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Tuesday, May 04, 2004
Mad Mad House

All of us are Alts in some way ...
Click to explore MMH
While most of the talking heads in the media seemed to be re-establishing their decades old love-hate relationship with self-promoting billionaire, Donald Trump, and gossipping over the lies of Amarosa and the other contestants on the reality show, The Apprentice -- in some sort of sick and twisted, post-Enron, kiss-and-make-up PR campaign with american big business -- it was a Mad Mad House around here.

Mad Mad House was Sci-Fi Channel's foray into reality television.  While it hasn't been officially announced yet, it's likely that the success and popularity of this show will enable some form of this series to air again, next season -- just to give you a heads-up -- and in case you're totally clueless about MMH, here's the Sci-Fi show's premise:

People who live in different worlds have to live in the same house.

Did you know that there are practicing vampires in the United States? Or that the Wiccan religion is sometimes called "witchcraft"? And why, exactly, do nudists like being naked?

SCI FI invites you to experience life around the edges, in the colliding worlds of its newest alternative-reality series, Mad Mad House.

Five practitioners of "alternative lifestyles" — a Wiccan, a Naturist, a Modern Primitive, a Voodoo Priestess and a real-life Vampire (known collectively as the Alts) — rule the roost. Meanwhile, 10 ordinary folks move into the House as the Alts' Guests — and compete against one another for the $100,000 jackpot.

Our Guests will live out a Survivor meets The Real World meets The Osbournes lifestyle — and try to get along living under one roof together. The eclectic and unpredictable Alts will challenge them, judge them and eliminate them one by one — ultimately deciding which Guest is most fit for life in the Mad Mad House.

By the way, the show is over.  The final 2-hour episode already aired.  There was a winner.  But, people are still talking about it.  The show has its fanatics.  I live with one -- Helleena!  She answered a few questions for you:

Q. Did you see all the episodes of Mad Mad House?

A. No, I did not unfortunately.  I work until 11pm every Thursday night.  The first time I actually caught the show on Sci-fi while I was channel surfing one Tuesday night.

Q. Which episodes did you see?

A. The first show that I watched was when Brent was eliminated and that was only 20 minutes of that episode.  I missed the episode where Tim was eliminated.  Oh yeah, and the last half of the final episode.  I forgot to set my VCR to record for two hours instead of just one.

Q. Who was your favorite Guest and/or Alt, and why?

A. I don't have a favorite Guest, I liked alot of them.  As for the alts, I can say that I liked them all alot.  But, my favorite one would have to be Fiona.  She just seemed to be very in touch with herself and surroundings. Then again, in the same sense, she can be very mysterious and confrontational. Only when she feels that her space is being invaded. Oh yeah, don't let me forget Art.  He is just neat to be around and learn from. But truthfully, I loved all of the Alts.

Q. Who was your least favorite and why?

A. My least favorite Guest would have to be Kelly and Tim.  Tim was just way to obnoxious, loud, and too out spoken about the other Guests. He never knew when enough was enough and when to shut his mouth ... or to even behave himself appropriately.  Kelly just took everything way too personally.  Either she is a good actress and deserves an acadamy award, or she needs mental help.  Either way, she fits right into her choice of career -- Politics.

As for the Alts, I don't have a least favorite. Like I said before, I loved them all.

Q. What do you think of the way everyone was portrayed on the show?

A. Some where portayed as they should have been.  Eric seemed to love to cause trouble.  Nichole just wanted to please the Alts even if it meant kissing their asses.
MMH did not show the Alts as they really are.  Fiona was portrayed as a bitch, but if you read up on her at her web site, you would find out that she is really not like that at all.  I really wish that they would have shown more about Don The Vampire.  He seemed to be very distant from everyone.  When they did show him, he seemed very interesting.

Q. Which trial was your favorite and why?

A. My favorite would have to be Avacado's trial.  The guests had to play a game, like the kid's game of Memory.  Here is the catch -- he had a few of his friends help.  I know that it had to be a blast to be there in person watching the guests go from person to person trying to match up the fruits that lay under their flaps. That is the only clothing they had on, just the flaps.  Yeah, they were bare-ass nakedThen there was his last trial where they played treasure hunt with edible plants. Each time that they got the right plant, they had to remove a piece of clothing till they were all undressed.  I would just hope that if that was me, that it was warm out.  Oh yeah, and they only had on like 3 or 4 pieces of clothing each.

Q. Which trial do you think was the hardest for the guest to get through and why?

A. Well, there are two trials that I feel that were hard for the guests to go through.
One trial was Ta'shia's (saw it on the re-runs).  Each one of the guests were put in a hole in the ground and had animal parts poured over their heads. GROSS!  The other trial was the drinking of the blood.  That was Don the Vampire's trial.  I really don't know how they ever did that, but I am glad that I was not there.

