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Sunday, July 25, 2004
TAG board - one foot in the archive

Everyone!  Into the pool!!
So ... why?  Well, I go through the TAG board periodically (or when asked) and delete entries.  Mainly, I delete your entries because it reloads the page periodically or when you add a new tag.  When it gets too large, it takes up bandwidth loading constantly.  My general rule was this: if you put an annoying little smilie emoticon on the TAG, that entry was the first to go when I cleaned house.

The second rule: if the entry was older.  But, the second rule bummed me out because I hate to throw away memories.  So, some entries were deemed to be classics and had to be preserved (like Hygelic reading my blog in the bathroom on his cell phone).

Then, the first and second rules unfortunately clashed when it came to old school phreeks who might put an ascii emoticon at the end of their sentence, like Skennedy (et al).  These people were violating my first unstated rule through no fault of their own, and, because the programmers of the TAG board must have thought to themselves, "how handy-fucking-dandy would it be if we just translated every ascii emoticon to a different happy little yellow face?"  So, they dropped another few hits of Exstacy, patted each other on the back and went back to coding the TAG board.

So, whether it is a good thing or a bad thing -- I've decided to archive the TAG board here for all to see -- and still be able to delete older entries (and keep the TAG.html small) with a clear conscience.

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hcoluver hey
hcoluver hey
ladymaverick nice blog!
Deirdre <3
cutepsycho ei, tnx for the comment.. Im just too sad to give a straight response ryt now.
Parisian15 because of april 17th post
em thought i'd drop by.
Gloria And thanks, J.
Gloria Oh dude, I just realized I mixed up ogee and ogives. I am a terrible student!
J f Z Re: blunt metal object -- Hah! Yep. They don't call that a "come along" for nothing, I guess. It's a 'gettin medieval on yo ass' persuader.
J f Z Yeah. I couldn't leave a comment because of your IP proxy blocking this morning, so I sent the comment via your contact form.
Gloria Anyway, I can't see how you're ever foolish. You just whack your detractors with some kind of blunt metal object.
Gloria J, you read wicked fast.
Authenticia Hey,How goes the battle?
Knucklehead you know my email addy if you want to reply. Thanks again man.
Knucklehead for the poetry contest that I entered in the site that you sugget to me. one. Thanks for telling me about it.
Knucklehead Hey JFZ, just wanted to quickly pop by, and just say that I wanted to tell you that I am a semi finalist for the poem I sent into the contest Free Verse one.
Jen Happy Friday the 13th!!
Deirdre Your comment is so right. And very true.
wailfulrhyme maybe she meant J-Roc from the trailer park boys.
Daveman J rocks? So thats who was throwing rocks through my window! Yew rotten kid! Git outta muh yard! **shakes cane wildly**
Gloria J, you rock.
plh Good friday 2 U & wishing you the best ever Easter! }}}HUGS{{{
J f Z plh: I have nothing left. See comment in 513.
plh im being nosey - but how much did the hospital/doctors and insurance compay soak you for?
Deirdre Someone owes me an e-mail but I'm not naming any names.
Mephala Goofy-looking kids usually grow up to be hot guys.

Authenticia Just poppin are you?
J f Z <-- Heh. No, Mephala ... but I was a goofy-looking little kid, nonetheless.
Mephala Hey John! Is that little boy pouring Kool-Aid you?
Tigerrr oh yeah, aside frpm the fact that I am very drunk and dumped right about now, I love you man. Youre great, keep onm doeing what ur doing..never stop
Tigerrr youre crazy john
Jude Tasty v... *snort, coffee splutter*
Jude <-- Mephala tagged me...thus in the fullness of time, I taggeth'd you.
Jude Damn. Could you delete that tag? This time I'll do it right and not make your tagboard go wonky.
keithoe hmmmm..tasty vagina...
J f Z I'm not anti-bush. I often enjoy a tasty vagina, very munch.
jahri-ann are you anti-bush?
LEI wow, i love your year-round archive! how do you do this?
Daveman I was never here, yu never saw me **black ops ya know**
Deirdre Hi John, hi hi hiiiiiiii! Hi. (:
7oneders Can't believe you nearly did those test tingi!
keithoe you rock
Knucklehead Hey not much, how are you?
Authenticia *ppeeks head in smiles then leaves*
Lorcs Yeah, a plan I hope I can pull off! Hope you're doing well!!
Authenticia Go forth and enjoy your weekend!
J f Z cute ...
sandi pozdrowienia z polski fajny blog
cutepsycho just visiting again...
Tigerrr OMGH thanxx john, if only my ray-bans werent at the shop rite you think they can differentiate between ray-bans and armanis?
Gloria Oh, it's ON, motherfrakker!
chaucer hi.. ijust hope you understand my post its all in TAGALOG languages, anyways.. i find your blog nice too.. have a nice day
WTC I was actually stationed at the bombing range on the left while in the Navy 96-99
WTC I was actually in the navy and stationed at the bombing range in 96-99.
starfish was here again!
Authenticia Hey there!
silent_will whoa lots of pictures and videos here!

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Posted at 08:16 am by John Furie Zacharias

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