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Sunday, August 29, 2004
RNC@NYC: United March

saying NO
In the 2000 election, a whopping 82 percent of New York City voters said NO to George W. Bush.  It should be no surprise then that a few years after an election tainted by high jinx in the state governed by Dubya's brother, Jeb, some New Yorkers may want to take the opportunity of the Republican National Convention in their own city to once again express their politically negative opinion of the man trying desperately to get another four years at the top job.

So, there's the conundrum.  How does NYC protect the despised emperor from his own peasants?  In a striking and surreal similarity to the reason hundreds of thousands of protestors marched in NYC today -- Iraq -- Mayor Bloomberg has provided the RNC with a corporate and civilian equivalent of a Baghdad Green Zone.

Stephen Wisnia described the Madison Square Garden Green Zone in a post to
The streets around Madison Square Garden are lined with concrete barricades, thigh-high highway dividers with dark metal grilles bolted onto the top. The air is sticky, polluted, miasmic, the most uncomfortable summer weather New York has to offer. Half the street is blocked by the barricades, forming an alley guarded by police. The Garden area looks like an outer-space military base, a mix of high-tech satellite-broadcast gear and white concrete bunker. The sophistication of multigigahertz graphics processing units and the crude brutality of clubs and guns. Well, if Mayor Bloomberg wants to bring George Bush into a city where three-fourths of the people can't stand him, they've got to put him in a fortress. The normal upscale cocoon of midtown Manhattan isn't enough.
Bringing the Green Zone to NYC
Nonetheless, several hundred thousand United For Peace and Justice protestors marched along their permitted route, past the MSG Green Zone, and patriotically expressed their opposition to George W. Bush.  Despite corporate media, like Fox News, trying to equate marchers with anarchists to marginalize their message of opposition to Bush World policies and create an expectation of violence, the march was peaceful and effective.


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Posted at 08:09 pm by John Furie Zacharias

Brandon Starr
August 29, 2004   09:35 PM PDT
I appreciate the fact that despite the massive size of the protests, they are peaceful. Remakable.
John Furie Zacharias
August 31, 2004   04:30 AM PDT
Yeah, whether there were 100K or 500K people marching, I think there were fewer arrests Sunday than when only several thousand rode their bikes in the Critical Mass ride Friday evening.

I read somewhere (too lazy to cite it) that the NYC police commisioner said he was thankful the marchers kept their word, remained peaceful and stayed on their permitted route.

I haven't had the time to follow up today (monday/now tuesday) but I'm debating how to blog about the RNC now that it's started. Most of the media is focussed on the speakers, and less reporting is focussed on the protests.

I think the media will likely end up talking about each other (or themselves) like they did at the DNC in Boston.

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