Q. In your opinion, what was the craziest moment on the show?

A. Well, there are a few.  The night Kelly was eliminated.  It was like, "Boo-hoo,  pity me! No one likes me".  That only proves that she can not handle rejection.
Then there was the shopping trip when Nole ran out of the store with lingerie on with his ass hanging out, right on the downtown streets.

Q. Between Nichole and Jamie, who do you feel should have won and why?

A. Really, I do not know.  During the show Nichole was proving that she was physically able to do the trials.  Then again, she did tend to try to please the Alts too hard (kissing ass).  But when it came right down to it, she proved that she could be a better person by helping out her fellow Guests.  Jamie, on the other hand, only won one trial.  But, she also proved that she had the mind to do all the trials, too.  She really did learn something from all the Alts.  I think that the Alts made a good choice in Jamie as the winner. I am glad that it was them, and not me, picking a winner.

Q. Do you think that you could go through, and do, what the Guests had to do?

A. I really do not know.  I have would have to give it a try before I can really say that it is, or is not, for me.  But like all the Guests on the show, I would walk away with a lot more than I walked in there with.  I think that everyone is unique in their own way.  Everyone should respect that and try to learn from them.


Real life can be alot like the Imajica, I guess.  Yesterday morning, Ta'shia, the Voodoo Priestess, blogged " Jamie Prevails on the Hooks of Art's Reality, and I Tire of Eric's Nichole-Bashing ".  She hammers Eric.  The MMH fans are likely to be at the Sci-Fi channel web site tonight at 9pm, when the winner will be in their chat room.  Thinking about it, I guess if I was most similar to any of the Alts, myself, it would have to be Avacado, the naturist.  Clothes should be optional. 

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Posted at 08:22 am by John Furie Zacharias

May 6, 2004   11:02 PM PDT
I could say so much here...hmm...I'll try to keep it short. For one thing I'm really sick of "reality tv," it's not even close to reality because everybody knows they are being recorded so they naturally act different than they normally would.
That said...this show really put all of Satan's best friends into one convenient package.
The Wiccan...yes people, Wicca IS WITCHCRAFT! Flat out no question about it, and if anybody tries to explain it away as "white" magick that's just or white it is all of the devil and he doesn't care which color you claim to use.
Next we have the Naturist...hmm lemme think, ever since Adam and Eve were ejected from the Garden of Eden clothing has not been an option. In the privacy of your own home or with your spouse is your business...beyond that, keep it covered.
The Modern Primitive..."ritual suspension"...sounds like self mutilization to me..."yoga," "transcend the physical self"...again of the devil. Transcendance and meditation is simply a way for you to open your mind to demonic possession while being deceived into thinking you've achieved some level of me crazy if you like but it's true.
The Voodoo I really need to say anything here...ok, ok...BLACK MAGIC.
Finally we have the Vampire. First of all there is no such thing as vampires...these are quite simply mentally disturbed individuals or perhaps victims of demonic possession (which sometimes go hand in hand). But come on...these people really think they can take someones "life force?" Whatever...Jesus is my life force and I KNOW that NO ONE can take Him from me! (or vice/versa for that matter)
That all said lemme say one more thing...DO NOT take this as me judging you (Helleena or anyone else who choose to watch)...although I truly hope you only watched this for it's (strange) entertainment value not because of an interest in any of Satan's ways. (which are real whether you choose to believe it or not)
May 7, 2004   03:23 AM PDT
Well Duke I can say this much you must not be a into the christianity to much if you still listen to No Doubt. And drulling over someone. That is called adautery. Read the 10 commandments again. It is there in black and white. I am not trying to piss you off. But your comment did get to me a little. I am not perfict to say the least. But I do beleive in most of the same things that you do. I have been exposed to a lot of religans in my time. And the one that has stuck with me is the Seventh Day Adventist. I guess that since I have to work with people from different back rounds I am not prone to judging them my self. I look at it this way the person that does the judging is God and only he knows what they know and what they do not know. And who are we to judge them. We are to tell the truths in the Bible and let god deal with them.
And as for reality TV. Well I was sick of it too. But them I got interested in watching just how rediculause the show was. It was like watching a soap opera on Tv and at times I really get in to them it all depends on the story line.
And one more thing yea some of them interest me because of what they belive. And I do play with Tarot cards every now and then. But here latly I have not had the need or want to do so. May be it is God maybe not who knows
May 7, 2004   10:15 AM PDT
I just say *this* to piss you both off:

