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Tuesday, October 26, 2004
Black Voters in Florida Caged

Just shut up and shoot
I was sitting there with RNC chairman Ed Gillispie after eating a dinner that he kindly put on his Bush Cheney 2004 American Express Gold Card, picking the remnants of the filet mignon I had just eaten out of my teeth, when I asked him how he planned to win in the battleground state of Florida and get its 27 electoral votes.

"That's going to be easy," he said as he sipped on his Jack Daniels.

"But 2000 was a nail biter and you had Jeb ..." I started to interject.

"We got it covered.  Don't worry.  We have a bigger budget," he said as he unconsciously twirled the AMEX card around in his fingers.  He continued, "We have sophisticated demographic databases, paid and volunteer action teams, and we know who to target."

He finished his drink off and swirled the ice around in his glass as he said, "You see, unlike the big cities on either coast where I couldn't pay the bravest Bush supporter to go in and disrupt a polling place in an inner city ghetto, Florida is a totally different scenario.  Sure, it might get messy.  People expect that.  But, we've been working on this for some time and we do still have Jeb."

"What about that journalist, Greg Palast, and that so-called Caging List story?" I asked.

"You know, it's funny," he chuckled, "Voters in the U.S. aren't likely to hear about that anyway."

He continued, "People in the U.S. think everyone in the United Kingdom is on-board with the president 100 percent.  Tony Blair tells them so.  When he speaks, it gets played on the news.  Hell, when a couple hundred Scots go to Iraq, we run stories about their 250 year old fighting tradition."

"You mean, like the Don't Forget About Poland thing?" I asked.

"Yeah, but even betterWe've blocked the Bush-Cheney web site from those pesky, dentally-challenged Brits and we've got Bush supporters in the middle of our country thanking Jesus that the Highlander is on our side in Iraq, now".

Brandon Starr

I've been reading Brandon Starr's top ten non-policy reasons not to vote for George W. Bush.

Reason #10: Bush is lazy.
Reason #9:  Bush is careless with his words.
Reason #8:  Bush is super-secretive, to a dangerous level.
Reason #7:  Bush is incapable of changing his mind.

[Headphones] :: Bush and Brando debate - JfZ

Posted at 02:19 pm by John Furie Zacharias

October 29, 2004   04:12 AM PDT
hey, did you hear about that republican guy who threw out a bunch of voter registrations?

i wish i could give you a link or something. unfortunately that source has come from word-of-mouth.
October 29, 2004   05:13 PM PDT
Hey have you heard about all the crap the Democrats are pulling? Of course you haven't...all the media you trust is in their pocket so it'll never get out from "trustworthy" sources. Although if we were to expand our listening, reading and watching sources to more than CNN, Air America and the local newspaper we might be exposed to the truth and everyone knows that "we can't handle the truth!" so I suppose we shall just have to stay in our sheltered little world where Bush is the bad guy and the terrorists are just misunderstood folks trying to fight for what they believe in. (then again, I refuse to be spoon fed by the media but feel free to do so if you prefer but don't come crying to me when your "reality" comes crashing down around you)
J f Z
October 30, 2004   09:08 AM PDT
Heh. Good point, Duke. I prefer to get my news from the paid screaming monkey boys of Roger Ailes on FOX. (not)

Actually, I prefer my news source to have an adversarial relationship with the government. It wouldn't matter who that source is. When John Kerry gets elected, FOX news might actually have to do some digging to get their news rather than be spoon fed the stories that the Bush Administration wants discussed by the Monday morning water coolers.

When John Kerry gets elected, I'll start questioning the veracity of the liberal network media. I'm sure a Kerry Administration will have plenty of attention from the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy to make the news interesting, nonetheless.

So far, the VRWC news has only given me disgruntled and senile swifties that whine about shit older than the average age of Kerry supporter. I can go the nursing home and hear old vets bitch about LBJ. That's not much to go on.

Bush, on the other hand is like the idiot son of mob family. A journalist can find real corruption there and I can make fun of the Rainman-in-chief. So, that's nice.
October 30, 2004   03:20 PM PDT
I don't even watch CNN. I hate to admit this, but I watch FOX more than I watch CNN.

But if you're looking for some links, here's a couple:

I even did it without using CNN or even CBS, for that matter. I found a lot more than that but those were in the top of my search.

I agree with JfZ, when Kerry gets into office I'll be questioning his administration's actions as well. Which won't be hard to do because I can just turn on FOX News and I'll hear everything I need.
November 1, 2004   04:25 PM PST
I wasn't implying that YOU do. That would simply be something I dug out of my irrevocably sarcastic mind. I was merely pointing out the small fact that MOST people are like sheep or cattle...they unquestioningly follow the "leader" (aka the news media) and never really look to see where they're going (if you get my meaning).

Sarcasm...The bringer or tears, anger, confusion and laughter all at once...I love it! heh
November 1, 2004   06:47 PM PST
That was supposed to be "bringer OF tears" not "or" ...doh!

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