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Sunday, July 18, 2004
Dukesville - 2nd amendment

Assault Weapons
Since I'm usually ranting about free speech and privacy, I generally leave it up to others to rant about the 2nd amendment.  I totally support the second amendment but, I'm just not learned enough to be an ardent spokesman for it.

Duke at Dukesville is the person I look to for this issue. I'm just a pixel monkey, really.  If you want a cool dukesville button, just right-click the graphic and select save-as.  If you want the countdown above it, follow the link and get it from their site (so it will be update for you).

You can reload your weapon with my slightly editted link list of web sites I found on the AWbansunset site:

Second Amendment groups and information sites:

RKBA.ORG - Right To Keep And Bear Arms, hosted by Jeff Chan
NRA - National Rifle Association, the preeminent SA group in America
GOA - Gun Owners of America, another strong SA group
Armed Females of America - Very efficacious SA group
Firearms Coalition - Hosted by Neal Knox and his pro-SA group
Packing.Org - Best Concealed Carry (CCW) information site on the web, hosted by Mark Solomon
GMJ Enterprises - More CCW information, this site is hosted by the venerable Jim Mayhugh.
Women to Arms More women fighting for SA rights
Oregon Council on Firearm Rights  Oregon fighting the AW ban and other anti-gun issues
Keep And Bear Arms The gun owners' home page! Also, home to the
Coalition Against the Semi-Auto Ban 

Firearms sites - Pro-SA folks and information:

AR15.COM - The infamous boards for the AR afficionado, hosted by Edward and Juan Avila.
Ammo Oracle - The AR15 ammunition FAQ, hosted by the Troy Tiscareno.
The Firing Line - Forums of info, buy, sell, and trade weps. Hosted by Rich Lucibella.
Glock Talk - Another great board where folks can discuss handguns, namely the Glock line. 

Firearms manufacturer and vendor sites: Classified Ads
Arsenal, Inc - Makers of fine AK-type weapons
Auction Arms Auction site
Bushmaster Firearms Arguably the finest AR-type weapons made
Chestnut Ridge Gun Supply
Claude Hall Gunshows Shows in Vegas and Oklahoma City
Glock Very popular pistols
Gun Broker Auction site Auction site
Gun Finder Search and Buy
Joe & Ken Firearms AK/AR Sales and more
Mossberg Mossberg Fine Combat Shotguns
Olympic Arms AR-type manufacturer
Red Star Arms Improved replacement parts for your AK
Robinson Armament Co. Firearms Mfg and Sales
Rock River Arms Very fine AR-type manufacturer Military Surplus, Gun Parts, Outdoor Gear and More
Nothing But Guns All about the Romanian SAR series of AK-type rifles
Ruger Quality firearms
Sig-Arms High quality pistols
SmartCarry An innovative and comfortable CCW holster
Smith & Wesson Popular pistol manufacturer
Specialized Armament Warehouse Sales of AR-types and parts
Springfield Armory 'Nuff said.
The Gun Store, Inc. Popular attraction in Las Vegas--machine gun rentals
K-VAR Corp The largest supplier of AK-47, AK-74, Krinkov and RPK parts and accessories.
Walther-USA Walther Pistols Great source for all types of gun parts and accessories
Remington Country Remington Firearms

Click for more Attack Cartoons!

Your comments are always appreciated - Make some thunder.

Posted at 04:36 pm by John Furie Zacharias

July 19, 2004   05:32 PM PDT
ah yes, another political topic :)! but i dont know anything about dukesville lol. when i read the title i was thinking about the U.S constitution/bill of rights.
J f Z
July 19, 2004   08:13 PM PDT
ROFL!! Poor Hallie! Believe it or not, I was doing research for an article I'm planning to do on Net Girls (Grrls) or Girl Geeks -- meaning -- some of the more intersting, cooler woman on the net that don't predominately have a porn site.

I ran across this gun issue site and thought it would be a quick and dirty entry to help get the evil Hypno Toad off the main page!
July 19, 2004   08:38 PM PDT
ROFL?! hey! don't laugh at me! lol yes, i do a lot of ditzy things and not just when it comes to politics. just a few days ago i went to my friend's bday party and we were playing water volleyball and i sucked sooo bad i kept on whacking the ball instead of hitting it right. i let the team down and every time i tried hitting they laughed! lol, funny, yes, i'm always the person to be laughed at :).

... it's not like water volleyball is tennis cause tennis is what i play.. that was my excuse.

oh and i guess you can say we're both into the same thing.. but i'm not 'deep' into politics like you :). and i dont watch the news much either. sometimes when the news is on and i'm too lazy to reach for the remote to change the channel, then i sit there and watch it.
J f Z
July 22, 2004   06:33 AM PDT
Unfortunately, because of the dynamic way that site labels pages and newest comments are placed first, you won't be able to give a static link to your comment:

Here's the shortest URL:

Then just tell people to page forward to July 19th.

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