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Friday, September 10, 2004
Hurricane(s) in the Imajica

Happy happy tree on house
If you have visited Thunderstorms in the Imajica in the last several weeks, you know that we've actually been dealing with Hurricanes in the Imajica.  You can go back to Friday the 13th (of August) and see what hurricane Charley did in Florida.  While Charley created some pretty rough weather around here, like spawning happy-happy tornadoes, we actually dodged the bullet with its storm track making landfall at Punta Gorda and then cutting through Florida south of us.  Since the eye wall of Charley didn't hit our area, the direction of its storm track kept us on Charley's good side.

Relatively speaking, the good side of a hurricane in Florida is typically the western in-flow area of the storm because of its counter-clockwise rotation.  The northern and eastern areas surrounding a hurricane are the outflow region where powerful bands of squalls, thunderstorms and tornadoes continually frolick.  While the wind speed of the eyewall of a hurricane is not a fast a typical tornado, it can be just as destructive.  A tornado will be created and then lose its destructive power in minutes while hurricanes, obviously, continue their destruction for many days.  The sustained winds from any category of hurricane can be very devasting.

Just weeks later, hurricane Frances was said to be the "size of Texas".  Its storm track made landfall on the Atlantic coast of Florida and sliced across the peninsula in the opposite direction as Charley.  Its agonizingly slow forward speed created more anxiety for those people already trying to recover from Charley and also made it dump a lot more rain on everyone from here to Canada.  When I'm able to do so, I'll tell you all about our hurricane Frances fun. I have some pix. I'll likely backfill those dates in the blog when I can. Until then: we evacuated, half a tree clipped the house but we're fine.

Somehow, my modem fried sometime on September 1st.  Today is the 10th.  While we don't have potable water post-Frances yet, we did get the electrical service back on the other day and our local (phone) land line works.  Unfortunately, until we get another modem, there's nothing I can do here on Thunderstorms.  I'm hoping to be able to post this quick text entry from a neighbor's house.
Huge old oak smashed by Frances

One reason for posting something here is to let anyone concerned that we're okay after hurricane Frances. Another reason, unfortunately, is to say that we may get hit by hurricane Ivan in a few days.  I'm still working to get the tree off of the house.  Depending upon Ivan's storm track and strength when it comes through our area and the damage it causes, I honestly can't make any predictions as to the next time I'll be able to publish another blog entry here on Thunderstorms.

However, you should know by now that my sincere hatred for everyone and everything will motivate me to get back online as soon as possible -- so I can once again irritate, offend, and anger people on a regular basis.

Posted at 09:24 pm by John Furie Zacharias

September 10, 2004   11:35 PM PDT
Well my friend, as annoying as you can be I do love you (both) and am very glad to know that you have survived the latest onslaught and will be praying that you make it through Ivan unharmed and still with a roof over your head (and walls all around of course...heh). Fortunately for us in Michigan the weather spawned by these hurricanes has been to our east and it's been relatively calm here.

Hope to see you up and running again soon so we can trade quips as is our tradition. :)
September 11, 2004   10:58 PM PDT
Brace for Ivan. <yikes>

I was talking with my wife today, she said that she was watching some show with the scientists from NOAA and the Hurricane Center. They predict that Florida will be hit with Hurricanes ever couple of weeks durring this time of the year for the next 10 years.

You still have that property up here in Michigan, no hurricanes here, and no tornadoes to really speak of (at least not in FH). Now -may- be a good time to move, but it's just a thought.

None the less, I pray for you guys down there. I hope that you don't get hit like Grenada (et. al.) did.

Mel is due to be up here soon. I'll have to ask her if she's still so gung-ho about living down there where the weather, as she claimed, is SO much nicer down there than it is up here. <heh>

Anyhow, take care and may God Bless you!

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