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Monday, November 15, 2004
Iraq is no fucking video game

1102 Slacker News Flash
I hate to be the one to tell the 1102 Slackers that were too excited over the release of a new Sims video game during the real-world election of George W. Bush, enabling by their apathy version two of BushWorld, but someone should say something.  Maybe the 1102 Slackers were too overwhelmed by staying awake for thirty-four hours straight playing fucking video games to realize that George Bush released a real world Halo 2 first-person-shooter in Fallujah, Iraq

I've held my tongue, more or less, concerning the Iraq War during the post Dubya re-election honeymoon period and sat back to see where the new emperor planned on spending his political capital.  Other than the obvious timing of Operation Phantom Force occurring after the election, Dubya has stayed the course, pausing only to rearrange some deck chairs in his new administration's cabinet.  Maybe mandatory military service for all U.S. college students, which is the norm in many countries for most of their overseas counterparts, would finally wake these future princes and princesses of the new world the fuck up.  Maybe not.  Half-Life 2 is to be released this week, afterall.

About 100 blog entries ago, in BBSes 2 Blogs, I asked some of you to check out the Jarrar family blogs.  I thought perhaps some first-person accounts of the members of a real family in Iraq might make you think twice before dancing around like a drunken cheerleader on exstacy for our snickering Fratboy-in-chief.  While it may be true that the American mainstream media is trying to rile up both left-and-right-wing explody types at the same time with their post re-election news stories, their coverage of the facts on the ground in Iraq is oftentimes equivalent to trying to prepare a heart-smart menu for Dick Cheney by only watching McDonald's televison commercials.

Rather than -- no, not Dan Rather -- assume everything is all mission accomplished in Fallujah because the news isn't telling me much, I decided to check back on some the websites and blogs related to Iraq.  Afterall, Thunderstorms in the Imajica is nothing more than my own personal verbose bookmark file.  I just let you read it also, occasionally.

Without fail, Raed Jarrar has some current photos and astute commentary.  It's not just that Raed can give you some of his own Iraqi perspective concerning Iraq, he can give you something that all but a very few paid news journalists can give you in Iraq -- the news.

Even if you are an 1102 Slacker who forgot to vote, I know deep-down you really want to be an informed consumer of the infotainment you consume.  Many Iraqi people didn't think it would make much difference for Fallujah who was in charge here, anyway.  It wouldn't have changed the commute for our military personnel serving, either.  Sometimes, I wonder.  Evil Stevie wonders.

[Headphones] :: Evil Stevie Wonders - JfZ

Posted at 11:44 pm by John Furie Zacharias

November 19, 2004   06:51 AM PST
I was wondering if anyone was going to say anything about it.

Personally, I just think everyone's tired and has lost hope. I have. My Prime Minister is supposed to meet with Bush on Saturday but it won't mean anything because he kisses his ass. Maybe one of our other MP's can say something... I hope.
J f Z
November 20, 2004   03:41 AM PST
I was wondering, too. I even put 'fucking' in the title, and everything ;)

Actually, like I said in the entry ... I use thunderstorms like a bookmark file, sometimes. Now, I can go back to this entry and click on the Iraq links in it.

Speakof which, did you happen to check out those last two links? That video footage is pretty intense.
November 20, 2004   02:59 PM PST
Yeah, I did. It's amazing how far technology has come. It's really creepy watching it cuz it feels like you're right there with them.

It feels like you've got blood on your hands, again, right there with them...

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