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Thursday, July 08, 2004
YCMTSU - Drunken Bush God

Drinking jet fuel at AA
Get Some Effin' Gear
In Miami - Making a federal case of being stupid drunks

In Miami today, a federal grand jury indicted two former America West pilots for operating a passenger jet airplane while intoxicated. Just hours before the 2002 incident, pilots Cloyd and Hughes were actually videotaped partying in a Coconut Grove district bar, Mister Moe's, until 4:30am when credit card receipts showed that their $142 bar tab was paid.  Later that morning, security at Miami International Airport alerted officials that they smelled alcohol on the two pilots and their flight was turned back to the gate before its 10:30am scheduled departure to Phoenix with 124 passengers.  Both were still legally drunk later that afternoon when police gave them breathalyzer tests.

I seem to remember Jay Leno making fun of these two idiots for weeks.

It's as easy as 3-4-5, Jeb!
In Orlando - Jeb Bush has a Dan Quayle moment

Jeb Bush, Dubya's little brother and governor of Florida, has the math skills of a Republican.  The self-described education governor who weaseled a tax-funded private school voucher plan into Florida schools under the FCAT testing system scheme was asked an impromptu FCAT question by a student during a photo op at a local high school.  Florida students must pass the FCAT test to graduate high school.  Jeb Bush stammered and then mumbled the wrong answer.

The intrepid student, Luana Marques, said she thought to ask the governor the FCAT question as a kind of a joke because she figured since he's the one calling for the use of the controversial FCAT testing, he should be able to pass it.  After listening to Jeb Bush launch into a lengthy defense of his FCAT system after he got it wrong, Marques commented, "I think I offended him.  I don't think he had much a sense of humor."

Like, DUH, Luana.  He's a Bush.  They're never wrong.

Their mother socks cats in hell
In Milwaukee - God's mysteries and ignorant fools.

Ray Hemphill, 47, who prayed and sang over 8-year-old Terrance Cottrell's chest as parishioners held him down on Aug. 22, 2003, stands trial for felony physical child abuse.

Terrance, who was diagnosed with autism at age 2, hated to be touched and was often unable to express his needs, according to previous testimony. Terrance died after receiving the 12th in a series of prayer services from Ray Hemphill.

The boy's mother, Patricia Cooper, and two other female parishioners told investigators that they made the child lay on his back on the floor of the strip-mall based church. They then helped to restrain him while the defendant laid perpendicular across Terrance's chest for almost two hours, praying and whispering aspersions at the devil into the boy's ear.

David Hemphill, 63, was not in attendance that evening, but he told jurors he gave his brother permission to perform the exorcisms as an attempt to save the boy from what they believed was demonic possession.

Pastor David Hemphill testified Thursday that his brother has the ability to cast out devils and says God claimed the autistic boy's life, not his brother, Ray.  If convicted, Ray faces up to five years in prison.

Personally, I think that prison time is the wrong punishment.  The entire strip-mall parish should all be neutered, lobotomized or euthanized.  Or, maybe it is just God's will that someone should pummel these friggin' idiots' brains in like baby fur seals.

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AS fair and balanced AS a throwing knife

Posted at 09:20 pm by John Furie Zacharias

July 9, 2004   10:34 PM PDT
While demonic possession is a real thing I think some people...ahem...take it to far and really need to monitor what's going on with the person in question. From my experience (reading) pinning someone down like that has never gotten positive results and this isn't the first case like this where the person suspected of possession has died from the exorcist laying on them or from them being too restrained.
J f Z
July 10, 2004   05:08 AM PDT
I didn't think it was the first case of this kind of thing. If I was just bloggin' about this one thing at the time, I was going to look up exorcism and find other stories ... but, after reading the Court TV article, I was too disgusted and tired to look for more nut jobs.

Faith in one's religion can be a powerful thing ... powerful can mean good or bad. Addictions are powerful things, for example.

David Koresh believed in his faith, and other things too. Don't get me wrong here -- If someone wants to live on a compound in the middle of Texas or preach from a strip-mall, it's their right to do that.

I just think someone could have tempered fervor with common sense. It pisses me off that this strip-mall pastor has the audacity to say his brother is blameless and it was 'God's will' that the child is dead.
J f Z
July 10, 2004   05:14 AM PDT
I was too disgusted to look up more cases of this death by exorcism deal. I thought I had heard of other situations of people holding down kids, praying, and asphyxiating them.

The "god's will" comment by the strip-mall pastor made me sick.
July 11, 2004   12:01 AM PDT
God's Will truly is the case...sometimes. In these types of cases I'm extremely skeptical, no wait, I don't believe it was God's Will in cases like this. I believe they should have "tempered fervor with common sense" as you put it.
Mark Adams
July 12, 2004   07:03 PM PDT
Demonic Possession a "real" thing? Ahem indeed.
July 12, 2004   07:31 PM PDT
Respectfully Mark (and whoever else his post applies to), you obviously do not believe in the Bible and all that it teaches. And that's ok but I do and I don't really appreciate your belittling remark. I know full well that we disagree on a ton of things but I continue to visit your blog to read what you have to say as I appreciate your views and intelligent debating over issues of all kinds. However much I disagree with you (or anyone else) I do remain respectful of others opinions and beliefs and would appreciate the same in return. Thanks

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