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Friday, July 16, 2004

All Hail the Hypno Toad !!

And now for something completely different since we've been getting so political and serious lately.  I thought in the interest of full disclosure, I should reveal my true political ideology, bias and loyalty.  Thank sideshow for the link.

You only need to have a sense of humor for a week on the main page.

If the Hypno Toad is really irritating you, causing a rash or you experience dizziness -- you can read Thunderstorms via the Permalinks until the bad nasty Hypno Toad goes away.

Posted at 01:08 am by John Furie Zacharias

July 16, 2004   04:55 PM PDT
I am in a trance...feeling so...liberal...BLAM! Dangit now I'm dead 'cuz I had to shoot myself but then how'd I do that since liberals hate guns? Oh wait, it was just a nightmare...whew. Man that toad has some serious powers. heh
(for anyone who doesn't get this or takes offense...I'M KIDDING!)
July 17, 2004   01:51 PM PDT
hey!! i'm back again, lol. it's been two days or something and i've been so lazy and tired. that frog IS hypnotizing! it's a little bit scary to look at, lol. or maybe it's cause i'm a girl.
July 17, 2004   09:24 PM PDT
stop licking the toad!!!
J f Z
July 18, 2004   02:12 AM PDT
Hehe ... he said, "toad licker". Hehe. Cool. (in Tazz's best Beavis and Butthead voice)

I better get to the job of posting some entries now ... so the Hypno Toad will fall off the main page.

I tend to web surf in the middle of the night so my sound is almost always muted. I forgot how powerful (or irritating) he can be :)
Brandon Starr
July 19, 2004   11:33 PM PDT
I thought I heard the HypnoToad. Man, when you bring up the comment box and it plays in slightly off-kilter stereo, it's REALLY obnoxious!
J f Z
July 20, 2004   11:29 AM PDT
Heh. I know. I really have to get a-bloggin' and make him drop off the main page soon!

"Let them eat permalinks, I say!"


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