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Thursday, August 26, 2004
P2P News and Forums

Fighting Bush World
Hackers, Slackers and Bloggers aren't the first group of people you think would care what some international conglomerates, their paid governmental talking heads (Orrin Hatch, et al) or their greedy legal sharks (RIAA) are doing.  Times have changed.

When the RIAA can legally sue you and me in federal court anywhere in the United States for 'illegally distributing copyrighted material' (and they continue to sue) just because you thought it would be cool to make me listen to the latest Brittney Spears MP3 audio nightmare while I read how typically boring your day was on your blog, it's time to get off of your digital fat ass and pay attention.

I'm not going to say anything more than that.  If you use peer-to-peer software to efficiently search for and exchange information stored on other users' computers on the net, you know who you are.  You are a cluless fool if you think 'they' will never sue 'you'.

Here is a handy list of P2P News and Forum sites who have their own style and favored platform, software, or issue concerning P2P Networks.

P2P Forums
Nap Junk
MV Group
Integrity P2P
Respect P2P
Misinformation is a Crime
The Big Hack
Slyck News Feed

Please feel free to comment on this topic.  If you have some additional information, let us know.  Remember that if you wish to comment on news items, be sure to include the static URL of the particular news story in your comment, as the news links above come via a dynamic XML news feed.

Posted at 03:20 am by John Furie Zacharias

August 27, 2004   05:31 AM PDT
I just still can't believe that people still use P2P software. It's quite shocking what people do. A lot of them have no clue about laws, nor do that have any clue about the internet (less than I, which is saying something).

I hope that your problem with that family has been sorted. Some people are so stuffed up. They really have no clue.
J f Z
August 27, 2004   05:47 AM PDT
Thanks, Nysh. Actually, most were quite respectful -- and those people whether they realize it or not helped me 'hold my tongue' and remain respectful toward the few that were not.

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