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Friday, November 12, 2004
Ear Candy in the Imajica Matrix

Welcome to my Ear Candy matrix
BaD Dog Karaoke v1.0
Musician Websites
Streaming Net Radio
Audio File Archives
Community and Scene
Software Applications
Info, How-to and Articles

BaD DoG Karaoke v1.0 CD
My MP3 files posted on Thunderstorms' blog entries via the [headphones].

You can get any of my BDKv1.0 MP3 files absolutely free for some time after the date of the blog entry in which they may appear in the [headphones] link.  If the MP3 file is still available for download, you can simply click on its name.  Due to file server bandwidth limitations, bandwidth theft, or hot-linking, my MP3 files are eventually rotated off the server and the [headphone] links in the blog entry itself will be broken.  However, this list is always updated and current.

You can download, copy, host, distribute or complain about the following files as long you follow the guidelines in Creative Commons license available to you via the icon in the lower left corner of every page of Thunderstorms in the Imajica.

If you want a custom meatspace playable CD with all the BaD DoG Karaoke V1.0 songs on it with which to play very loudly and annoy your neighbors or fellow commuters in your car, contact me.  Currently downloadable MP3 files are highlighted links.  Alternatively, you may also find these MP3s on various P2P nets.

File Size  - MP3 audio file title

4.80 MBs - Allah's Helicopter (beta)
5.82 MBs - Evil Stevie: Activate!
4.35 MBs - Evil Stevie: Wonders *
4.87 MBs - We Can Do Better *
5.13 MBs - Get Off Your Butt *
4.46 MBs - Bush and Brando Debate 
5.35 MBs - Dancing with the Dubya 
6.18 MBs - Hurricane Jeanne is Gone *
7.12 MBs - Psycho Sarah (Conspiracy Theory theme)
3.59 MBs - Jessica: Sanibel Island
4.18 MBs - Jessica: Pleasure Club Mix

* soon to be removed from the server - get them while you can.

Musician websites
[ back to matrix ]

My ever-growing list - some are commercial sites, some are not.
Le Tigre Yves 'evillair' Allaire

Selected Podcasters
[ back to matrix ]

My new passion for individual audio madness.  Coming soon - Grumpy Monkeys.
Watch It Burn
Le Tigre Yves 'evillair' Allaire

Streaming Net Radio
[ back to matrix ]

I decided to list some of my favorites. I live in the middle of nowhere where many important or simply amusing sources of information and entertainment aren't commercially viable or available.  I personally enjoy freedom of expression, unconventional thought, and hearing from voices not always approved by the BushWorld FCC.  Most links are dialup friendly.
Imus in the morning
Real Radio Guide (List)
Song Planet Radio
Mental Discharge
Social Crime
Infidel Guy
Radio Volta

Audio File Archives
[ back to matrix ]

People have often asked me, "Where the hell did you get that audio clip?"  So to help answer that question, I thought some list may be helpful to organize my often schizophrenic surfing and research techniques.

Dimension X Democracy Now! Old TIme Radio

Community and Scene
[ back to matrix ]

There are many communities in your available cyberspace based upon a software application, an activity, or other such thing.  Various discussion forums, fan clubs and sites are listed here.

ACiD Planet
Song Planet
Propellerhead Forums
FL Studio Forum
Winamp Forums

Software Applications
[ back to matrix ]

Here are some utilitarian links to software that you can download.  You need these programs to listen, manipulate, convert, or create Ear Candy online  -- or just locally on the happy magic box at which you are staring, right now, in front of you. 
ACiD and Sound Forge
Real Player
Audio Xtract
Fast Tracker
Winamp player
Virtual Sheet Music
FruityLoop Studio
Reason Studio

Info, How-to and Articles
[ back to matrix ]

Ear Candy related posts on Thunderstorms and other sites.  If I am foolish enough to attempt to explain something audio related, or post Ear Candy related things that might be worth a second look, I will list it here.

Big List of Audio Tutorials
P2P Network XML News


[Headphones] :: Allah's Helicopter (beta) - JfZ

Posted at 02:32 am by John Furie Zacharias

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