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Friday, August 27, 2004
RNC@NYC: Naked Truth

Get some effin' Gear by JfZ
Here at Thunderstorms, I strive to bring you the news and information that you're not likely (or never) going to see, hear, or read completely on Bush World FCC-approved news media outlets.

While I do read news reported by FOX, CNN, MSNBC and many large city newspapers, I also like to get reports from newspapers outside of the United States to see how they are reporting on the same stories.  I also look to independent media outlets and press releases from the groups that are actually doing the things about which the corporate-sponsored media reports.

The things that interest me aren't always political, but when they are, it should be obvious from my T-shirt (shown) what my own bias is going to be.

You see, if all you ever do is watch Bush World FCC-approved broadcast and cable news, your view of the world is going to be very much like the one in the Matrix movies.  Oh, but don't worry.  You'll be happy and content, or afraid and worried, depending upon how they want you to feel that week.  Watch their news and buy their stuff.  It's really not that difficult to figure out.  There's nothing exactly wrong about watching your evening news just so you understand that the person talking to you on the television should be believed about as much as the used-car salesman that shows up in the commercial during the television news broadcast.  If you don't, then you're just a mindless consumer -- which is what other people would prefer you to be.  But, if you're like me, you prefer to free your mind.

Concerning the upcoming Bush World love fest in NYC, I thought I might also provide some details and context beyond the blurbs you might hear about in the news.  You can check out the dynamic RNC Watch XML news feed for items of interest.  I guess I get to start out with the naked truth.

With the words "Stop AIDS" and "Drop the Debt" painted on their backs, eleven activists led by Act-Up New York, laid their naked bodies on the line in front of Madison Square Garden at noon today. Marching into the street at Eigth Avenue and 33rd Street, the activists filed in line, took off their clothes and began to chant, "George Bush, drop the debt!"

Exposing the Bush administration's dangerous policies that ignore the AIDS pandemic, the ACT UP activists were countering the spin the White House is spewing about the administration's AIDS record in order to attract swing voters. "When it comes to Bush's record on global AIDS, he's an emperor that has no clothes, " said Asia Russell of ACT UP. "He's exploiting the greatest public health threat of our generation in order to get moderate voters and faith based organizations.

Bush refused to support a proposal from June's G-7 summit in Georgia requesting the complete cancellation of Third World debt. ACT UP said that poor countries spend billions of dollars annually to pay undying interest on their international debts, which are funds that should be used for social services, including money needed for AIDS treatment and prevention programs.

By espousing a "record" that says the Bush administration is contributing to the global fight against AIDS, Russel said, "The Bush administration is giving us nothing but lies and empty rhetoric." The activists stayed in the streets for about ten minutes while a banner unfurled behind them reading, "Stop AIDS, Drop the Debt." Another banner was hung on a nearby trailer. Police then cleared the media-clogged area and arrested the activists.

Legal support for the protest said the arrestees were charged with indecent exposure, public lewdness and disorderly conduct. They were expected to be released today with tickets ordering them to appear in court at a later date.

Critical Mass bike ride

The TIME'S UP! environmental group has a long history of promoting a positive message about our environment and non-polluting transportation. The 2004 Republican National Convention (RNC) in New York City represents a great opportunity to express this message to our elected representatives and the national audience that will watch the Republicans nominate George Bush for another four years in office. TIME'S UP! is planning a full week of events to coincide with the RNC, starting on Friday, August 27th, with a scheduled Critical Mass Ride.

Check out Rooftop Films

Maybe one film festival can't change the world, but on the last Friday before the Republican National Convention, Rooftop Films is going to try, showing new short films by filmmakers who don't want four more years of disgraceful leadership and can't stand to be represented by an administration that only dissembles and destroys.  These filmmakers don't just wear their partisan hearts on their sleeves—they throw those very hearts at the screen. Read more about the films being shown for the Friday, August 27th festival, Misunderestimated.

Blog the Vote!

Posted at 05:35 am by John Furie Zacharias

October 29, 2010   12:17 PM PDT
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