If my thinking that Fiona Horne is an extreme hottie is going to condemn me to hell, then give me a handbasket ;)
May 7, 2004   05:05 PM PDT
I am not pissed off by that I have no problem with someone that thinks someone is good looking it is when they lust for that person when they know that the person is with someone else. or that they are with someone else.

you know what both of you just forget that I even put that comment in there. I was not in a good mood when i wrote it and just some things got to me. Like practice what you preach. Is the real point that I was trying to get too. Just forget it . Remember I am a women and we do stupid and strange things at times. We do not even know why we do them.
May 7, 2004   07:04 PM PDT
Lemme just say a few things here.
First a reminder, I was not judging anyone who watched or participated in the show by any stretch of the imagination. I was merely pointing out in a round about way the decline of our country based on the acceptance of these Satanic practices. Nothing more, nothing less...perhaps I didn't word it correctly and I apologize for that.
Second...yes, I think Gwen Stefani is hot and I do like their music to a certain degree but...just because I proclaim to be a Christian DOES NOT mean that I am perfect nor do I think I am perfect. EVERYBODY sins and this is why we need Jesus and why He came here and sacrificed Himself for ALL OF US if we simply acknowledge Him and what He did for us by asking Him into our hearts and lives and letting Him take control to change us into who we were designed to be. Change takes time and it is done in His time, not ours...I'm still being transformed and I still have battles with sin on a constant basis. I still have battles regarding my faith but I know in my heart what the truth is and that is why I have these battles...if I didn't I'd simply do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted.

Helleena, please don't mess with tarot cards anymore, it is for your own good...the Bible warns us against fortune telling because it displays a lack of trust in God.

Oh yea, one last thing reiterate my previous point... thinking Fiona Horne is an extreme hottie in and of itself is not going to condemn you to hell...denying Christ is what will condemn you to hell.

Once again, this IS NOT me judging you or anyone, I'm simply stating the truth as God's Word tells it out of Love for you guys and anyone else who reads this.
I hope this clears up a few things.
May 7, 2004   09:35 PM PDT
I covetted my neighbor's witch ... which is silly because I already have one of my own ...

<shakes head like a black girl on Jerry Springer> Oh, I know you didn't just say that!!!

<very big evil grin>
August 3, 2004   05:42 PM PDT
Hi Don ;)

Your website URL should read:

September 21, 2004   05:58 PM PDT
Wow Don, way to be involved in a discussion…two months after it had ended. The only reason I even saw your remarks is because I was trying to identify someone I ran into online that I thought was on the show.

Your understanding of my "religion" and my God is poor at best. If you actually knew what you were talking about you would know that we can judge away all we want but...we must be prepared to be judged by the same measure in which we judge others. That and our judgments of others are ultimately meaningless.

Please make a note of that before you go quoting things you don't understand again.

(and honestly I’ll be surprised if you will even see this since it’s again approx. two months after you made your comments so whatever to whoever reads this)
J f Z
April 27, 2006   07:04 AM PDT
Since I had the occasion to revisit this entry, recently, I thought I would make an update.

Don Henrie's "Vampire Don" URL got snarfed up and parked by domain name wholesalers. His current site is simply:

It is a fan forum site, powered by PHPbb, with thousands of very nice users. Go check it out. Oh, and there are vampires of all stripes there, too.
Sasha Edwins
May 31, 2006   05:42 AM PDT
I think Don Henrie should find a new act. He runs off at the mouth too much. He claims to be a vampire when he's actually a posing mall-goth who obviously is a wanna-be. He gets 15 minutes of fame from making an ass of himself on a tacky "reality" show and now poses as the know it all be all of vampires. Bull!
The makeup and contacts and silly platform shoes say it all. There is nothing new or original about him.
He's a joke with no punch line.
There is only one "vampire" celebrity and that is the singer Lucan Wolf. He doesn't have to wear
freakish makeup and try to be a Manson wannabe like little Donnie.
I'm sure little Donnie (or is it Donna?) Henrie will try to imitate Lucan Wolf next by attempting to be a singer. Like his pathetic overpriced calendar it will flop. He couldn't even GIVE away that thing on ebay!
Donnie is in Las Vegas now trying to get work. Most likely he will be mopping floors at Siegfried & Roy's home. Bend over Donnie and let them put a tiger in your tank.

Donnie is exposed as the pretentious fraud he is. His circle of suck up wanna-be "artists" and "Occult authorities" are exposed. The whole mopey "goth" image is trite and worn out.

Go back to the shopping mall to impress all the little 12 year olds at Hot Topic little Donnie.
Your sad attempts to establish yourself as a new Anton LaVey or any kind of "authority" fail.

Lucan Wolf ownes you, I own you and ANYONE who has any common sense at all ownes you.

Don't cry little Donnie. Your makeup will run "Girlfriend".....


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