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Monday, September 13, 2004
Conspiracy Theory in the Imajica - Submissions

Conspiracy Theory in the Imajica

Conspiracy Theory in the Imajica Menu
[ Intro ]   [ Contents ]   [ Submit Your Theory ]   [ Resource List ]

This is where you can write up your own conspiracy theory and have it published.

If you have not already done so, please read the Intro section to get an idea of what Conspiracy Theory in the Imajica is all about.  Also read the Contents section to make sure your conspiracy theory has not been previously been published by someone else.

Even if someone has published an entry on a conspiracy theory that interests you, you can still submit a write up and it will be published -- if it adds to the discussion in some substantial way.  If you simply have some small point to make, just use the comment function.

The main reason I've set up a method for your conspiracy theory submissions is to allow you to more easily write something substantial about the given topic and utilize HTML for links to reference material on the web, such as other pages or images.

Here are the guidelines, format and some helpful hints for your submission:

Read the Intro and Contents sections before submitting anything.

Know the difference between a submission and a suggestion.  A submission is a fully coherent example of your own writing.  Think of it as you writing a magazine article.  On the other hand, your suggestion for a conspiracy theory should be entered in the comments section.

Your submission can be any length, but magazine article length is preferred.

Your submission is an email message.  Submit straight-ascii (unformatted) text.

If you are not experienced in HTML, include footnoted hyperlinks to web sites or images in your text.  Here is an example:

In a White House press release(*1), George Bush said, "blah blah blah" but a recent Defense Department report(*2) contradicts Bush's assertion. This picture(*3) proves it.

Submitted by: your name(*4)

1. http://some WH link
2. http://some DoD link
3. http://your image URL
4. mailto:// your email address

If you wish to include images, you must host them yourself.  Photobucket is free, use it.

Use a spell checker on your submission. I won't publish it if I can't read it.

In your submission email message, indicate the name you want published with the submission.  It can be your real name or a pseudonym.  Include a valid email contact address for the "Submitted by" if it you want it to be different than the one you use to submit the conspiracy theory. There are a thousand free webmail hosts, use one.

Your conspiracy theory can be about anything or anyone.  The reason for an email contact is to give you credit or blame for your own words.

I reserve the right to edit your submission to format it for publication using the blogdrive software and to actually publish your submission at my convenience.  Further, I reserve the right not to publish anything you submit and to completely ignore you.  That's just the way it is.

However, it is more likely that I will publish whatever paranoid delusions and neurotic ramblings you submit.  Do some digging, investigate, and adjust your tinfoil hat.

If you have finishing reading everything you need to read and still think you have the skillz to submit a conspiracy theory for publication, send it to:

Send me nude pix of your fish

[ Intro ]   [ Contents ]   [ Submit Your Theory ]   [ Resource List ]

Have a suggestion for a Conspiracy Theory?  Use the comment function.


[Headphones] :: Psycho Sarah - JfZ

Posted at 04:11 am by John Furie Zacharias

September 21, 2004   02:32 AM PDT
Well this should be fun but I'd like to add that perhaps people should take any and all conspiracy theories with a grain of salt and not personally regardless of the content. And yes, I'll keep this in mind myself as theories get posted.
J f Z
September 21, 2004   06:25 AM PDT
Well, of course, yes. That's why I wrote that caveat into the introduction concerning 'controversy'.

I figured if you, tazz, and toulon wanted to explain how Michael Moore or Hillary Clinton was actually behind Dan Rather's memo-gate screw up that O'Reilly and Hannity are masturbating over every night, then this section would be the best place for that. Heh.

I told you I was thinking about you guys when I was offline on hurricane hiatus ...

September 21, 2004   11:49 AM PDT
As reported on the CBS evening news last night and yahoo news yesterday morning: whopping cough, rickets and TB are making a comeback. Cyclic childhood illnesses or germ warfare? Poor Dan Rather... he sure didn't look like he wanted to apologize last night.....
December 13, 2004   08:01 AM PST
Conspiracy Theory: Mass control spraying

The higher powers are using chemicals to suppress the the masses into a sluggish or heightened mind set only good for 9-5 work.

Do you ever feel sluggish, tired and everything around is misty and dark. A number of people will say on a given day that the atmosphere was terrible or that the evening was heightened by a feeling of anxiety, ill feeling and darkness.

Certain planes carry the agent gas P-154 (a mild form of LSD - this creates a dark illusion in the form a bad trip. This can also give a sense of heightened awareness in some cases. That is why great deal of people all a once can have insomniacs experiences, in certain cases the gas may cause the turn subject to turn inward or have psychotic episodes).

The agent spraying is selective in different towns and cities separate tests on certain days and months of the year. The tests start in the early evening about 5.00 - the chemical is absorbed through the skin. Spraying, it keeps a number of the population in certainly around the weekend.
April 13, 2005   03:41 PM PDT
I have a theory about the current nonsense about democracy in Iraq, it will appear in full on my blog - it os called "Occupational Democracy." Of course, there is no democracy going on Iraq, just voting means squat - without all the other trappings of democracy, voting means nothing.

What we are doing with elections is giving rise to an appearance of democracy to placate the Iraqis. The body that is elected gets them bogged down in minor issues, and personal wishes. It is meant (occupational democracy) to keep the people of Iraq busy, while the elite (US & Co.) steals what it choses from the nation.

It is the same in Israel - the Palestinian Authority was put in place to placate the Palestinians, as the Israelis took more land and whatever resources it wanted.

In fact, the Israelis learned it from the American form of government. Which sets up little layers of government for the general population - local government, county, state, etc. While the elite steal us blind for all we are worth.

The Americans learned it from the Brittish, and so on. People continuously fall into the same traps over and over again, because they never learn from history.

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