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Monday, November 01, 2004
Perpetual Delusion Machine

GOP victimhood myths
History of the Perpetual Delusion Machine

The Perpetual Delusion Machine (PDM) isn't new, but it is improved.  It has been refined, upgraded, and sometimes retrofitted over the last 40 years to become handier and more useful to a modern conservative propagandist making a seven figure consulting fee with the Republican party.

The PDM is now small enough to fit into the flannel shirt pocket of any culturally sensitive billionaire and rugged enough to withstand the impact if it should accidentally fall out of your pocket while operating a chainsaw on your 1500 acre ranch after the photo opportunity has ended and the red lights on the video cameras have long since blinked off.  High-end models of the PDM are increasingly becoming more affordable.  Even a first-time GOP congressional candidate running a low-budget virgin campaign for House of Representatives can now afford to purchase a good PDM.

Original and prototype models of the Perpetual Delusion Machine -- created with the inefficiency that only the Defense Department can fully master -- were bulky, slow, and only available through federal procurement.  Advances in technology, mass communications, and miniaturization have improved the original PDM.

Starting with Richard Nixon's improved foreign relations with China in the 1970s, the PDM first underwent significant cost-benefit improvements that the Pacific Rim could offer.  Japanese technological innovations in the PDM could be cheaply mass-produced in Hong Kong manufacturing facilities.  In the following decade, the Asian supply of quality PDMs dried up about the same time that slippery vomit was drying up on the Japanese Prime Minister's lap, courtesy of the original President Bush.

Free trade agreements being all the rage on nearly every private golf course available to corporate executives and the politicians that caddy for them, the Perpetual Delusion Machine was soon made for dimes on the dollar in Mexico.  It easily flooded the marketplace of ideas as fast as you could fire and deport your European nanny and then not only hire a new nanny, but also a landscaper, a personal assistant and a pretty little Mexican maid simply by learning a few new phrases in Spanish.  Por favor, de nada, and Viva Bush being among the most useful.

How does the Perpetual Delusion Machine work?

If you are a politician craving conservative voters in your precinct or state, the PDM is very simple to understand, but you must operate your PDM with the time-tested psychological settings.  The most important thing to remember when operating your own PDM is that no matter what your specific political goals are, conservative voters are willing and perpetual victims of the nebulous boogeyman they commonly call the liberal elite.  The main thing is that you want to create the angry, oppressed backlash.  Here's part of the PDM owners manual:
The Great Backlash has made the laissez-faire revival possible, but this does not mean that it speaks to us in the manner of the capitalists of old, invoking the divine right of money or demanding that the lowly learn their place in the great chain of being. On the contrary: The backlash imagines itself as a foe of the elite, as the voice of the unfairly persecuted, as a righteous protest of the people on history's receiving end. That its champions today control all three branches of government matters not a whit. That its greatest beneficiaries are the wealthiest people on the planet does not give it pause.

In fact, backlash leaders systematically downplay the politics of economics. The movement's basic premise is that culture outweighs economics as a matter of public concern - that Values Matter Most, as one backlash book title has it. On those grounds it rallies citizens who would once have been reliable partisans of the New Deal to the standard of conservatism. Old-fashioned values may count when conservatives appear on the stump, but once conservatives are in office the only old-fashioned situation they care to revive is the regimen of low wages and lax regulations. Over the last three decades they have smashed the welfare state, reduced the tax burden on corporations and the wealthy, and generally facilitated the country's return to a nineteenth-century pattern of wealth distribution. Thus the primary contradiction of the backlash: It is a working-class movement that has done incalculable, historic harm to working-class people.

The leaders of the backlash may talk Christ, but they walk corporate. Values may "matter most" to voters, but they always take a back seat to the needs of money once the elections are won. This is a basic earmark of the phenomenon, absolutely consistent across its decades-long history. Abortion is never halted. Affirmative action is never abolished. The culture industry is never forced to clean up its act. Even the greatest culture-warrior of them all, Ronald Reagan, was a notorious cop-out once it came time to deliver.

One might expect this reality to vex the movement's true believers. Their grandstanding leaders never produce, their fury mounts and mounts, and nevertheless they turn out every two years to return their right-wing heroes to office for a second, a third, a twentieth try. The trick never ages, the illusion never wears off. Vote to stop abortion; receive a rollback in capital-gains taxes. Vote to make our country strong again; receive deindustrialization. Vote to screw those politically correct college professors; receive electricity deregulation. Vote to get government off our backs; receive conglomeration and monopoly everywhere from media to meatpacking. Vote to stand tall against terrorists; receive Social Security privatization efforts. Vote to strike a blow against elitism; receive a social order in which wealth is more concentrated than ever before in our lifetimes, in which workers have been stripped of power and CEOs are rewarded in a manner beyond imagining.

The Perpetual Delusion Machine now has a Patriotism retrofit available.

"The people can always be brought to do the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism."

--Nazi leader Hermann Goering

[Headphones] :: We Can Do Better - JfZ

Posted at 09:00 am by John Furie Zacharias

November 2, 2004   10:13 AM PST
My opinion : Bush is a liar and because of this a lot of people have been, are being, and will be killed with no mercy or justification, on both sides of a personal conflict between many old family friends. I'm not american and therefore can't cast my vote but rather as a citizen of this planet can only sit back and react to the outcome of this important election.
For a country whose outward message is that of democracy and freedom your voter turnout is sad at best and your leaders appear as a bunch of schoolyard name-callers skirting the real issues while you all lose your jobs, your freedom of religion, your freedom of speech, your freedom of uninhibited travel and your freedom of expression. Its time to hit the reset button, folks. With all of the observations listed above I can only conclude that terrorism has already won the battle and the next battleground needs to be far more diplomatic and to do so your people need to learn how to communicate sooner and shoot guns later.
As stated, this is just my opinion based on my observations of the past few years. It should make little difference at the end of today when the votes are counted. What will make a difference is you going out to the polls and making your voice heard officially.
You have the power to literally change the world. GO DO IT!!!!!!
Static Brain
April 30, 2005   10:58 AM PDT
Bush thinks he talks to God too. The psycho has really lost it now claiming to be a prophet or a visionary. Click my name to read more about our new false prophet. Somewhere in Texas a village is missing their idiot.

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