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Monday, September 27, 2004
Hurricane Jeanne is gone

  Four tricky hurricanes -- No treat
Hurricane Jeanne is gone.  The fourth tricky hurricane was no friggin' treat.  I know you'll be relieved to know I found my green plastic halloween jack-o-lantern that was previously MIA.  I hung him back up on the the 20-foot horizontal tree-half left from hurricane Frances.  I put the jack-o-lantern on the branch as a safety warning to hopefully help some distracted person from walking into the trunk that hangs down about head height, like a broken letter Y now.  After hurricane Frances, I used my HFD machete to remove all the branches with any leaves on them.  Even though I was worried about Ivan at the time, it was hurricane Jeanne's winds that removed the top of the tree on the other side of the house.  I was worried that this horizontal branch would have crashed into the house had it still been full of leaves, if the strong winds were able to take hold of it.  As it turned out, the other tree bit it.  Only the jack-o-lantern went airborne.

I went around the neighborhood and took a few digital pix for your gawking pleasure.  Below are my web-litter style thumbnails.  Unlike normal thumbnails which are typically miniature versions of the larger image, such as your operating system may automatically generate, I like to manually make my own thumbnails once in a while.

I do it just to torture you for my own amusement.  Next time you're sitting on the toilet, doing your business, and reaching for the toilet paper only to find the roll is empty, you'll be thinking of me.  Close one eye, and put the empty cardboard toilet paper tube up to your other eye.  Look around the bathroom, like a pirate looking through a spy glass, for that fresh roll of toilet paper.  That's how I like to make my image thumbnails.  I'm just a dumb-ass bricklayer, but I'm sure there's a graphics design teacher somewhere that calls them spy-glass or tunnel-vision thumbnails, or something official.

The mouse-over text should tell the story.  Click on it to view the entire photo.
Battered but not beaten My Emergency Response Vehicle Pushing tin
Three men and a chainsaw Your hanging plants are still fine Unwanted Houseplant
Home wasn't quite mobile enough Root of the problem Metering out some karma

Since our power got turned on so quickly, I spent the evening in the studio and made a happy-happy MP3 for you to download (5.89 mb).  It's got some over-powered and over-amped guitar.  So, if you like the sound of an electric guitar, you might like this MP3.  Just click on the link below.  You know the drill.  Feel free to add some gnarly lyrics and let me hear it.

[Headphones] :: Hurricane Jeanne is Gone - JfZ

Posted at 11:21 pm by John Furie Zacharias

September 28, 2004   06:56 PM PDT
Ya know, you really need to stop calling yourself a dumbass bricklayer, you are MUCH smarter than you allow yourself to believe (or at least express).
September 28, 2004   07:01 PM PDT
Oh yea, groovy song man...Stewie rocks! heh
October 12, 2004   04:43 PM PDT
I love your jack-o-lantern, now hang some sheets from the tree for ghosts, and you're all set for the Halloween Season! :-D

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