy all the time.

Who are these blogdrivers and who is their daddy?  While this list can not be all inclusive because I lack omnipotence, they are the chosen ones.  Well, I looked at them today, anyway.

Buddhist blogs

Christian blogs

Hindu blogs

Muslim blogs

None/Atheist blogs
brandonstarr elvensarah kamix

Pagan/Other blogs
derangedpaganangel jagged misslefey

Parody blogs
askjesus cruci-fiction

Some people think it is interesting that there are so many different dieties that all of us pathetic little butt monkeys on this spinning ball of mud, called Earth, have from which to choose our own daddy.  Other people think it is totally ridiculous.

One half of the ridiculous camp thinks this way because they have found their own one true God, above all other gods.  The other half of the ridiculous camp doesn't believe in any god, but does believe that the first half of the ridiculous camp should just fight it out amongst themselves on a Who's yer Daddy episode of the Jerry Springer show.

Throw a folding chair, not a hand grenade.  Okay, Sparky?

If you know of a blogdriver that should be listed here, leave a comment.  There are more Christian blogs listed than the other ones simply because English is my primary language.  Likewise, if you don't know who your daddy is, but you think you have an idea of who could be the Anti-Christ, let me know.

[Headphones] :: Allah's Helicopter (beta) - JfZ

Posted at 12:13 pm by John Furie Zacharias

November 30, 2004   01:27 AM PST
Hey the song that you would have been really ideal here would have been "Who's Your Daddy" by Toby Keth. I know that you have it. It was one of the ones that we pulled off of my sisters CD's. But thats ok. Talk to you later.
J f Z
November 30, 2004   02:00 AM PST
My complete dislike for country music surprises and displeases many people, except those people that know me.
Brandon Starr
November 30, 2004   03:33 PM PST
I notice I'm the only one who uses their own name on the blog.

The reason is partly that I don't really think of it as an "atheist" blog. It's just my blog, and I happen to be a rationalist.

Atheist is a weird tag, anyway. It's definition by the negative. "No god" or "lack of god" is the etymology. But that's not really what I'm about. I'm not one of those atheists who is really just a rebelling ex-theist angry about their childhood. I just have, over a long process, realized that religion in all forms is silly and baldfacedly flies in the face of reality.

While I'm always happy to point out religion's flaws, I'm happier to talk about the positive aspects of rationality--the wonders of the human mind, advances in science, technology, and so on.
J f Z
November 30, 2004   04:19 PM PST
I know I tagged you, again, Brandon. Heh. I should edit Athiest to a more Libertarian description of "None of the Above" but then I'd have to reorder all those pesky tables in the html. Thanks for your patience, once again.

I see you understood my 'two camps' references, though. I shouldn't be so snarky, but sometimes I can't help it.
J f Z
November 30, 2004   04:30 PM PST
Okay, I added None/Atheist and moved it. Just for you, Brandon.
November 30, 2004   04:36 PM PST
Thanks for listing me JFZ! I'm honored. Freethinker is frequently used to describe those without cult (religious) ties.
November 30, 2004   05:13 PM PST
Dare I poke my nose in here to just say "howdy" and thanks for the visit. I didn't know the visit was for "research" til I got here though. ;) Come back any time. You're welcome. Very interesting observations for an Imusite. :)
Brandon Starr
November 30, 2004   05:19 PM PST
I actually wasn't asking for a change, despite the somewhat...negative tone of my comment. I was just pointing out a few odd things about the category.

But thanks for your kind consideration.

And sure, I think it's ridiculous that there are so many religions out there, each claiming to be the correct one. Additionally, I think it's just as ridiculous when someone claims, "all religions point to the One Great Truth equally." Boy, there's a stance with no intellectual rigor or courage.
J f Z
November 30, 2004   06:26 PM PST
Well, Brandon, I also had a third look at the home poll page after your initial comment and they had that choice listed as None, too. So, thanks ;)

I don't know why you are the only that uses your real name in this list. It must be a rationalist thang. Heh.

I know that rationalism is not the sole theme of your blog. But, I took some liberties in this list and you have a good blog for people to read.
J f Z
November 30, 2004   06:49 PM PST
Argh! I'm an Imusite! I hope the Omnipotent Ones at blogdrive pick your blog to list on the home poll page, Rita.

It is appropriate and updated. There are a lot of christian blogs for them to chose from, though.
November 30, 2004   07:38 PM PST
Is there a place for "practicing my own private spirituality that may fall under Christianity except I don't believe in organized religion but I respect the teachings of Jesus"? I don't have a spirtually themed blog.
December 1, 2004   12:09 AM PST
Yea I know that you don't like Country. it was just a thought.
December 1, 2004   01:21 AM PST
I've always said... we're yelling the same thing... in different languages. Maybe we should all listen to eachother.
And lyly, the nomad clan is always in exitance... we aren't tax exempt yet, but we're trying... i think, I am... maybe they are too. I don't see them much anymore.
December 1, 2004   01:28 AM PST
And the camp thing... like I said before, needless shroud. It's confidence the people look to, the clothes don't make the man... they just hide his self hatred.
December 2, 2004   12:25 AM PST
Does Angostic fall under None/Atheists?? Actually I consider myself an Agnostic theist some people consider me spirtiual...I never been too concerned about religion in my life, because i never taught it was important to me at least..But living in the Bible Belt u can't help be influenced by it..Religion has always been a touchy subject for me because i felt i can't be expressive of my "own beliefs"...
December 2, 2004   01:35 AM PST
Muchas gracias for the listing, J f Z. I actually have a Mommy (Ixchel the Rainbow Moon Goddess of the Maya), who I listen to more than my Daddy (Shiva, the Destroyer aspect of the Main Hindu God). Eclectic feminist Paganism and all that.

And I didn't know that's what the poll was about. I'll have to go throw my opinion in, because I have ridiculously strong opinions about a lot of things, most of which I know nothing about.

Peace and namaste.
J f Z
December 2, 2004   12:37 PM PST
Hi Myisha! I miss you. I hope things are going well for you. Yeah, I can relate to the Bible Belt thang, here in Florida.

The bible belt around here has one of those shiny, hub cap sized, rodeo cowboy belt buckles on it.
December 5, 2004   06:52 AM PST
Hi there J f Z, thank you for linking my blog. I'm not sure how you came across it, given I didn't "list" it (I don't think I even know how to!).
December 6, 2004   10:42 PM PST
I regret not to give any comment here. (So many others gave already..). I'd like to thank also for JfZ for the list, and as I said, hopefully my blog doesn't sound too odd since I'm still learning English...

For Brandon, my blog uses my real name also... :-))
December 8, 2004   10:09 AM PST
Hi J F Z...thanks for dropping by blog and thanks for listing it too....but i dont really think that my blog can be classified as a hindu,or for that matter, i would'nt really want to be labelled as a hindu tho im born a hindu(im happy being just being a human) own religious beliefs are sourced from traditions which are universal in their ethos and can be classified as both hindu and buddhist like advaita,zen,J Krishnamurthy.

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