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Tuesday, September 28, 2004
5th big wind to make landfall in Florida

click here to visit U. Miami debate web site
I hope you can appreciate the friggin' irony of the first presidential debate for the 2004 election is going to be hosted by the University of Miami, whose sports team name is the Hurricanes.

I'm still cleaning up the mess from the last evil winds to hit us and now we have more swirling hot air about to make landfall in Miami.  Like the other four in recent weeks, this wind will blow through the rest of the country in the coming days, too.

Media coverage of the debate itself and then the subsequent soundbyte fallout is likely to be heavy with such a close political race for the top job.  ABC news thinks that foreign policy will be the key issue.

If you don't think four more years of Bush World will simply inspire war-mongering neocons, here's a telling quote concerning foreign policy in the first debate by Bush strategist, Karl Rove, "There's an opportunity for him to ... talk about his vision for the war on terror, describe the way forward in Iraq and, more broadly, in expanding freedom and liberty throughout the greater Mideast."

Hearing things like that from a bloated chicken hawk neocon, like Karl Rove, pisses me off.  Excuse me, Mr. Rove, where exactly in the constitution of the United States does it say that we should wreck our economy, export jobs overseas, burden our grandchildren with trillions of dollars of debt, and engage in nation building anywhere in the Middle East, or the world, at the expense of our own welfare?

I'm fairly interested in the presidential debates.  However, polls show that only about 25% of likely voters will consider the candidates' performances during the debates as something that would affect their voting preference in November.

I'm trying my best not to be too cynical about the debates themselves, but it's not easy.  Given the fact that the debates are so structured, and manipulated, and produced, I'm not looking forward to much more out of the debates than both candidates trying to stay 'on message'.  I fear it will simply turn out to be nothing more than a 90 minute political informercial -- just a longer version of the same stupid propaganda that we hear from both candidates over and over and over and over again in 30 second political advertisements already airing on televison.

Comedians and political pundits will be watching the debates.  They will likely be poised in front of the television, pen in hand, ready to scribble down any infamous quotes, zingers, or blunders by either candidate.  Since we may not get any substance from the debates, perhaps a few good sound bytes is the best thing for which we should hope.

Speaking of sound bytes, I made another MP3 for you to download (5.1 mb).  It's a techno/industrial dance groove called Dancing with the Dubya.  It can be your presidential debate theme song.

Blog the Vote!

[Headphones] :: Dancing with the Dubya - JfZ

Posted at 04:11 am by John Furie Zacharias


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